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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Family Team (English Translation)

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Fuuto: I’m home.
Ema: Ah, Fuuto-kun, welcome back.
Masaomi: Welcome back, Fuuto.
Ema: Fuuto-kun, have you ate dinner yet?
Fuuto: Not yet.
Ema: If you want to eat, shall I prepare it right away?
Fuuto: Yeah, please. …… huh, you, you were watching a DVD?
Ema: Ah, yeah. It’s one that I borrowed today. I was watching it with Masaomi-san.
Fuuto: How odd for you to watch DVD with Masa-nii.
Masaomi: Yeah. There are things related to medical care in it, but it’s surprisingly interesting. It’s just…… the surgery scene is…… a bit tense…… .
Ema: Ahaha…… .
Fuuto: Hmm. Huh, this is…… .
Masaomi: What’s wrong?
Fuuto: I was thinking that I should definitely watch this, once its DVD version is out. …… because my favorite actor appears here.
Masaomi: Hee, is that so.
Ema: Then, Fuuto-kun should watch it together with us!
Fuuto: But I prefer watching DVDs alone, quietly.
Ema: I, is that so…… .
Fuuto: …… but, if it’s with you and Masa-nii, I guess it’s okay. You’re hardly the noisy type after all
Masaomi: Hm ……. then, because you won’t be able to understand if you watch it from the middle part, let’s watch it again from the beginning. Is that alright?
Ema: Yes, of course.
Fuuto: Huh? It’s fine with me. The two of you have watched it up to the middle, right? It’s fine to continue from there.
Masaomi: But, it would be more interesting to watch from the beginning, right?
Fuuto: I said, it’s alright not to take me into consideration.
Ema: Ah, then, while I prepare Fuuto-kun’s dinner, it’ll be alright if Fuuto-kun waits while watching the movie, right?
Masaomi: Yeah. We haven’t watched it for 30 minutes or so, so it’ll be just fine.
Masaomi: Beside, there’s a scene that I would like to see again, so it’ll be better to start from the beginning.
Fuuto: ………… *sigh*, I understand. If you insist, then let’s watch from the beginning.
Fuuto: …… really, the two of you attend to others way too much. Well, it’s not like I mind.
Ema: In that case, I’m going to prepare your dinner, so wait for a little bit, okay.
Fuuto: Yeah, yeah.
Ema: (Watching DVD with Masaomi-san and Fuuto-kun feels kind of refreshing…… .)
Ema: (It’s a weird combination, but it feels so family-ish. I guess I’m a bit happy like this.)


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