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Kamigami no Asobi: Starting Loki’s Route (English Translation)

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Yui: Then, I’ll wait here.
Yui: (He should be fine by himself.)
Yui: (Hades wordlessly left the classroom alone.)
Takeru: Alright, I’m gonna go take a nap or something until then. Don’t think about waking me up, you weed.
Yui: Takeru-san, it’s still extracurricular hours.
Yui: (Takeru just waved his hand and proceeded to fall asleep on his desk.)
Yui: …So, Loki-san.
Yui: (Next to Takeru, Loki was resting his chin in his hands and looking out the window.)
Yui: At the next astronomy club meeting, while looking at the materials we’re borrowing, I’d like to determine our club positions.
Loki: Mnn… I kinda don’t feel like doing that. Why are you picking on me, isn’t that unfair? I’m gonna… go take a walk!♪
Yui: (Looking out the window, he stretched his arms, then hopped onto his feet.)
Yui: Oh… please wait. Please.
Yui: (If this goes on, we won’t even have club activities today.)
Yui: (When I tried to control Loki, who was 
about to slip out from under my nose…)
Yui: (…A large shadow blocked Loki’s way.)
Loki: Whoa, what’s up with that sour look?☆ You’re so scary, Thor-chin.
Yui: (Loki poked at Thor’s forehead playfully.)
Thor: …Loki. …Cooperate.
Loki: But it’s soooo boring here…
Yui: (He stretched out both arms and let out a huge yawn.)
Thor: …This is a matter to be decided seriously. …Return to your seat.
Yui: I also ask for your cooperation. Club activities are the key to graduating, and if you meet all the graduation requirements, you’ll have more free time.
Yui: (As if spurred on by Thor, I tried harder to persuade him.)
Yui: (He needs to learn about humans if the both of us want to go home.)
Yui: (I wanted him to understand that.)
Loki: Ohh, Thor is so stubborn. I got it, I’ve understood! So… let’s think about it while checking that out!♪
Yui: “That”…?
Yui: (In the direction Loki was pointing, there were some students who were doing their club activities on the sports field.)
Loki: If we just sit here, it’s not gonna pop into our heads.♪ Let’s go look at the other clubs! Aaaand, departing!!
Yui: …ah, wah! L-Loki-san?!
Yui: (Pulled along by Loki, Thor and I flew out of the classroom.)

At the Sports Field
Yui: (Outside of the school building was a large field, and a lot of students were sweating, working hard on their club activities.)
Loki: Oh oh! What are they doing? They’re kicking stuff around with their feet!
Yui: That’s called soccer. You kick a ball with your feet and score goals. It has its origins in Europe.
Loki: Oh, is that how it is… But isn’t that a little annoying? Why not just use your hands?
Yui: Well, yeah, but then it becomes something entirely different.
Yui: (The gods’ way of thinking was so straightforward.)
Loki: Then, what about taking the ball and hitting it right into your opponents’ vital spots to defeat them? Isn’t that exciting?
Yui: With something that dangerous, no matter how many lives you had, it wouldn’t be enough.
Yui: (While I was surprised as his radical suggestions, Loki seemed to be interested in club activities, looking for some kind of contest.)
Yui: (I didn’t know what he was thinking, but he ran right into the field where soccer balls were flying around.)
Yui: Loki-san, that’s dangerous!
Yui; (The students were practicing passing, so there were a lot of balls being kicked everywhere.)
Thor: …Don’t worry about him.
Yui: Huh?
Yui: (I tried to go after Loki to stop him, but Thor grabbed my shoulder.)
Thor: …Rather, I’m worried about the other students.
Yui: (At Thor’s words, I looked over at Loki again…)
Yui: (With a calm expression, Loki was whistling, skillfully avoiding the flying soccer balls.)
Greek student: U-Uwah!! Wha—What’s happening?!
Yui: (Loki snapped his fingers, and one of the balls suddenly grew legs and started running around like an animal.)
Yui: (The students were chasing it around, but it was jumping and hopping around so much 
they couldn’t catch it.)
Japanese student: Ahh! It’s a fireball!!
Yui: (The ball the student had just kicked was covered in flames. This must have been another of Loki’s tricks.)
Yui: (In the midst of all this chaos, Loki, in high spirits, looked over at another club.)
Yui: (In my heart, I felt really sorry for them, but I followed after Loki.)
Loki: Ohh?! They’re hitting that ball like… ping! Looks like this deserves a good prank. So what are they doing?
Yui: (This time, he’d turned his interests to the baseball club’s batter.)
Yui: That’s the baseball club. The pitcher throws the ball, and the batter swings the bat at just the right time and hits it back.
Loki: Oh, yes, yes… I think I’m getting it. So they use the bat as a weapon and hit the ball at each other?
Yui: (It was an extreme interpretation again, but I was glad that he was a little interested in club activities.)
Yui: It’s not a weapon, but it feels great when the ball hits the bat. Do you want to try?
Loki: Hm… If it’s not exciting enough, it’ll be tiring. Though it might be good arm exercise. Doesn’t look like I need that, though.☆
Yui: (Saying this, he turned to another group as if he’d found his next interesting thing.)
Yui: He’s so fickle…
Yui: (I couldn’t capture his interest at all. I was simply amazed at how quickly his mood changed.)
Yui: (The moment I thought I had him, he would deftly slip out of my grasp.)
Thor: …That’s normal. …He doesn’t pay much attention to things he’s not interested in.
Yui: …I can see that.
Yui: (I felt just a little despair at Thor’s words. But I decided to follow Loki.)
Yui: (After that, we followed Loki around 
the outside campus, the auditorium, and the school building.)
Yui: (After being rattled around by Loki’s energetic curiosity and erratic pranks, I felt like there wasn’t any activity that would interest him.)

