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Kamigami no Asobi Compatibility Test (English Translation)

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On the official website of Kamigami no Asobi, you can fine a compatibility test to see witch which of the Gods you’ll match best! It’s a lot of fun to take!


Begin of quiz

Kamigami no Asobi Compatibility Test

Kamigami no Asobi Compatibility Test

Which of the Gods is perfect for you?

You, who has decided to live at the school where the Gods gather.
Which God are compatible with?
Follow your intuition and answer the questions with Yes or No to proceed.
The God that is perfect for you is waiting.
Come on! Let’s start right away!

Start Diagnosis


The questions will be in a random order, so look at the ones below and see which one matches for the translation. Also, the amount of questions you’ll get can variate.

You’re an extrovert

You say whatever you think, out straight

Love is more interesting when there are obstacles

You’re not nervous around the opposite sex

Harmony with others is more important than individuality

Love is most important

You are drawn to smart people of opposite sex

You like forceful types

You’re the serious type

You’re fine with unrequited love

Strong sense of responsibility

You forgive people playing tricks

You’re a healthy person

You like those who look and act totally different

You like challenges

A fight must be fair and square!

You want to love more than be loved

I think I got all possible questions, if you do run into one that I haven’t translated let me know! Maybe send me a screenshot so I can translate it right away!


The God that is perfect for you…

Apollon: For someone like you who is forward looking and determined, you will be able to catch Apollon’s free spirit.

Hades: Gentle and sensitive to others, you will be able to support Hades who worries in loneliness.

Tsukito: Being both level headed yet passionate, you will be able to understand the silent Tsukito.

Takeru: for someone like you who is cheerful and open hearted, even someone tough and straight laced like Takeru would cast you a second glance.

Loki: For an adaptable person like you, you will have fun spending time with Loki who moves on his whims and fancies.

Balder: A my-pace person like you might be able to draw even the popular Balder to you.

Thoth: Logical yet generous, you will be able to date equally with someone as pressurizing as Tot.

Anubis: Having a high tolerance and patience, you might be able to get along well with the cautious Anubis.

The result of the test

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