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Kamigami no Asobi: Staring Hades’ Route (English Translation)

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Yui: Hades-san, I’ll go with you.
Hades: I’m fine by myself.
Yui: Preparation for this is really important, and anyway, I want to learn some things from you directly.
Yui: (Without agreeing or disagreeing with him, I went along.)
Yui: (It wasn’t as if I thought he would disappear at a time like this, but I just wanted to make sure, since he finally came all the way here.)
Yui: (With those feelings, I walked behind him.)

In the Library
Yui: (We found Thoth in the library.)
Yui: Oh, Lord Thoth.
Thoth: …What do you want?
Yui: Nothing you need to do, Lord Thoth. We are just here to gather information for club activities.
Thoth: Don’t call my name for nothing. It’s annoying.
Yui: Excuse me.
Yui: (He looked at me, displeased, and then returned to his reading.)
Yui: (He had piled up many, many books that looked very dense and complicated, and was reading them through one by one.)
Yui: (Keeping Thoth in the back of our minds, we went over to the bookshelf containing literature on astronomy.)
Yui: (Having discovered so many related materials, Hades was looking over them carefully.)
Yui: (I couldn’t tell if he really liked them or if he just felt some responsibility, but I was curious about his earnest expression.)
Yui: (It would be nice if the whole class could study like this.)
Yui: There’s a lot here.
Yui: I’m not really familiar with this kind of thing beyond looking at the stars sometimes and talking about the zodiac, so researching them is a fresh feeling.
Yui: So where’s my constellation…?
Yui: (The book I was looking at had all sorts of information about seasonal constellations.)
Yui: Huh? It’s not here…
Yui: (I had opened up to the page on the season I was born, but I couldn’t find it at all.)
Yui: That’s weird… Maybe I just overlooked it.
Yui: I should search for it again.
Hades: … Humans connect constellations to birth dates, but in reality, those stars aren’t visible during their associated time periods.
Yui: Oh, is that so…?
Yui: (It was the first time I’d heard that.)
Hades: The twelve constellations of the zodiac appear in the same direction as the sun. For example, if someone born under Taurus tried to observe those stars, they wouldn’t be able to see it because of the sun’s radiance.
Yui: So, the constellations for that month are in the same position as the sun during the day? …Is that what you mean?
Hades: Yes. If you want to see your own zodiac sign, it’s impossible unless you look for it months in advance.
Yui: (So, there wasn’t any purpose to me looking up at the night sky on my birthday…)
Yui: I had no idea.
Yui: (After giving me a general explanation, he returned his gaze to the books.)
Yui: (He might not be such a bad person after all.)
Yui: (Seeing Hades researching it so passionately, I thought that I’d made a good decision to start the astronomy club.)
Yui: (As I looked over the bookcases, I suddenly remembered.)
Yui: (There are a lot of Greek myths connected to constellations, aren’t there?)
Yui: (Like, the hero Heracles
defeating a monster. …I think there was something like that.)
Yui: (Maybe that’s also one of the reasons that Hades is so interested in astronomy.)
Yui: (Carrying the books in our arms, we quickly made our way back to the classroom.)

