Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 8 (English Translation)
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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 8 (English Translation)

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In the Classroom
Yui: (…I can’t stop thinking about what happened last night…)

Richter: By the way, I heard the Church sent over a lovely new Sacrifice.
Laito: Oh,yes. She made such a good toy for my brothers. She’s probably dead in the dungeons as we speak.
Richter: Hah. What a pathetic lie. None of you are allowed to kill her. She was hand-picked by the man who rules us all.
Laito: Fufu. But we’ve never taken care of a girl before. We didn’t knowhow to treat her well.
Richter: Our human “friends”couldn’t have gotten their hands on her. Therefore, this girl – the Vessel – must still be here with you.£
Laito: So what? I don’t know what you’re talking about. This sounds like family politics. I don’t care about family politics. I don’t consider us a real family – and I have no intention of inheriting the throne.
End of Flashback

Yui: (I can’t let it happen. I can’t just become a sacrifice. I can’t…But the organization that sacrificed me to the vampires…)
Yui: (…Is the same group Papa has worked for all his life. I feel sick. Someone could assault me, and it still wouldn’t be worse than this.)
Yui: (Why did this happen? I was just a high-school student…I never did anything special.)
Yui: (But the man called Richter said I was handpicked by “the one who rules them all.”)
Yui: (Who is he? What’s going on?)
Laito: – What’s the matter, Bitch-chan? Your pencil hasn’t moved once during the entire lecture.
Yui: …I’m in class. How you could be here?
Laito: Heehee. But I had to watch over you. You were daydreaming. I need to make sure you do your work.
Laito: And here I thought good little girls would never be so rude to their teacher.
Yui: No…please don’t touch me. How are you even next to me?
Laito: Hmph. Every class is the same. It doesn’t matter if I’m in your homeroom.
Yui: But –
Laito: So, what was it like? Last night? Are you still in pain? If we do again, do you think it’ll still hurt?
Yui: Huh…?
Laito: Silly me. Of course you’re in pain. You had a little death. But you weren’t in agony. You throbbed.
Laito: Tell me, did you enjoy it?
Yui: Oh…!

Choose: Slap him in the face (S choice)
Yui: I can’t take it anymore!
Laito: Huh…?
Yui: (Oh…! I didn’t just yell at him, I hit him. I never thought he’d let me hit him.)
Male Teacher: Hey, what’re you doing?
Yui: I -I’m sorry. It’s nothing. A mosquito landed on his face, that’s all …
Laito: …How could you scare me like that? To think Bitch-chan would box me in the ear…
Laito: Oh, it makes me so hard.

Choose: Nod your head (M choice)
Yui: …Oh….
Laito: Ah-hahaha! Bitch-chan, I finally showed you the pleasures of your own body.
Yui: (…what am I doing.)

Laito: Bitch-chan, it wouldn’t have happened. If I hadn’t given you such a surprise.
Yui: No, no! I was…just thinking about…what you and your uncle said last night…
Laito: Fufu. Tell me, what gave you such a shock?
Yui: ….Sacrifice….
Laito: Ahhh~ …That. So that’s what gave you such a shock – Your own people sold you to me.
Yui: So it’s true?!
Laito: What else could’ve happened? The Catholic Church looked at you, and decided to give you to us sweet brothers.
Yui: …Why me?
Laito: Who knows? Prolly because you were a churchgoing daughter. Must’ve made you really easy to pawn off.
Yui: Why…
Laito: Hoho. The Catholic church is so cruel. They let us hunt the daughter of a vampire hunter.
Laito: They must’ve thought we’d spare you because of your illustrious relations!
Yui: What do you mean by vampire hunter?!
Laito: Heh, Bitch-chan still doesn’t know.
Yui: The vampire hunter…is my dad?
Laito: Haha. Your father isn’t just a vampire hunter. He was the best vampire hunter in the world!
Laito: But men like him settle down once they get a daughter. He went to Japan to live like a hermit after he had you.
Laito: By the way, who was the mother?
Yui: I…don’t…have a mother anymore. As long as I can remember, it’s just been me and Papa…
Yui: Papa says Mama no longer lives on this earth…
Laito: So. Papa returned to Japan to protect you.
Laito: He thought you’d be a target if he kept on as a hunter.
Yui: …but…
Laito: And never – in his wildest dreams – did he think his daughter would end up a vampire’s sacrifice!
Yui: …no….
Laito: If this goes on, Bitch-chan, if you become my Bride, if you become a vampire…
Laito: Maybe your father would hunt you down, and eliminate you. Ahha…HAHAHA! That would be hilarious.
Yui: – Answer me. Why would the Church give you gifts?
Laito: Eh, I’m not sure. Why don’t you ask him?
Yui: Him?
Laito: Our father. Haven’t you heard of the great Sakamaki Touga?
Yui: Eh!? …But he’s a powerful politician!
Laito: Exactly. That bastard is our dear old dad.
Yui: But he…has to be a vampire too?
Laito: He’s the vampire to end all vampires. We call him our king, our emperor, our absolute monarch. He is the one who rules us all. And no one will ever defeat him.
Laito: He’s so powerful, he can’t even live with himself.
Yui: …Why not?
Laito: Heh. I don’t know, and I don’t care. Just hearing his name makes me tremble in rage.
Laito: If you really want to know why he picked you as a sacrifice, I can ask him for you.
Laito: – But?
Yui: But…?
Laito: From now on, no matter what I tell you to do, you will do it. No matter how disgusting.
Yui: Ah…!!
Laito: If you’re going to make me talk to my father, then this is the least you can do.
Laito: Heh. Of course, who knows if he can an honest word?
Yui: No…! It’s too much…
Laito: Hehe, what a direct answer. You sound smart. I love smart women.
Laito: Now my head is filled with disgusting thoughts. You don’t know how disgusting…
Laito: Bitch-chan, you have no idea.
Yui: (He’s…still touching me…If it gets worse…I don’t know if I can go on.)
Laito: It doesn’t matter what you do. In a few days, Bitch-chan will do whatever I want.
Laito: Even now, just like this…
Laito: You’ll let me take off your clothes…in the middle of class…
Yui: Oh…!
Laito:  – You can’t make a fuss in here, can you? Now, what if I touch you there?
Yui: Oh…!?
Yui: ((It’s happening again…! My heart…is racing…)
Yui: (Recently, all someone has to do is to brush me, and my heart flutters so much I think it’ll burst out of my chest…)
Yui: (I want to resist … but my body feels like is being pulled along with him. I can’t resist…)
Yui: (I can’t resist … Laito-kun …)
Laito: Your body feels hot.
Yui: No! No…
Laito: Oh, now that won’t do … Bitch-chan, such a greedy look.
Laito: You don’t want the entire class to see us, do you?
Yui: No, please…!
Yui: (Please, I don’t want this … but my body won’t listen to me.)
Yui: (What’s…wrong…with me…)

By the order of Laito-kun’s father,
The statesman Sakamaki Touga, I turned into a Sacrifice.
Papa answered to the Church that sent me along.
Why would the Church give me to them?
Why would their Father sacrifice me?
Maybe it won’t make a difference anymore.
I’m drowning …
In Laito-kun’s unwanted pleasures.
He carved himself onto my body and changed me.
Or maybe it’s the ill-beating of my heart….
Or maybe, just like Laito-kun’s says,
This is what I’ve been all along.

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