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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Fuuto Event 9: Complaints (English Translation)

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Ema: (The fifth floor’s bathroom is so big, that taking a bath there always feels good…)
Fuuto: …I’m back.
Ema: Oh, hello, Fuuto-kun. You seem tired…
Fuuto: Huh? Yeah… work’s a little pushy these days.
Ema: Working hard?
Fuuto: Not really. This is pretty normal.
Ema: …?
Ema: (He’s tired, but more than that…)
Ema: (He seems off… like he’s in pain…)

1: Ask him (hearts)
2: Let him rest

1: Ask him
Ema: (I’m a little worried, I should ask him…)
Ema: Fuuto-kun…
Fuuto: …What?
Ema: Did something happen? You can tell me…

2: Let him rest
Ema: (I should let him rest…)
Ema: I’ll go to my room now. You should head to yours too, Fuuto-kun.
Fuuto: Oh, yeah. Night.
Ema: Good night.
Ema: (I wish he could take it easy more…)

Continue for choice 1
Fuuto: …Why?
Ema: What?
Fuuto: Why do you think that?
Ema: I thought you seemed a little down. I’m sorry if it was just my imagination.
Fuuto: …….
Ema: Fuuto-kun…
Fuuto: …Hey, come with me.
Ema: What, to your room?
Fuuto: Yeah. You want me to tell you, right? We can do it there, where no one else can hear.
Fuuto: And you can console me all you want.
Ema: (He could have said all this on the way to his room, but as we walked there, he was silent.)
Fuuto: ……
Ema: Fuuto-kun…?
Fuuto: Well…
Ema: …Yes?
Fuuto: There was a shoot for my first big movie today.
Ema: A movie?!
Fuuto: …Yeah.
Ema: (It’s his movie, but he doesn’t look to happy about it…)
Fuuto: In regards to the movie, the chairman from our office gave a condition.
Fuuto: I was told that if the movie was a hit, I’ll be recognized as an actor.
Ema: Huh? Then that means…
Ema: …You’re close to fulfilling your dream.
Fuuto: …….
Ema: That’s great! This is your chance!
Fuuto: Optimistic, huh? I was, too, at first.
Ema: Then… what’s wrong, Fuuto-kun?
Fuuto:It’s hard, much harder than I thought.
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: Until now I single-mindedly studied acting through watching movies and dramas…
Fuuto:I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this, and thought if I worked hard enough, I’d get the hang of it, but…
Fuuto: Whatever I do isn’t enough. The supervisor was disappointed…
Ema: (Oh no, Fuuto-kun…)
Fuuto: I don’t know what to do anymore…
Ema: Fuuto-kun…
Fuuto: Will I never make it?
Ema: Huh?
Fuuto: What’s the point of being an actor if I can’t be a good one?
Ema: …….
Fuuto: Haha, I don’t really care at this point.
Ema: Fuuto-kun…
Fuuto: Hey, help me out. That’s why I brought you here.
Fuuto: I want you to comfort me. How about you start with a kiss?
Ema: Fuuto-kun!
Fuuto: …What? Why are you mad all of a sudden?
Ema: You can’t act like a child now!
Fuuto: Huh?
Ema: You feel pressured every so often at work, don’t you?
Fuuto: Huh? Pressured…?
Ema: You’ve… never felt it before?
Fuuto: Of course not, why would I be…?
Ema: So that means…
Ema: You’ve never taken your job as an idol seriously?
Fuuto: What’s that supposed to mean?
Ema: Exactly what it sounds like.
Fuuto: Why would you, of all people, tell me this?
Fuuto: You’ve never worked like this before!
Ema: …Yeah, you’re right. I haven’t done the sort of work you do. So maybe I wouldn’t understand.
Ema: But I’ve seen people take their jobs seriously, and I know that they feel pressure because of it!
Fuuto: ….!!
Ema: Papa, Miwa-san, Masaomi-san, Ukyo-san, Kaname-san, Hikaru-san, and Tsubaki-san, Azusa-san, Natsume-san, and Louis-san…
Ema: They have different lines of work, and think about it differently, too…
Ema: But unlike you, Fuuto-kun, they wouldn’t give up halfway through!
Ema: A person devoted to his work wouldn’t succumb to pressure that easily!
Fuuto: ……
Fuuto: Are you stupid?
Ema: What?
Fuuto: Why are you so angry about it? It’s really annoying.
Ema: (Wow, he’s pretty offended…)
Fuuto: But… you’re right.
Ema: What?!
Fuuto: I don’t really take my idol work seriously.
Fuuto: …I think I underestimated it.
Ema: That’s not how work is supposed to be treated.
Fuuto: Yeah…
Ema: ……
Fuuto:But… that ends today.
Fuuto: I’ll grab this chance, no matter the strain, or the struggle…%K%P
Fuuto: I didn’t know what to do, so I’d give up… But now I know I don’t ever want to give it up.
Fuuto: I want to become an actor… I really do.
Fuuto: …….
Ema: …I know.
Ema: And you’ll feel pressure because of it.
Fuuto: I…guess so.
Fuuto: Heh, this isn’t cool at all… I feel terrible…
Ema: …I like this side of you, Fuuto-kun.
Fuuto: Huh?
Ema: You always want to look good, but I like the you now.
Fuuto: The me…now?
Ema: Yeah. I like the Fuuto-kun who follows his dreams, no matter how lame he looks.
Fuuto: ……..
Ema: Exams put some pressure on me too, but I think of only what I can do now.
Ema: It’s not the end of the world if you fail, right?
Fuuto: …..Heh.
Fuuto: That’s for ordinary people. Don’t think that the same applies to me.
Fuuto: In show business, a mistake can cost you your whole reputation. I can’t just mess up and tell myself it’s okay!
Ema: Ah, I guess so…
Fuuto: But…
Fuuto: I feel better now.
Ema: Fuuto-kun…
Fuuto: I’ll do all that I can do…
Fuuto: And when I think about it that way… nothing can stop me.
Ema: Hehe, it’s just like you to say that.
Fuuto: To think I’d be scolded by you, though.
Ema: I wasn’t scolding!
Fuuto: Yes, you were. Telling your younger brother to stop acting like a brat. Almost like a demon.
Fuuto: Still…it worked.
Ema: I’m sorry…!
Fuuto: There’s no need for that, right?
Ema: …..?
Fuuto: …Thanks. I really thought about what you said.
Fuuto: From now on, I’m giving both my idol work and my acting a hundred percent.
Fuuto: And I won’t simply give up.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (I’ve seen a lot of sides of Fuuto-kun today.)
Ema: (When he’s stressed, when he’s really angry…)
Ema: (And when he readily says “thank you”.)
Fuuto: Hey, I just thanked you! Aren’t you gonna answer back?
Ema: Huh? Um, well…
Fuuto: Tell me honestly, what you feel.
Ema: Um…I just thought that… you weren’t yourself just now…
Fuuto: Hmm? That’s pretty conceited of you to say.
Fuuto: As a punishment for that, I won’t tell you when the movie is done.
Ema: That isn’t fair!  You’re the one who said I should tell you honestly!
Fuuto: Haha, well… Just you wait till that movie’s finished, Nee-san.
Ema: …Okay.
Ema: (Even if just a little bit, I was able to help Fuuto-kun. I can support him from now on…)

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