In the Classroom
Loki: Ah! You came back at just the right time–! I have some amaaazing news! You wanna hear it? You wanna hear it, right?
Yui: (Loki came up to me right as we entered the classroom.)
Yui: (I had kind of a bad feeling…)
Yui: (Whenever Loki had that happy expression on his face, it could cause problems for me.)
Yui: (Loki often said one thing and did another, as capricious and unreliable as he was.)
Loki: I’m quitting the astronomy club, thanks.♪
Yui: …Huh?
Yui: (I was stunned. I hadn’t even imagined he would say something like that.)
Yui: (It wasn’t that it was good or bad, it just exceeded my expectations.)
Loki: I’ll be making a braaand new club! It will be… the… going-home club! Take care.☆
Yui: (…Of all things, a going-home club.)
Yui: (As for why he arrived at that decision, I could probably guess.)
Thor: …I’ll do the same as Loki.
Yui: What?! Even Thor-san?
Yui: (Well, he did write “the same thing as Loki” for the survey I just did, but…)
Thor: …Sorry about this.
Yui: Ah, no, it’s okay…
Yui: (Being told that by the very serious-looking Thor, I just couldn’t respond.)
Yui: (On the other hand, 
he seemed like a very reliable person, so I thought maybe leaving Loki with him would be a good idea.)
Yui: Um, so what about everyone else?
Yui: (I confirmed with everyone, just to make sure they hadn’t changed their minds.)
Takeru: I want to train myself, so I’m making a kendo club. It seemed interesting when I saw it in one of those books.
Yui: (He picked something even though he was sleeping just a few minutes ago… Perhaps Tsukito scolded him.)
Tsukito: I was told a literature club would suit me. That is my choice.
Yui: Wh-What are…?
Yui: (Even as an older brother, he just decided on a club based on someone else’s opinion…)
Yui: (Next to Tsukito was a pile of books stacked up high. It seemed like almost all of the books in the classroom were gathered there.)
Yui: (It wasn’t like he wasn’t giving it any thought, or that he was lazy or anything. It really seemed like he couldn’t decide.)
Dionysus: I apologize to Hades-san, but I’m not that interested in stars. I want to grow some grapes, and maybe start a gardening club…
Hades: …
Yui: (Hades looked at everyone wordlessly.)
Dionysus: See you, Kusanagi-san. I’m gonna go loosen some dirt in the courtyard.
Yui: (Dionysus left the classroom.)
Yui: (As if following his example, the other gods left the classroom for their club activities.)
Hades: …Should these go back to the library?
Yui: (Hades looked down at the books in his arms as he said this, his face expressionless.)
Yui: Ah, I’ll go with you.
Yui: (I hurried after him.)
Yui: Um… It’s really a shame. But, please cheer up. I don’t think anyone had bad intentions.
Hades: I’m used to this kind of thing. It always turns out like this.
Yui: Huh?
Yui: (What is that supposed to mean?)
Yui: (…That’s what I wanted to ask him, but the atmosphere was so heavy, I felt that I shouldn’t, so I just closed my mouth.)
Yui: (By the time we returned our books, extracurricular hours were over. The day ended without anything happening.)

In Yui’s Room
Yui: …I’m back.
Yui: (Dragging my tired body, I entered by room.)
Yui: (I casually threw out those words of greeting.)
Yui: (Of course, no one would respond…)
???: Oh, welcome home.
Yui: …Huh?
Yui: (There was an answer.)
Yui: Wh-Who?!
???: You know. It’s me.
Yui: Yeah, right, but who are you?
Yui: (I could hear their voice, but no one was there. Where could they be hiding?)
Yui: (I immediately took a defensive stance.)
???: I’m right here in front of you. Are your eyes going bad or something?
Yui: (In front of me… When I heard that, I looked around everywhere I could see.)
Yui: (…And, I noticed something near my feet.)
Yui: …Ah.
Yui: (Something very small was tottering around.)
???: So you finally noticed, you dumb Kutanagi.
Yui: A doll is… talking…
???: I’m not a doll! I am a splendid human!!
Yui: Oh, sorry. I thought you were a ragdoll or…
???: Do you have no consideration?
Yui: (It was a situation that I couldn’t even grasp, let alone give consideration.)
Yui: (I’d gotten used to life here a little, but I still couldn’t hide my surprise every time something unexpected happened.)
???: Well, whatever. I’m a gentle person.
???: Even then, I can’t completely deny the fact that I’m a doll. I’m not a complete human yet.
Yui: It seems like it.
Yui: …So, who are you?
Melissa: I am Melissa. I’m a human Zeus made out of clay. I’ll be taking care of you from now on.
Melissa: Oh, and don’t call me “clay doll” or something. In a lot of mythologies, humans were originally made of clay and dirt, you know.
Melissa: Zeus heard about that and tried using clay…But he didn’t put in enough power, so I couldn’t completely become a human.
Yui: (So, to put it simply, he was a clay doll.)
Yui: (I barely had the time to realize that, because Melissa continued explaining things in rapid succession.)
Yui: (He seemed like a talkative person with a good disposition.)
Melissa: But if I’d just become human without a problem, you wouldn’t have been called out here, yeah?
Melissa: I’m supposed to be your caretaker… But since I’ve been living here in the Garden longer than you have, I’ll look after your needs as a mentor.
Melissa: If you have something you’re worrying about, don’t hold back. Talk to me about it. I’ll even offer you a shoulder to cry on.
Yui: (The sight of him thumping his chest with his little cloth hand was so cute, I felt so much better.)
Yui: Thank you very much for your concern.
Yui: (The mismatch between his small, cute appearance and his deep voice was amusing.)
Melissa: Right, right. Also, a message from Zeus: the problem in your room has been fixed.
Melissa: Go ahead and take a dip in the bath. If anything comes up, let me know, Kutanagi.
Yui: Kutanagi…?
Yui: (Now that I thought about it, he called me that before.)
Melissa: Okay, I’m going to my room. Farewell!
Yui: (Saying this, he climbed up the leg of the table…)
Yui: (…opened the door to a dollhouse that had been placed there at some point, and disappeared inside.)
Yui: (I guess he’s staying in my room.)
Yui: (I felt confused at having suddenly gained a lively roommate, but I went straight to my first bath in a day.)

