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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 3 Part 4 (English Translation)

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キーンコーンカーンコーン。Ding, dong, ding, dong.
Haruhi: (Today’s lessons are ending.)
Haruhi: (I’m really going to the host club with things as it is…..)

Team Tamaki and Kyoya
Team Hikaru and Kaoru
Team Mitsukuni and Takashi

Haruhi: Ah.
Haruhi: (When I looked around and watched the clock, the time to start the club activity had passed unnoticed.)
Haruhi: (Although I intended to do just a little…..)
Haruhi: (Quickly cleaning the reference book, I run to the club room–)
Haruhi: Sorry, I’m late–
Haruhi: (It’s already time for club activities…. No one is here. The guests may be invited to the Kenran host club, but……)
Wan: …….You are late.
Haruhi: (From the sofa where I though no one was sitting, shadows emerged…. Léo-san, Wan-san, Gotokuji-san.)
Wan: A key wasn’t necessary.
Haruhi: …..No one else is here?
Wan: That’s right, you’re the only one who came, according to the club activity time.
Gotokuji: ….In short, it’s a waste of time.
Wan: You really are a short lived person…….
Haruhi: Eumm…
Wan: Today, I have a proposal for you.
Haruhi: (To stop me from talking and to make me listen to the story, Wan-san speaks up.)
Wan: Since we aren’t free to come here everyday, how about we decide on the victory terms.
Haruhi: …………
Wan: If it’s our victory, we will receive Suoh-san. If we lose, we’ll withdraw.
Haruhi: It would be troublesome if I decide such a thing on my own–
Wan: Yes, I understand you’re not very confident in wining. But, I think you’re already in trouble as is.
Haruhi: It’s not like that–
Wan: However….. Someone acting so silly, doesn’t deserve to win.
Léo: Wan, you’re being rude!
Wan: Is that so? I’m just stating the facts. –Take a good look Léo. There are no members or costumers here.
Léo: That’s…..
Wan: Counting on another person, it shows how bonds and trust mean nothing, learn from this occasion.
Léo: …………
Wan: Fujioka-kun–, you have two choices.
Wan: You can choose to persuade Suoh to join Kenran or you can enter the game with the risk of losing.
Haruhi: (In this case, if Tamaki-senpai and Kyoya-senpai were here–)

1: Accept it
2: …………

1: Accept it
Haruhi: I accept.
Haruhi: (Though it wasn’t good to answer his question, I couldn’t take it anymore.)
Haruhi: (Even in a host club, there are bonds and trust….. It’s not only about visible results.)
Wan: Are you sure? Even though you don’t have the authority to decide such a thing, Fujioka-kun.
Haruhi: That’s, you!
Wan: Do you mean that you can choose this once?
Haruhi: …………

2: ………..
Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: (I don’t have a good answer to his question…. I should wait a bit–)
Wan: You’re not saying anything, so you agree.
Haruhi: I… what.
Wan: There is no value in this place. If you can convince Suoh to become student of Kenran–
Haruhi: I refuse!
Wan: Hmm, then….
Haruhi: I accept the game.
Wan: Are you sure? Even though you don’t have the authority to decide such a thing, Fujioka-kun.
Haruhi: That’s, you!
Wan: Do you mean that you can choose this once?
Haruhi: …………

Haruhi: (When I was lost for words, the door suddenly opened–)
Kyoya: One appearance doesn’t release you, Hikaru.
Hikaru: Fortunately, we have immortal wealth.
Kaoru: The heart of sincerity that doesn’t allow injustice.
Takashi: The ugly darkness of this world.
Mitsukuni: The messenger of the righteousness to fight.
Tamaki: Our Ouran host club.
Everyone: We’re back again!!
Hero Stuff?
Haruhi: (….Why are they so embarrassing.)
Tamaki: This game, we officially accept it!
Wan: …………
Haruhi: (Wan-san was lost for words before the host club, which was very unexpected of him.)
Léo: ….Let’s have a good match.
Tamaki: Even if it’s bad, we’ll not give up.
Léo: Yeah.
Kyoya: So, what kind of game will it be?
Léo: Would you mind letting me decide?
Kyoya: No, go ahead.
Léo: I will decide on it today and contact you. Ah, since there are so many people, let’s do it in teams.
Kyoya: Well, how about we split in 3 teams?
Léo: Yes, that’s fine. Then……
Kyoya: The place will be Ouran high school. I’ll get permission for it.
Léo: Thank you for your consideration.
Wan: Wait a minute Léo. This development is unexpected–
Léo: Be silent. I’ll let it pass as the director of the grand host club.
Wan: But…….
Gotokuji: Didn’t you hear him say shut up, Wan Long
Wan: …tch.
Haruhi: (Clicking his tongue, Wan-san closed his mouth.)
Léo: Well then, for further detail please wait.
Tamaki: I’m looking forward to it, Léo.
Léo: Yes, thank you…. And also, sorry.
Tamaki: Don’t worry about it, we’re friends after all.
Léo: That’s right…. Well, see you soon.
Haruhi: (Nodding at the words of Tamaki-senpai, Léo-san left the club room. Wan-san and Gotokuji-san following.)
Haruhi: (While the type of game wasn’t decided, it was decided that Tamaki-senpai was the price.)

