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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke Date (English Translation)

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Ema: Today I’d like to hangout with Yusuke-kun but… I wonder if he has other plans…?
Ema: (That’s right. Should I bring a gift with me?)

1: Bring a gift
Ema: Alright, I’ll go ask him…!

2: Don’t bring a gift
Ema: Maybe not today. Alright, I’ll go ask him…!

Ema: Yusuke-kun. Is now okay?
Yusuke: *Yawns* Huh!? W-What are you doing here?!
Ema: Oh, sorry, Did I wake you?
Yusuke: W-What?! O-Oh don’t worry about it! I was bound to wake up sooner or later!
Ema: Oh, thank goodness.
Yusuke: So..? W-What did you want?
Ema: I was wondering if…
Yusuke: Y-Yeah!?
Ema: You’d like to hang out together today.
Yusuke: Hang out together…? wait–with who?!
Ema: Just me and you. It’s fine if you don’t want to.

If you brought a gift

Ema: (Oh, should I give him the gift…?)
Ema: Also… I’d like to give you this. It’s nothing special but will you accept it?

If he really likes it (ice cream, comics or meal ticket)
Yusuke: What?! F-For me…? Is that really okay…? T-Thank you…!
Ema: (Thank goodness he liked it!)

If he’s okay with it
Yusuke: You prepared this especially for me…? T-Thank you…
Ema: (I wonder if he was pleased with it?)

If he doesn’t really like it, but doesn’t hate it either
Yusuke: You really didn’t have to. But, thanks.
Ema: (…Did he not like it?)

If he doesn’t like it at all
Yusuke: Oh… that’s okay. You don’t have to do that.
Ema: (…I made a mistake…)
Ema: (…I knew it, I shouldn’t have tried to give it to him.)


Ema: So um…would you like to hang out today?

If he accepts
A: Yusuke: Sure, I don’t mind…
Ema: Really? Then I’ll go get ready.

B: Yusuke: I-It’s not that I don’t want to. But to suddenly ask to go out with just the two of us…
Ema: So you can’t after all…?
Yusuke: It’s not that! I-I need to get ready so just wait a minute!

C: Yusuke: I…
Ema: You…?
Yusuke: I-I don’t see why not!!
Ema: Y-You don’t have to shout…
Yusuke: W-Whatever! Come on, let’s go!
Ema: Wait a minute! Calm down, okay? You’re not…
Yusuke: I’m not what…?
Ema: You’re not even ready yet…
Yusuke: …What?!
Yusuke: Then give me 10–no 3 minutes to get ready! Wait for me, okay?!
Ema: Hehe, it’s okay. There’s no need to rush.

If he refuses
Yusuke: Oh, sorry…I had other plans today.
Ema: I see. I’m sorry for trying to invite you out of the blue.
Ema: (I suppose I have no choice but to spend today by myself.)

Random encounter if you’re close with another brother:

Ema: (Huh? Who’s that over there…?)

Masaomi: Hm? Are you going out together? Could it be that…
Yusuke: What? We’re just hanging out together. That a problem?
Masaomi: Oh I see. It’s a date. Hope you have fun…

Kaname: Hmm? It’s unusual to see you two together. Enjoying yourselves somewhere? If your answer suits my tastes then I’ll let it slide this time.
Yusuke: What? We’re just hanging out together. That a problem?
Kaname: Hey, Imouto-chan. Wouldn’t you be better off with me instead?

Tsubaki: You’re horrible! I don’t understand! What’s this? I won’t forgive you if you say its a date!
Yusuke: What? We’re just hanging out together. That a problem?
Tsubaki: Seriously?! I feel betrayed…

Subaru: …Why are you guys together?
Yusuke: What? We’re just hanging out together. That a problem?
Subaru: ………

Fuuto: Why are you two together? I don’t get this at all.
Yusuke: What? We’re just hanging out together. That a problem?
Fuuto: Then have as much fun as possible. But remember this, Onee-chan. Once you return, I’ll make sure to make you a crying mess.

Ema: Um…
Ema: (It seems I’m at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m sorry for today…!)

Continue on date

Yusuke: Sorry to keep you waiting. So? Where’d you wanna go?
Ema: (That’s right. I’d like to go to the…)

1: Aquarium
2: Zoo
3: Amusement Park
4: Shopping Mall
5: Movie Theater
6: Park

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