Yui: (Soaking in the warm water, I thought of the bath back home.
Yui: (Trying to stay in the world of my memories for even a second longer, I submerged myself in the short, Western-style bathtub.)
Yui: (The second day of my school life here. The end goal was nowhere in sight.)

In the Classroom
Yui: (The next morning, classes began.)
Yui: (Human anatomy, philosophy…We studied things that were a little more difficult.)
Yui: (During the break, the gods ordered items for their clubs from the store. They seemed motivated.)
Yui: (Students from the other classes were also interested in clubs. They started a few themselves, and notifications of their entrance into clubs came back to me.)
Yui: …Soft style, again?
Yui: (The majority of them were for the soft style tennis club.)
Yui: (…Well, it’d be more accurate to say that out of the clubs the gods started, the soft style tennis club was the only one that got new member notifications.)
Japanese female student: Lord Balder–! Please teach me everything, with lots of details!!
Greek male student: Hey! Don’t think about getting a head start! We all want the same thing, you know.
Nordic female student: That’s right. We’re going in order, fairly. Lord Hringhorni is everyone’s idol!
Balder: You mustn’t fight. Everyone, please get along with each other, okay?
Japanese female student: Eeeee! Lord Balder is sooo dreamy!
Yui: (The club president, Balder, seemed to have an innate charisma. Even during break, he was surrounded by students and was enjoying himself talking with everyone.)
Yui: He’s so popular… I guess it’s expected from someone who’s well-loved even by other gods.
Yui: (On the other hand…)
Hades: …
Yui: (Perhaps it was because of yesterday’s incident, but Hades looked very isolated from everyone else.)
Yui: (He seemed to have built up walls around himself, giving off an aura that drove people away from him.)
Yui: (I felt it was partially my fault for trying to make everyone join the astronomy club.)
Yui: (I didn’t want him to lose his will to participate, so I decided I would support him.)
Yui: (The bell rang, signaling the end of afternoon classes.)
Yui: (Even though we didn’t have club rooms, everyone prepared to start their activities.)
Yui: (Zeus’s lightning had probably worked. There wasn’t a single person who complained.)
Yui: Hades-san.
Yui: (I called out to Hades, who was sitting alone.)
Yui: What is the astronomy club doing today?
Hades: Going to look at the stars. There’s no other purpose for this club.
Yui: (Without even looking my way, he stood up and made to leave the classroom.)
Yui: (I need to get him more active somehow…)
Yui: Can I join you?
Yui: (I spoke, fully prepared to be refused.)
Yui: (Of course, I honestly still felt a little reluctant about being alone with Hades. It might be awkward.)
Yui: (But I felt like I had to do this. My body moved on its own.)
Yui: …Is it not okay?
Yui: (Hades stared at me, a surprised look on his face.)
Hades: …Do what you want.
Yui: Thank you very much!
Yui: (I didn’t think he’d let me go along. I was so happy, my voice rose a little.)
Yui: Do we need any tools? Like binoculars or something like that…
Yui: Oh, right. Should we bring some of the materials from the library?
Hades: Don’t worry about unnecessary things. Your eyeballs are enough. …Let’s go.
Yui: (As if appalled, he made a parting remark, turned around, and began to walk.)
Yui: (Leaving behind the other students, who were clamoring about club activities, we went outside.)