In the Classroom
Yui: From the table tennis club, to the art club, the photography club, the literature club…
Thor: …cooking club, crafting club, woodwinds club. …We saw all of them.
Yui: When he made the fire in the cooking club’s stove go crazy… I was so worried something was going to happen.
Thor: …The pitfall traps at the gardening club… …We almost couldn’t find all of them.
Yui: (I crouched down lifelessly, and I saw Loki looking down at me.)
Loki: There’s still moooore. It’s the main act!☆ I’ve been saving up for that last bit of fun.
Yui: (Loki happily pointed out the window. Outside, Balder’s soft style tennis club was having fun practicing.)
Thor: …Even after leading us everywhere. …We should’ve just gone there first.
Yui: (Perhaps it was because they’d known each other for a while, but Thor seemed to know that Loki wasn’t interested in clubs from the beginning. He brought a hand to his forehead in exasperation.)

At the Sports Field
Yui: (The sun was starting to sink, and right as club activities were supposed to end, we arrived at the tennis court on the edge of campus.)
Loki: What’s up?☆ This place sure is busy, eh Balder?♪
Balder: Oh, it’s rare to see you around during this time. Is Thor not with you?
Yui: (Balder slowly came over to us.)
Loki: Thor-chin’s tired… Or so he said and ran off to his room. But in his place, I brought this little honors student with me!♪
Yui: (Saying this, Loki stood behind me and put his hands on both of my shoulders.)
Yui: Hello. We just wanted to observe today.
Balder: I see. So you’re both trying to choose an activity. In that case, you should enter my club!
Balder: I’ll teach you everything from the beginning and make you both into splendid players.
Yui: (It seemed like a very promising prospect, but I just couldn’t imagine Balder being so active and lively.)
Yui: (Since he trips over nothing all the time, I wondered if he was okay.)
Male tennis club member: …Balder-san. Actually, uh… It’s already… you know.
Balder: Oh, is that so? Hmm… That’s a shame…
Yui: (Balder looked a little disappointed after hearing what the club member said.)
Yui: What happened?
Balder: Um… Well… Actually, the number of members has gone up so much we can’t accept any new ones right now.
Yui: That’s… impressive.
Yui: (Looking around the court, it was easy to see that only this club was strangely full of students.)
Yui: (Balder was the god of light, but maybe his personality also attracted many people.)
Yui: (He was always surrounded by people even outside club activities, as if they were admiring and gathering around the light.)
Yui: It’s a shame, but if that’s the case, then there’s nothing we can do.
Yui: (It looked like Loki was also interested, but if we can’t physically enter the club, then we have to give up.)
Yui: Sorry to intrude.
Yui: (I bowed to Balder and was about to leave the tennis club, but then…)
Loki: Hey, Balder. I’ve never played this before, but let’s have a match!♪ Oh, and let’s bet our entrance into the club.
Yui: (Loki pointed to the racket Balder was holding.)
Balder: Hmm… No. But it’s not like you’ll take that as an answer, so I’ll accept your challenge.
Yui: Is that alright? Even though you said we couldn’t join?
Yui: (The club members around us also looked a little uneasy.)
Balder: You just have to win. It’s okay, I’ve thought this through already. Plus, I think it’d be fun to compete with Loki.
Loki: That’s the spirit.♪ I’m getting a little excited too!☆ Okaaay, I’ll serve up all my love!
