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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: New Game (English Translation)

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???: Hey, you, peasant!
Ema: (That voice…)
Ema: Fuuto-kun, is it okay for you to be here?!
Fuuto: Of course it isn’t.
Ema: Then why…
Fuuto: I was gonna take a taxi home, but then I saw you. So I came over.
Fuuto: Though I can’t stay long.
Ema: W-wait! I’m just on my way home, too, how about we go together?
Fuuto: ‘Kay.
Ema: (…Ah!)
Ema: Wait a bit, Fuuto-kun. The shop here has a demo for a new game!
Fuuto: …So?
Ema: Well…it’s a co-op shooting game, based on a movie that you said you liked…
Fuuto: …And?
Ema: So, um…
Ema: (I can’t ask Fuuto if I can try it…Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow…)
Natsume: Hey. What are you two doing out here.
Ema: Natsume-san?!
Fuuto: Ah, the ghost of Hakone.
Natsume: Ghost of…! …Never mind. Going home?
Ema: Yes. What about you?
Natsume: I’m heading to work. You wanted to play the demo?
Ema: Oh, um, no…
Natsume: It’s still in development, but it turned out enjoyable.
Ema: Really?!
Natsume: Wanna try it for a bit? It supports multiplayer, so the three of us can go.
Fuuto: Huh? Why should I play with a dumb girl and a ghost in the middle of the street?
Ema: You have a point…
Fuuto: I’m going. Can’t have this street crowded because you’re playing. See you.
Ema: Wait, Fuuto-kun…!!
Ema: (He’s gone…)
Natsume: He’s always been like that…
Ema: Was he angry…?
Natsume: Well, he didn’t sulk as much or leave suddenly.
Ema: Huh?
Natsume: You wanted to play that game, right? I think he was holding onto his patience, then left smoothly when I arrived.
Ema: I…see…
Natsume: …So, you wanna play after all?
Ema: Okay…but only once. I want to apologize to Fuuto-kun soon…
Natsume: …I thought you’d say that. Right, let’s go.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: Wow, your accuracy is good, Natsume-san!!
Natsume: Look to your left, not at me.
Ema: Okay, I’ll take care of it!
Ema: (Natsume-san was really good. I can’t lose with him here…!)
Natsume: You’re pretty good, too. You’ve got more kills than I did.
Ema: Zombie games are my specialty!
Natsume: Huh…wait, what’s with this huge crowd…?
Ema: Oh…I didn’t notice them at all since…
Natsume: Were they looking at us?
Ema: It’s a little embarrassing…I’ll be going.
Natsume: Ah, yeah. I need to head back.
Ema: Thank you so much, Natsume-san!
Natsume: Ah, thanks, too, for the change of pace. Tell that to Fuuto, too.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (I had fun playing with Natsume-san today.)
Ema: (But it would be more fun if Fuuto-kun joined next time…)

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