At the plains
Yui: (The spring plains were colored by the setting sun.)
Yui: (It could just be because I wasn’t used to seeing it yet, 
but I thought it was a beautiful, painting-like scenery.)
Yui: How far are we going?
Yui: (Hades continued to walk farther and farther. I talked to his back.)
Hades: …
Yui: (Huh, did he not hear me? I’ll try saying it again a little louder…)
Yui: Um, how far are we going?
Hades: …I can hear you. When we get there you’ll know.
Yui: (With that short answer, Hades continued to walk.)
Yui: Oh, right, I see. …Excuse me.
Yui: (Did I ruin his mood, even though I’d finally gotten his permission to come along?)
Yui: (Maybe I was trying too hard to act cheery.)
Hades: …Watch your feet. We’re going somewhere even darker. Artificial light washes out starlight.
Yui: (He’d stopped a little to say that, but then he began silently walking again.)
Yui: Right. Thank you.
Yui: (I was relieved. I thought he’d tell me to go home or something, but he seemed fine with me tagging along.)
Yui: (After a while, the school completely disappeared from view.)
Yui: (And before long, Hades stopped walking and looked up at the sky.)
Yui: (He was watching the sun in the west.)
Hades: We’ll wait until the sun goes down. We’ll probably see the first star today.
Yui: Uwah, I’m really looking forward to this. I haven’t looked up at the stars like this
since I was little.
Yui: (I spoke, but there was no response.)
Yui: (I suppose the gods called to the Garden really don’t have an interest in humans.)
Yui: (I looked up at the sky too.)
Yui: (The sun had almost set, but it would be a while before it completely sank out of view.)
Yui: (What should we do until then?)
Yui: (I thought about it and decided to…)

Choose: Talk about astronomy (+1 Brave)
Choose: Talk about Hades (No change)
Choose: Wait quietly (-1 Brave)

Choose: Talk about astronomy
Yui: Um, could we talk about the stars and planets a little?
Yui: (Hades didn’t agree or refuse, but an ambiguous expression arose on his face.)
Yui: I want to learn some things about them.
Hades: …The constellations…
Yui: (He opened his mouth after a while.)
Hades: There are 88 constellations recognized by humans.
Yui: (He murmured his speech in fragments. However, I considered them directed at me.)
Yui: 88…?
Hades: There were more before. But since it wasn’t controlled, they eventually decided on 88.
Hades: And, among those 88, the ones that followed the path of the sun… The constellations on the path known as the ecliptic are called the twelve signs of the zodiac.
Hades: These are the zodiac signs that humans use in divination and the like.
Yui: Oh, so that’s how they were chosen! This is the first time I’ve heard that. You really know a lot.
Yui: (Learning about these little details of something very commonplace, I felt a little moved.)
Yui: (If I thought about it, I realized I’d only had a superficial understanding of things, and I didn’t know anything of their true nature.)
Yui: (Afterward, I asked Hades a few questions, and listening to his answers, I learned some new things and felt really happy.)

Choose: Talk about Hades
Yui: How are you lately?
Hades: …Lately? That’s vague. What do you want to know? I don’t understand your intentions.
Yui: Um, well… Do you think you could get used to living here?
Hades: We have to live here for one year. I have no choice but to get used to it.
Yui: (It was a dutiful answer.)
Yui: How is your dorm life? Is it okay?
Hades: It’s a fairly comfortable environment. It’s just that my roommates are noisy.
Yui: Ahhh… I see.
Yui: (…Apollon and Dionysus. The both of them are the cheerful type, and their energy seems different from Hades.)
Yui: (Afterward, I awkwardly asked a few more questions and received simple, short answers from Hades.)