Yui: (When Balder handed him a racket, he stuck his fingers through the net and turned it over several times, as if it was a mysterious object.)
Balder: You’re a beginner, so I’ll show you how it’s done first. Watch me on the side over there, okay?
Yui: (Balder called over one student from the members following him around.)
Male tennis club member: T-To be playing a match with Lord Balder… It is my honor!!
Balder: Ahaha, no need to tense up like that. Let’s have fun! It’s an example, so we just need to get it going.
Yui: (Loki and I stood at the corner of the court and observed the match.)
Loki: Alright, alright… Show me what you got! As long as your opponent stays safe, ehehehe…
Yui: Eh…?
Yui: (What’s that supposed to mean?)
Yui: (I began to worry at Loki’s chuckling, but I turned to watch the match begin.)
Balder: Okay, to warm up…How about we start with a slice serve?
Yui: (He bounced the ball lightly in his hand, and then it flew up into the air in a flowing arc.)
Yui: (The moment I thought Balder hit the serve, there was a horrible thunderous noise, and the ball entered his opponent’s court.)
Yui: It was completely… invisible…
Yui: (When it looked like the ball was going to bounce, the ground caved in a little.)
Loki: Ahahahaha! You look super serious! The moment it’s a competition, you get like that. And that beastly strength is still going strong, I see.
Yui: It’s incredible…
Yui: (His powers should be limited by Zeus’s limiters, but this level of ability…)
Yui: (It’s superhuman.)
Female tennis club member: Ahh! Wonderful!! Lord Balder, look this way and smile!!
Male tennis club member: Lord Balder, amazing as usual! We don’t even reach up to your feet!!
Yui: (Like a storm of admiration, many shrill voices encouraged him.)
Yui: (It looked like no one suspected anything 
of his abnormal power and skill.)
Yui: (Balder picked up the ball and took stance to serve.)
Balder: Uh, this is… The grip is like this, and you hold it under like this… so it’s an undercut serve, I think.
Yui: (As if confirming something, Balder went through each motion carefully.)
Yui: (The ball that Balder hit 
flew so fast I couldn’t believe it was made of rubber.)
Yui: (It traced a huge arc and sunk into the ground on the opponent’s court.)
Yui: (Even as it touched the ground, the ball continued to spin.)
Loki: Whoa, can’t you go easy on him? Don’t put so much muscle into it. If you hit him, that doll’s gonna break, you know?!
Yui: (Cackling happily, he poked fun at Balder.)
Balder: Ahh, that’s not good! This is my first time using that serve, so I didn’t know how much power to use. You’re not hurt, are you?
Yui: (Balder bowed politely and offered a handshake to his opponent at the edge of the net.)
Male tennis club member: Ah, no! I’m honored to simply lay eyes upon our club president’s magnificent technique!!
Yui: (The audience applauded as the club member took Balder’s hand in both of his and shed tears.)
Yui: …Even though he was in such a dangerous position, he’s not scared, but actually respects Balder-san even more?
Yui: (Everyone’s reaction around me was so surprising I started to think I was the crazy one.)
Yui: (Normally, wouldn’t he be shaking in fear?)
Yui: (It was like he admired Balder so much, he completely forgot his own fear.)
Balder: Okay, now it’s your turn, Loki.
Loki: Alllllright, I’ve been waiting!♪
Yui: (Loki jumped to his feet excitedly and, spinning the racket in one of his hands, entered the court.)
Loki: Hmm? This ball is so squishy and soft.
Yui: (He bounced the ball he got from Balder on the ground many times to confirm this.)
