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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Old Maid (English Translation)

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Ema: (We’re playing Old Maid today…)
Ema: (The last two players are Wataru-chan and Subaru-san…)
Wataru: Mmmnn…I won’t lose to Subarun!
Subaru: I’d say the same…..!
Wataru: Okay, pick, Subarun!
Subaru: …Okay…this…
Wataru: Ah…!!!
Juli: Wait, no!! Not that!!
Ema: Juli…
Subaru: …The one on the right.
Wataru: Hehehehehe…♪
Juli Hihi…
Subaru: Ahh…
Ema: (Wataru-chan and Juli want to win but…their faces are so transparent…)
Subaru: Hmm…maybe it’s the left card, after all.
Wataru: Ah…!!
Juli: Subaru! If you’re truly a man, stick to one choice! There’s no changing now!
Juli: So indecisive!!
Wataru: Will you really pick this one? I think that’s the old maid though.
Subaru: Seriously…
Subaru: Fine…and the right one?
Wataru: Hehehehe♪…that might be bad for you…
Juli: That’s it, Subaru!! If you’re a man, draw that!
Subaru: Hmm…
Wataru: Hurry up, Subarun! Which one?!
Subaru: …Okay, then it’s this one.
Wataru: Really?! You can’t change your mind!
Subaru: Yeah.
Wataru: Okay, draw.
Subaru: Sure, sure. There.
Wataru: Toooo baaaad…♪
Subaru: …………
Wataru: Now it’s my turn to draw from you!
Subaru: Okay, take your pick.
Wataru: Which do you think it is, Juririn?
Juli: I have suspicions about the card on the right…
Wataru: Hmm…should I get the left?
Juli: Wait, no! I said right! Right!!
Subaru: C’mon, hurry.
Wataru: Hm…I’m picking left, because Juririn said so!
Juli: No! Right! If you’re really listening, pick right!!
Wataru: There!
Juli: Ah…!!
Wataru: …Yeah!! I’m saved!!
Juli: Huh?
Wataru: I win, I win! And Subaru’s the big loser!!
Subaru: …Yeah, yeah, my loss..
Wataru: Yay! Yay!! Thanks, Juririn♪!
Juli: Well…I also thought that the left card was the right one…
Ema: (Haha…I suppose Subaru-san let himself lose after seeing Wataru-chan’s face…)
Ema: (Or maybe he really can’t win when Wataru-chan gets serious…)

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