Choose: Wait quietly
Yui: (Feeling the nature around me, I decided to wait quietly for the time to pass.)
Yui: (Hades was silent too. 
He looked up at the changing sky.)
Yui: (His beautiful deep red eyes glimmered in the light of the evening sun.)
Yui: (I hadn’t taken a good look at him before, but he was actually really handsome.)
Yui: (Soft hair covered one of his eyes, and when he cast them downward, his profile was beautiful enough to be godly.)
Yui: (The time passed like this…)

Yui: (The sun hid behind the horizon, and our surroundings were shrouded in darkness.)
Yui: (There were no lights or anything around us, so it was really dark… it was the first time I’d been in such a deep darkness.)
Yui: Uwah… You can see the stars really well.
Yui: (The stars in the sky were brighter than I had ever imagined.)
Yui: (It was several times clearer than looking 
through a planetarium, and I could see even the smallest stars.)
Yui: They’re shining so much brighter than normal. Why is that…?
Hades: It’s dark adaptation. When your eyes get used to the dark of night, you can see the true light of the stars.
Yui: What I’ve looked up at before wasn’t their true light…
Yui: (Without the light of the sun, the stars were so bright, I was mesmerized.)
Yui: (So this is their original light…)
Yui: (I had no idea the stars could shine like this.)
Yui: This is completely different from the place I lived in the human world.
Yui: (It was a little removed from the center of town, but there was still some artificial light.)
Yui: (It couldn’t be considered completely dark. As I thought about my own house, I felt a little lonely.)
Yui: Now that I think about it, I’ve looked up at the night sky with my two older brothers like this before.
Yui: Since we left the house without telling our parents, it turned into a big fuss.
Yui: (I still haven’t forgotten the look on Mom and Dad’s faces when they found us outside.)
Yui: (They were incredibly angry, but I could tell they were worried and loved us very much.)
Yui: How nostalgic… …I wonder how everyone is doing?
Hades: But, don’t the stars look the same as back then? There might be some differences, but many things are the same, too.
Yui: Hades-san…
Yui: (Certainly, the brightness of the starlight was different. But the stars were as brilliant and beautiful as they were in the human world.)
Yui: (As I thought about that, I felt myself cheer up a little.)
Hades: Look over there. You can see the spring triangle. Do you know the Big Dipper?
Yui: (Directing my gaze, Hades pointed up at the sky.)
Yui: It should be…
Yui: (I looked out at the northern sky.)
Yui: It’s the one that’s shaped like a ladle, right?
Hades: Yeah. Humans compare it to that, don’t they?
Yui: (…The Big Dipper… should be that one.)
Yui: I found it.
Hades: In the lower part of the Big Dipper, there’s a star that shines orange. That’s Arcturus.
Hades: Also, the blue one below that is Spica. To the right… the bright one that completes the triangle is Denebola.
Hades: Arcturus, Spica, Denebola. Connecting the three of those makes the spring triangle.
Yui: Like that…?
Yui: (I wasn’t entirely sure that the stars I was looking at and the ones Hades pointed out
were the same.)
Yui: Um…
Yui: (I followed his finger, entranced…)
Yui: Ah!
Yui: (At some point, the distance between us had closed. I collided with his chest and lost my balance.)
Yui: (I’m going to fall!!)
Yui: (I quickly protected my head.)
Yui: …Hm?
Hades: Be careful. You’ll get hurt.
Yui: (I heard Hades’s voice near my ear. I raised my head and noticed I was being supported with his arms around me, like a hug.)
Yui: U-um..  I’m sorry!! I’m probably really heavy…
Yui: (I felt my face grow hot.)
Yui: (That was really clumsy of me.)
Yui: (I quickly pulled away from him, and bowed and apologized. What am I doing…?)
Hades: Don’t worry about it. Let’s just sit down and try to avoid falling again.
Yui: …Yes. Thank you very much.
Yui: (The two of us sat down on the grassy field, and quietly looked up at the night sky.)
Yui: (Blanketed in the stillness of the night, I felt very peaceful.)
Yui: (It wasn’t awkward at all.)
Yui: (It felt very relaxing, almost like healing.)
Yui: (I had some interest in stars, but I felt humbled, unable to even find them in the sky.)
Yui: (But I regretted that no one else came. I had no idea that looking up at the twinkling stars could make my heart flutter like this.)
Yui: …Why do stars come in different colors?
Yui: (As I watched the stars, I suddenly asked something I’d been wondering.)
Hades: It’s the difference in temperature.
Yui: Temperature…?
Hades: You can sort heavenly bodies into three categories: fixed stars, planets, and satellites.
Hades: The stars that complete constellations never move from their positions, so they’re called fixed stars.
Yui: So that’s what that means…
Hades: Stars give off their own light, like the sun. In the same way that fire can change from red to blue depending on the temperature, stars can change color too.
Hades: It’s called color temperature. As a beginner, you should remember that blue is a higher temperature than red.
Yui: So does that mean Spica, the one that’s shining blue, has the highest temperature out of those three?
Yui: (Hades nodded.)
Hades: The surface of Arcturus is about 4000 degrees. In comparison, Spica is about 20,000. …And the sun is about 6000.
Yui: It’s hotter… than the sun?
Yui: (I couldn’t believe that that tiny star would be burning with such heat.)
Yui: That’s amazing. I’ve learned all kinds of useful things today. It feels refreshing.
Yui: On top of that, the way you explain it is so easy to understand!
Hades: It’s just what I’ve looked up. It’s not that amazing. But if you feel like you’ve learned something, then that’s good.
Yui: (I raised my eyes up to the stars again…)
Yui: (I suddenly remembered the existence of those stories behind the constellations.)
Yui: Don’t the constellations have some sort of connection to Greek mythology…?
Yui: Does that one have anything?
Yui: (I just pointed at a star that caught my interest, just to try and ask for something specific…)
Yui: (But when I said that, Hades’s expression clouded.)
Yui: Hades-san…?
Hades: …That is Ursa Major.
Hades: A nymph who carried Zeus’s child was hated by his wife Hera and turned into a bear.
Yui: Eh…
Hades: I hate those stories. Most of them are about that egocentric bastard.
Yui: (…I didn’t know. I couldn’t believe I touched on something that would upset him.)
Yui: (I could have hurt him 
with my thoughtless words.)
Yui: (Thinking that, I…)