Loki: You can’t enchant something like this. Boriiing.☆ Okaaay, crash bang boom!!
Yui: (As he threw the ball up in the air, he was muttering something.)
Yui: (…And, at the same time, Loki swung his racket down sharply.)
Yui: Huh?!
Yui: (…For a moment, I thought I saw sparks fly everywhere.)
Yui: (The ball Loki hit, just like the serve Balder 
had thrown earlier…)
Yui: (…Flew at an impossibly fast speed and appeared right next to Balder.)
Male tennis club member: Lord Balder’s friend is also very skilled!
Female tennis club member: As expected of a friend of Lord Balder!
Yui: (The audience around me grew more excited.)
Yui: I didn’t think Loki-san would be so good at tennis…
Yui: (Because he didn’t look like he exercised a lot, I underestimated him.)
Balder: Amazing. Even I couldn’t have returned that one. But sorry. If it goes over this line, then it’s my point.
Yui: (Balder pointed to the line behind him.)
Yui: (A refereeing club member in the middle of the court 
raised a white flag.)
Loki: What’s up with that? Explain that first! I just thought it was fine if you couldn’t return it.
Yui: (He pouted, unsatisfied.)
Balder: Sorry, sorry. This way, you can’t win with just force. Okay, it’s my serve next.
Yui: (Balder picked up the ball Loki served, and took a low stance.)
Balder: Undercut serve! …Or that’s what it looks like, it’s actually a reverse serve!!
Yui: (The ball Balder hit… Again, it flew at an invisible speed and sunk into Loki’s court.)
Yui: Is this really tennis?
Yui: (I spoke to myself.)
Yui: Plus, it doesn’t look like this will be much of a match…
Yui: (Loki was putting up a good fight for his first time, but considering his skill level and understanding of the rules, I didn’t think there was a way he could win against Balder.)
Loki: Maybe soon… I should get serious.♪
Yui: (Loki rested his racket on his shoulder and looked up at the sky.)
Loki: Balder! Some tasty-looking meat is falling out of the sky!☆
Balder: …Huh?! Really?! Where, where?!
Yui: (Balder looked to where Loki was pointing.)
Loki: An opening!!
Yui: (Loki served the ball when Balder was looking away.)
Male tennis club member: Oh!! Look at the ball!!
Yui: (The ball Loki had hit burst into flames, spouting smoke.)
Yui: (It bounced, changed its trajectory, 
and aimed itself right at Balder.)
Balder: Oh, there’s no meat anywhere. Loki, you liar.
Yui: (With perfect timing, Balder turned back to find the flaming ball hurtling toward his face.)
Yui: B-Balder-san! Look out!!
Yui: (It’s going to hit him………!!)
Yui: (Or so I thought as I tried to turn away, but the fireball unnaturally changed its direction before it hit.)
Yui: …What?!
Yui: (As if it was alive, the ball seemed to intentionally slip past Balder.)
Yui: (It was now rolling around next to Balder, smoke curling up from it.)
Male tennis club member: L-Lord Balder! Are you hurt?!
Balder: No, I’m fine. Anyway, you shouldn’t tell lies, Loki. Maybe you’re just hungry?
Yui: (Balder looked up at the sky a little resentfully.)
Loki: Whoa, that’s weird! The meat was flying so fast, maybe you didn’t catch it? I’ll let you know if I see it again.♪
Balder: Really? If you say so, then that might be it. Sorry for doubting you.
Yui: (I was dumbfounded at Balder’s reaction. He only seemed to be slightly puzzled.)
Male tennis club member: As expected of Lord Balder! He doesn’t know danger!
Female tennis club member: He’s so calm and collected in any situation!
Yui: (Even so, the movement of that ball just now wasn’t anything ordinary.)
Yui: (What was that, exactly…?)

