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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Hikaru Event 9: Inside The Scene (English Translation)

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Ema: *sigh*
Ema: Yesterday I emailed Hikaru-san telling him I’d bring him some stuff to help him work. But he hasn’t replied at all…)
Ema: (I wonder if he’s just really busy. Although, I’m still very worried…)
Ema: (I hope I’m not causing him trouble by visiting his house. But there’s no turning back now…)
Ema: (Anyway, I’ll press the intercom.)
Ema: ……
Ema: (There’s no answer…)

1: Maybe he’s not home.
2: I’ll press the intercom again. (hearts)

1: Maybe he’s not home.
Ema: (Maybe he really isn’t home. Even though I came all the way here, I suppose have no choice but to leave.)

2: I’ll press the intercom again.
Ema: (I’ll press it one more time.)
Ema: …….
Ema: (Does that mean he’s really not home…?)

Hikaru: Shut up already! I told you the manuscript isn’t ready yet!!
Ema: …Woah!?
Hikaru: …..!!?
Ema: H-Hello.
Hikaru: Why are you here, Ema?
Ema: U-Um…I’m sorry for appearing out of the blue…
Ema: (His appearance today really surprised me. He’s wearing glasses, his hair is braided, and that jersey–wait a minute!)
Ema: H-Hikaru-san…um…that jersey.
Hikaru: Huh? My jersey?
Ema: Isn’t that a Hinode High School jersey?!
Hikaru: Hm? Oh, yes it is.
Ema: Why would you have a jersey like that?
Hikaru: Why? Wait, I didn’t tell you?
Hikaru: I graduated from Hinode High School.
Ema: What?! So you’re my senior?
Hikaru: I suppose so.
Ema: (Ah, now that I think about it…!)
Hikaru: Speaking of which, you are a high school student aren’t you, Ema?
Ema: Yeah I am.
Hikaru: So do you by any chance go to Hinode High School?
Ema: Hm…? H-How did you figure that out?
Hikaru: When I first saw you I noticed your uniform. It was a pretty nostalgic feeling.
Ema: (Nostalgic…?)
Ema: (So that’s what Hikaru-san meant when he said it felt “nostalgic”…)
Hikaru: Sorry for my messy appearance. When I’m working to the bone, I find it easier to wear clothes like these.
Hikaru: Oh and I’m sorry about what I said earlier. I thought you were my editor so I figured you wanted my manuscript.
Ema: Oh, that’s fine! I came here unexpectedly anyway.
Ema: I contacted you quite a few times but you never answered…
Hikaru: Ah, to be honest I forgot all about my phone. It’s probably buried somewhere around here.
Ema: Buried?
Hikaru: Anyway, I’ll go change my clothes. Just give me a moment!
Ema: Oh, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to change. I only came to give you this.
Hikaru: This…?
Ema: I brought you some snacks. You said you were really busy so I thought you’d feel more energized if you ate some sweets.
Ema: If you don’t mind, I hope you’ll eat them.
Hikaru: Ema…!
Ema: Anyway, I’ll be leaving now.
Hikaru: Wait a moment. I’ll serve you some tea.
Ema: Oh that’s fine you don’t have to…!
Hikaru: I won’t be satisfied unless I do.
Hikaru: You went through the trouble so this is the least I can do for you.
Ema: In that case, I guess a little won’t hurt.
Hikaru: Good!
Ema: (Ah, I don’t know about this…I can’t move around much since there’s not a lot of room to begin with…)
Hikaru: Sorry. Go ahead and make some room. I’ll put the tea here.
Ema: Thank you very much.
Hikaru: Sorry, I’ll probably be working for another hour or two.
Ema: Alright. Do your best.
Hikaru: Thank you.
Hikaru: Ah, I should get the sweets you gave me earlier!
Ema: (Is what he said…)
Ema: (There’s clothes and garbage scattered all over the place. There’s no room to even sit down…)
Ema: (Alright! I’ve decided I’ll clean up a bit while he’s working!)

Ema: Phew, I managed to make it really clean.
Hikaru: I’m finally finished, Ema!! I’m so tired…
Ema: Good job for all your hard work.
Hikaru: W-What happened to this room?! It’s so clean! Did you do this, Ema?
Ema: I’m sorry for touching your things without your permission. I hope I didn’t trouble you…
Hikaru: Not at all. You did me a huge favor. I’m overjoyed.
Ema: I’m really glad to hear you say that.
Ema: Oh, I made dinner for us so how about we eat it together?
Hikaru: Seriously?
Ema: Y-Yes…
Ema: (Maybe I overdid it a bit…?)
Hikaru: How delightful. Thank you.
Ema: (Thank goodness!)
Hikaru: Ema, you’re…
Ema: Hm…?
Hikaru: No, never mind. It’s nothing.
Ema: What?! Now you’ve made me really curious.
Hikaru: You really want to know?
Ema: Yes.
Hikaru: You’re a fine woman.
Ema: ….!?
Ema: H-Hikaru-san…!
Hikaru: Now, let’s eat dinner.
Ema: I-I’ll go warm it up then.
Hikaru: Hey, is your face red?
Ema: I-I don’t know what your talking about!
Hikaru: Haha, I was kidding.
Ema: (Hikaru-san was able to successfully finish with his work.)
Ema: (From now on I hope I’ll be able to help him out as much as possible…)

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