Choose: Ask if they can’t make up (No change)
Choose: Cover for Zeus (-1 Brave)
Choose: Change the subject (+1 Brave)

Choose: Ask if they can’t make up
Yui: Can you not… make up with him?
Hades: I can’t. I have no need to.
Yui: (With those fierce words of rejection, Hades suddenly seemed unapproachable.)
Yui: It’s that bad…?
Yui: (It seemed like a very deep-rooted problem.)

Choose: Cover for Zeus
Yui: Zeus is also human… I mean a god, but… he’s not perfect.
Hades: I don’t think anyone is perfect. That’s common sense.
Yui: (I agreed with him, and couldn’t think of a way to reply.)
Yui: (Is Zeus-san someone who just can’t be helped?)

Choose: Change the subject
Yui: …Please tell me more about the stars. What else is visible in tonight’s sky?
Hades: We’ll save that for next time. I don’t feel like talking about it right now.
Yui: (Ahh, I’ve completely ruined his mood.)
Yui: (However…)
Yui: By “next time”, do you mean we can do this again sometime?
Hades: …Pft. Don’t think so far ahead. You’re just full of surprises.
Yui: (Even though he’d let out a short sigh, he seemed a little happier. I was relieved.)

Hades: …Do you know how the two of us are related?
Yui: Huh?
Yui: (By “us”, does he mean himself and Zeus?)
Yui: If it’s about Hades-san and Zeus-san, then not much. I only know you rule the heavens and the Underworld…
Hades: He’s my little brother.
Yui: Wh-… Little brother?!
Hades: I was born first, then Poseidon. Then our little sisters, and finally Zeus.
Hades: But since we rule the heavens and the Underworld, places that seem to have no connection, there aren’t a lot of people who know we’re brothers.
Yui: Is that so? But, if you’re brothers, how come you avoid each other so much?
Yui: (I have two older brothers. We do fight sometimes, but I don’t hate them as much as Hades hates Zeus.)
Hades: What would you do if you knew? If it has to do with me, it won’t turn out well.
Hades: Stop while you’re ahead. Meaningless curiosity will destroy you.
Yui: (He knit his eyebrows sternly. I felt his sharp gaze pierce through me.)
Yui: (Under his serious expression, 
I lost my words.)
Hades: …We’re going back.
Yui: Okay.
Yui: (I nodded my head weakly and stood up with Hades.)
Yui: (Under the beautiful starry sky…)
Yui: (I thought of the complicated relationship between Hades and Zeus as we returned to school together.)

After this chapter is a Mythology quiz. You can find the translations for the Greek Quizzes here. These questions are timed!

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