Choose: A hallucination (- 1 Brave)
Choose: Loki’s doing (+ 1 Brave)
Choose: Bakder’s skill (No change)

Choose: A hallucination
Yui: Maybe it was just a hallucination…
Yui: (I rubbed my eyes over and over, but the ball continued to smoke.)
Yui: (When I did that, Loki came over to me.)
Loki: What’s wrong? Are your eyes dry? If you need eye drops, I have some.♪
Yui: (He took out a small bottle from his pocket.)
Yui: …Loki-san, those aren’t eye drops. In my world, we call that tabasco.
Yui: (The color of the liquid and shape of the bottle were familiar. What confirmed it was that “Tabasco” was clearly written on the label.)
Yui: (I couldn’t tell if it was a joke, if he was serious, or if he was planning something.)

Choose: Loki’s doing
Yui: (Could it be… Loki’s doing? Thinking that, I glanced over in Loki’s direction.)
Yui: (I caught his eye. The corners of his mouth turned up, and he staggered over to me.)
Loki: Mm…? What is it? You’ve been staring at me. You’re so greedy… Are you hungry?
Yui: No, I’m not really…
Loki: Oh, this little glutton can’t be helped, can she? I’ll give you a special little candy, okay? Here you go.☆
Yui: (He pulled out two or three suspiciously-colored candies and gave them to me.)
Yui: (There was a weird purple smoke coming out of them.)
Yui: …Um… Are these okay to eat?
Yui: (They seemed unsafe. Thinking back on Loki’s earlier tricks, I didn’t believe they were normal candies.)
Loki: It’s okay, just try one!♪ It’s super exciting. Trust me! ☆ They just look kind of deceiving.
Yui: I don’t really feel like eating sweets right now, so I’ll pass.
Yui: (I politely refused, thinking they were more suspicious than Loki claimed.)

Choose: Bakder’s skill
Yui: (I looked over at the ball in the middle of the court.)
Yui: (It was still spewing smoke.)
Yui: Is this part of Balder-san’s skill too? I thought it was going to hit him, but it seemed to suddenly changed direction.
Loki: Ohh, someone’s alert today! I tip my hat to you, great detective. I was actually planning to hit him with it.
Yui: (From behind me, Loki also peered at the ball.)
Yui: But that’s…! If you hit him, that would be really bad!
Loki: Aha, of course! You’re definitely right. But… do you think I’d do something like that to my beloved Balder?
Yui: (Loki put a hand over his mouth and cackled, his shoulders shaking with laughter.)
Yui: What do you mean?

