Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Maniac 6 (English Translation)
Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Maniac 6 (English Translation)

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At the Graveyard
Yui: Kyaa! Where are we going, Subaru-kun?
Subaru: Just shut up and follow me.
Yui: B-but…
Yui: (It’s strange to go to a graveyard at night…!)
Yui: W-why did you bring me to a place like this…?
Subaru: Heh…it’s not a bad place, is it?
Yui: Not a bad place…
Subaru: Yes. This place lets people be at peace. That’s why I brought you here.
Yui: Be at peace in a graveyard…
Yui: (He brought me here not because he wanted to scare me, but because this place lets Subaru-kun feel at peace…?)
Yui: (In other words, is he trying to tell me the places he likes…?)
Yui: Ah, then…thank you…?
Subaru: What kind of reaction is that?
Yui: S-sorry.
Subaru: …Whatever. You should try relaxing a little.
Yui: Ah…okay…
Yui: Eh? I think my foot bumped into something…
Yui: Ah…kyaaaaaaa?!
Subaru: You’re too loud!
Yui: Because I stepped on…d-d-down there…
Subaru: …? Down there?
Subaru: Heh, it’s just a corpse.
Yui: (W-what?! There are human bones here?! This is an actual cemetery?!)
Yui: (Does that mean that there are spirits or will-o-wisps here?!)
Subaru: Here.
Yui: Ehh?! I-it’s a bone! Don’t come near me!! It’s disgusting!!

Choose: Shake free from his grip.
Choose: Run away! (Correct choice)

Yui: (Ah, I can’t take it anymore!)
Subaru: …don’t think of running away.
Yui: L-let go of me!
Subaru: You’re the one clinging to me.
Subaru: …though, even when I’m sick and fed up, I won’t let go of you.
Yui: …ah!
Yui: (D-don’t make me touch the bone…!)
Subaru: Whatever. It’s annoying to hear you screaming from something like this.
Yui: (Thank god. He took the bones away.)
Yui: W-why would you play a joke like that?
Subaru: Hah? Stuuupid. It’d be weird not to do this kind of fun thing.
Subaru: You wanted me to make fun of you, so that’s why you clung onto me, right?
Yui: N-no!
Subaru: Heh…if that’s the case, then I’ll have to respond to your expectations.
Yui: (Even though Subaru-kun looks very happy right now and it’s scary, to leave right now would be even more frightening.)
Subaru: Let me tell you something.
Yui: Eh?
Subaru: The hand that you’ve been clinging so desperately to…it isn’t mine.
Yui: …eh?
Subaru: It’s the corpse’s…
Subaru: …bones.
Yui: EHH?!
Yui: I-I…how could that…
Subaru: …you really are an idiot. Can you really not distinguish between a hand and bones?
Yui: EHH?!
Subaru: …
Yui: (E-eh…? I panicked, but now that I look at it, it is Subaru-kun’s hand that I’m clinging to…)
Yui: Ah, you…you tricked me?! How mean!!
Subaru: Mean? You’re the one who got fooled.
Subaru: For an idiotic woman to mistaken a hand for a bone and scream that loudly…
Subaru: Heh…this graveyard has quite the calming effect.
Yui: How is it calm here…?!
Subaru: You’re annoying. Shut up.
Yui: …s-sorry…
Yui: (…as I thought…he brought me here to make fun of me…)
Yui: (Even though his tone is rude, he seems to be enjoying making fun of me…)

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