Kaoru: But, it was exactly like Kyoya-senpai said.
Hikaru: This is really getting out of hands.
Haruhi: (When Léo-san and the others left, Kaoru and Hikaru started talking.)
Haruhi: ….Eh?
Mitsukuni: Kyoya-chan is amazing.
Takashi: …..Yeah.
Haruhi: ….*sigh*, so it’s like that.
Haruhi: (I didn’t know about it myself……)
Tamaki: Sorry Haruhi. Kyoya said to not say extra things……
Kyoya: It wouldn’t work, if we weren’t certain about our opponents movements. –Besides, Haruhi was doing something only Haruhi could do.
Haruhi: Kyoya-senpai…..
Haruhi: (I wonder if I would’ve trusted myself…….)
Kyoya: Well, let’s decide on teams. Although, it seems it’s already been decided.
Tamaki: Right. Let’s announce the teams at once!!
Haruhi: (He’s putting extra power in it……)
Tamaki: Kyoya and myself will be “Kuma-chan Team”! Hikaru and Kaoru will be “Twin Team”! Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai will be “Usa-chan Team”!
Kindergarten like…….
Tamaki: Well Haruhi… You can decide which team to join, but you can suffer from it.
Haruhi: (With eyes that don’t doubt, I’ll choose my team… Well, it’s not like that matters.)
Haruhi: (Which team should I join?)

1: Kuma-chan Team
2: Twin Team
3: Usa-chan Team

1: Kuma-chan Team
Haruhi: I’ll join Tamaki-senpai and Kyoya-senpai.
Tamaki: That’s right! The Kuma-chan Team!!
Haruhi: Right.
Tamaki: With this, we can not lose! Father and daughter together, the others can try as much as they can!!
Haruhi: (……I don’t understand, Tamaki-senpai.)
Kyoya: Then, I’ll make it easier. Haruhi, ask Tamaki.
Haruhi: ……I don’t want to ask.
Haruhi: (I don’t know what game it’ll be, but it’s okay with Tamaki-senpai and Kyoya-senpai together…..)

2: Twin Team
Haruhi: Hikaru, Kaoru, pleased to work with you.
Hikaru: Of course Haruhi would choose us.
Kaoru: That’s right, we are in the same class.
Hikaru: Well then, how about we go to Haruhi’s place to consult?
Kaoru: That’s good, we can order sushi.
Haruhi: …..Hooray.
Haruhi: (I don’t know what game it’ll be, but it’s okay with Hikaru and Kaoru together.)

3: Usa-chan Team
Haruhi: Well… The usa, Usa-chan Team.
Haruhi: (I don’t know about the team name, but it’s encouraging to be with Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai.)
Mitsukuni: Yeeeey♪ Haru-chan’s with us.
Takashi: …..We’re counting on you.
Haruhi: Yes, let’s do our best.
Haruhi: (I don’t know what game it’ll be, but it’s okay with Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai together.)

Kyoya: …..In preparation for this weekends game, we’ll temporarily close tomorrow. It might not be necessary, but let’s keep in touch with the costumers.
Tamaki: We don’t know what kind of game it’ll be, but do your best.
Tamaki: ….Huh? In such a case, everyone…. Why aren’t you doing “Ohhh–“?
Hikaru: We’re calmly thinking.
Kaoru: You are the “prize” of the game after all……
Tamaki: H, hey……
Hikaru: I feel like I don’t have to work hard.
Kaoru: When Tono is gone, Kyoya-senpai can be director.
Tamaki: …………
Kyoya: It would be troublesome, let’s leave it at that.
Hikaru & Kaoru: Even so~
Kyoya: The matter of this occasion is no longer just Tamaki’s problem.
Hikaru: Kyoya-senpai……
Kyoya: It’s important to show them the consequences of turning our club into their enemy.
Haruhi: (Even though he’s smiling. Kyoya-senpai seems seriously angry…..)
Kyoya: That’s the reason I’m asking this of you.
Haruhi: (At Kyoya-senpai’s words, club activities ended, leaving the depressed Tamaki-senpai.)

At Home

Haruhi: (To think everyone is together again, this time to play a game against Léo-san and the others….)
Haruhi: (I hope it’s not some kind of exercise. I’m not good at that.)
Haruhi: (Ah, I’ll check the PC before I forget it.)
You’ll see your stats now
Haruhi: (….There’s no change in the debt. Since the costumers don’t come.)
Haruhi: (So it’s only natural.)
Haruhi: (I can’t reduce it like this, let’s just sleep now.)

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