Loki: Balder is immortal. Even if something dangerous is about to happen, he can evade it just fine.
Yui: Immortal?!
Yui: (For a moment, I just didn’t understand what he said and I completely stopped thinking.)
Yui: (But if they’re gods, that wasn’t strange for them.)
Loki: Is it that surprising? Well, Norse gods’ lives don’t last forever, actually. But Balder is special.
Yui: Is that so…
Yui: (I was surprised again to know that not all gods lived forever, despite being deities.)
Balder: Could we continue the game? I’m hungry after thinking about that meat, so I want to finish this and go eat something.
Yui: (Balder picked up the ball, which was still smoking, and got ready to serve.)
Loki: Oh, I like that look in your eyes! That’s how it should be.♪
Yui: (Smiling widely, Loki swung around happily.)
Yui: Loki-san… looks like he’s having fun.
Yui: (As I looked at Loki, who was frolicking innocently in a way I’d never seen him before, I thought he might actually really like Balder.)
Yui: (Loki and Balder’s battle went on until the sun had completely sunk.)
Yui: (A few hours after the match started, Loki had a slight lead.)
Yui: (…But, the points consisted of…)
Yui: (the ball Balder hit suddenly slowing down in front of Loki, Loki’s serve disappearing…)
Yui: (His strength was a profound mystery, but it became a match in Loki’s favor.)
Yui: (Refusing to give in to that clearly strange power, Balder relied on his own skill.)
Female tennis club member: Loki-san! Match point!
Balder: That’s amazing, Loki. I had no idea you were such a genius at tennis.
Loki: Hehe!☆ That makes me happy. Balder called me a genius!♪
Yui: (Smiling widely, Loki spun the racket around in his hands.)
Yui: (Balder didn’t seem like he thought 
Loki was scheming anything.)
Yui: (It looked like he truly thought this was Loki’s actual skill.)
Balder: If Loki wins this, then I’ll quit the tennis club. Could you take my place as club president?
Yui: (At those words, Loki’s racket suddenly stopped.)
Loki: …What? What are you talking about?
Balder: The number of club members is limited. The better players should stay, right? It wouldn’t be right to make the other members quit.
Yui: (If he quits, isn’t he just getting his priorities wrong?)
Yui: (At his suggestion, the tennis club fell into chaos.)
Male tennis club member: …It can’t be!! Why would you…!!
Female tennis club member: No! If Lord Balder quits, I’m quitting too!
Male tennis club member: I’ve got it… I’ll quit! There’s no way I’m letting a better player like Lord Balder quit!
Female tennis club member: No, me!
Male tennis club member: Let me quit!!
Yui: (All around me I heard “let me!”, “no, let me!” It was a riot.)
Yui: (Loki suddenly threw his racket to the ground.)
Balder: Loki, what’s wrong? The game isn’t over.
Loki: This is annoyiiiiing. I’m quitting! I’m sick of tennis already.♪
Yui: You’re sick of it…? But you were having so much fun…
Yui: (Loki took a candy out of his pocket and popped it in his mouth.)
Loki: I didn’t really want to do tennis anyway. I just wanted to play with Balder. Anyway, I should go!♪ See you at the dorm!
Yui: (Loki winked once in Balder’s direction, then briskly left the tennis court.)
Yui: Ah, please wait! Everyone, sorry for the disturbance.
Yui: (I bowed to Balder and the tennis club, and followed after Loki.)

At the courtyard
Yui: Loki-san, why did you quit like that? It was a chance to join…
Loki: It’s meaningless if it’s a tennis club without Balder. I was interested just because Balder was there.
Yui: In other words, it wasn’t that you were having fun playing tennis in particular…
Yui: It was because you were playing with Balder-san that you looked so happy.
Yui: (With a smile, Loki nodded vigorously.)
Yui: (I realized I’d misunderstood that he was interested in club activities, and my shoulders slumped.)
Yui: (But, refusing to give up, I checked with Loki again.)
Yui: So, was there any other club activity that piqued your interest?
Loki: Um….
Yui: (Loki folded his arms and looked like he was seriously thinking.)
Yui: What about the baseball club? You seem like you’d be really good with a bat, Loki-san.
Yui: (I tried recommending something to try to grab his attention.)
Loki: No way! It looks boring.
Yui: (He replied immediately.)
Yui: (In an individual competition like that, one’s turn doesn’t come often, so Loki would probably get tired of it quickly.)
Yui: Then, what about a club where you make things? Loki-san is really skillful, so it should go really well. Like the art club, or the cooking club… crafting club…
Loki: Nooo, culture clubs are so lame! I still wouldn’t do it even if you forced me.
Yui: (I listed off all the clubs we’d visited, and each one was shot down.)
Yui: (The only thing I knew 
was that Loki wasn’t interested in any club activity.)
Yui: …What should we do? At this rate, you’ll end up joining the going-home club.
Loki: Going-home club? What’s that? Is that a club activity too?
Yui: (…Crap!)
Yui: (I slapped my hand over my mouth, but it was too late. Loki was already curious.)
Loki: Hehehe☆ If you’re hiding it like that… Then it must be super interesting!
Yui: (Loki looked at my face and smiled sinisterly.)
Yui: Ah, right now, uh… I, uh…
Yui: (I desperately looked for words to try to smooth it over.)

Choose: Say the going-home club is tough (No change)
Choose: Pretend you didn’t say it (- 1 Brave)
Choose: Dodge the question with another one (+ 1 Brave)

Choose: Say the going-home club is tough
Yui: Th-The going-home club is… It’s really tough!
Yui: (I said the exact opposite of what it actually is.)
Loki: Eh? Like how?
Yui: You have to be really proactive with the activities… And you have to independently choose a topic and take it in…
Yui: There’s an element of freedom, but you have to be a really rigid thinker to do it, so it’s really tough.
Yui: (I felt so flustered, it didn’t really sound convincing.)
Loki: Ohh. Is that so? Okay, I’m gonna go check with Thot-sensei real quick.I wanna know more.
Yui: (Loki turned on his heel and started to go toward the library.)
Yui: What?! P-Please wait!
Yui: (When I hurriedly tried to stop him, Loki grinned mischievously.)

Choose: Pretend you didn’t say it
Yui: That… um…I… never said anything?
Yui: (As soon as I said that, I regretted it.)
Yui: (It wasn’t going to do any good.)
Loki: You can’t hide it from me. I have sharp ears, you know. I know exaaactly when you’re telling lies. You get punishment when you do bad things, yeah?
Yui: (He drew closer to me.)
Yui: …Ahh. I’m really sorry.
Yui= (I felt the pangs of conscience and genuinely apologized.)

Choose: Dodge the question with another one
Yui: By the way, I wonder if Balder-san is done with activities now.
Yui: (I directed Loki’s attention away by mentioning Balder, whom he seemed to have the most interest in.)
Loki: He was literally with us just now. There’s no way he’s done already.
Loki: Aha! I just thought of something good. I should invite Balder to join the going-home club too!☆
Yui: Th-That would be bad…
Yui: (Maybe my confusion was fun to him, because he was giggling at me.)
Yui: (I felt like I just dug my own grave)
Yui: (I sighed deeply.)

Yui: Loki-san. Please, please just… don’t think about joining the going-home club, okay?
Loki: You don’t have to beg like that… It’s not like I want to join that badly!☆
Yui: Well, that’s… because the main point of it is going home.
Yui: (Of course, the going-home club was included in independent study and off-campus activities, but I didn’t think Loki would actually do that.)
Yui: Thinking about graduation, I want you to join something that’ll be at least a little beneficial.
Loki: Hey, how do you write “going-home club”?
Yui: Like this, but…
Yui: (I wrote the characters for “kitaku”, “going-home”, on the ground.)
Loki: Hmm. I’ve decided! I’m joining the “going-home club”! The name sounds good. Plus the characters are cool-looking!
Yui: That’s a ridiculous way to decide things.
Yui: (Why did we go look at all of those clubs? If he just chooses by the sound and writing, then there’s no way I’ll understand what he likes.)
Loki: Wow, even though I just said I’ll do club activities? It’s fine if I just go home with all my strength, right? You should join the going-home club with me!
Yui: Go home with… all your strength…
Yui: (I felt myself growing faint at the absurd string of words I just heard. There’s no way I can explain anything to him.)
Loki: Okay! Let’s celebrate the establishment of the going-home club, and stop off at a few places before going home!☆ Hehehe–!♪
Yui: (He grabbed my hand and left the school building, his footsteps light. I followed after as if pulled by him.)
Yui: (I didn’t feel like arguing with Loki anymore.)
Yui: (At least he seemed to be enjoying himself.)
Yui: I wonder if he’ll be able to graduate…
Loki: Ah, stop! Club president, I’ve discovered something fun!
Yui: Ah!
Yui: (We stopped suddenly, and I bumped face-first into Loki.)
Yui: What is it all of a sudden? And anyway, “club president”? Why am I the president?
Yui: (I was taken aback at the collision, but I wanted to confirm what he meant by that.)
Loki: Shhh! Quiet…
Yui: Mmph!!
Yui: (Loki’s hand clamped over my mouth.)
Yui: (In the direction he was pointing, Balder was standing there, facing away. With a wide smile on his face, Loki took cover.)
Yui: Loki-san… what are we doing?
Yui: (At some point, Loki removed his hand, and I whispered to him, even though I didn’t need to be quiet.)
Yui: (I was beginning to notice I was getting caught up in his pace.)
Loki: Commencing going-home club activities! Calibrating 45 degree angle for a surprise attack!
Loki: The target: Balder! Going-home club, attacking at full power!♪ Locate Balder aaaand daaaaaash!!
Yui: N-No, stop!
Yui: (Even as I said that, I found myself following Loki and running toward Balder.)
Yui: (I wondered if I was really looking after Loki, who was just so unreasonable…)
Yui: (As I reached out my hand, I thought of the many, many problems in my future and let out a long, deep sigh.)

In Yui’s Room

Yui: …I’m back.
Yui: (Dragging my tired body, I entered by room.)
Yui: (I casually threw out those words of greeting.)
Yui: (Of course, no one would respond…)
???: Oh, welcome home.
Yui: …Huh?
Yui: (There was an answer.)
Yui: Wh-Who?!
???: You know. It’s me.
Yui: Yeah, right, but who are you?
Yui: (I could hear their voice, but no one was there. Where could they be hiding?)
Yui: (I immediately took a defensive stance.)
???: I’m right here in front of you. Are your eyes going bad or something?
Yui: (In front of me… When I heard that, I looked around everywhere I could see.)
Yui: (…And, I noticed something near my feet.)
Yui: …Ah.
Yui: (Something very small was tottering around.)
???: So you finally noticed, you dumb Kutanagi.
Yui: A doll is… talking…
???: I’m not a doll! I am a splendid human!!
Yui: Oh, sorry. I thought you were a ragdoll or…
???: Do you have no consideration?
Yui: (It was a situation that I couldn’t even grasp, let alone give consideration.)
Yui: (I’d gotten used to life here a little, but I still couldn’t hide my surprise every time something unexpected happened.)
???: Well, whatever. I’m a gentle person.
???: Even then, I can’t completely deny the fact that I’m a doll. I’m not a complete human yet.
Yui: It seems like it.
Yui: …So, who are you?
Melissa: I am Melissa. I’m a human Zeus made out of clay. I’ll be taking care of you from now on.
Melissa: Oh, and don’t call me “clay doll” or something. In a lot of mythologies, humans were originally made of clay and dirt, you know.
Melissa: Zeus heard about that and tried using clay…But he didn’t put in enough power, so I couldn’t completely become a human.
Yui: (So, to put it simply, he was a clay doll.)
Yui: (I barely had the time to realize that, because Melissa continued explaining things in rapid succession.)
Yui: (He seemed like a talkative person with a good disposition.)
Melissa: But if I’d just become human without a problem, you wouldn’t have been called out here, yeah?
Melissa: I’m supposed to be your caretaker… But since I’ve been living here in the Garden longer than you have, I’ll look after your needs as a mentor.
Melissa: If you have something you’re worrying about, don’t hold back. Talk to me about it. I’ll even offer you a shoulder to cry on.
Yui: (The sight of him thumping his chest with his little cloth hand was so cute, I felt so much better.)
Yui: Thank you very much for your concern.
Yui: (The mismatch between his small, cute appearance and his deep voice was amusing.)
Melissa: Right, right. Also, a message from Zeus: the problem in your room has been fixed.
Melissa: Go ahead and take a dip in the bath. If anything comes up, let me know, Kutanagi.
Yui: Kutanagi…?
Yui: (Now that I thought about it, he called me that before.)
Melissa: Okay, I’m going to my room. Farewell!
Yui: (Saying this, he climbed up the leg of the table…)
Yui: (…opened the door to a dollhouse that had been placed there at some point, and disappeared inside.)
Yui: (I guess he’s staying in my room.)
Yui: (I felt confused at having suddenly gained a lively roommate, but I went straight to my first bath in a day.)

Yui: (Soaking in the warm water, I thought of the bath back home.
Yui: (Trying to stay in the world of my memories for even a second longer, I submerged myself in the short, Western-style bathtub.)
Yui: (The second day of my school life here. The end goal was nowhere in sight.)

After this chapter is a Mythology quiz. You can find the translations for the Norse Quizzes here. These questions are timed!

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