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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke Date: Movie Theater (English Translation)

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Ema: I want to go to the movie theater today.
Yusuke: Okay. Let’s get going then.

Option 1:
Yusuke: I got the tickets. It’s pretty crowded today, huh? Even the counter was full of people.
Ema: Thank you. Oh, I’ll pay for the ticket fee.
Yusuke: Ah, that’s fine. I have some extra money. I’ll treat you.
Ema: Huh? That’s okay. As students we don’t get much pay anyway. I’ll pay my share.
Yusuke: It’s fine! I’ll treat you today.
Ema: (Although he says that… is it really okay?)

1A: I’ll treat you next time
1B: …Thank you
1C: Is that money you earned from doing something bad?

1A: I’ll treat you next time
Ema: In that case, will you treat me today?
Yusuke: All right then.
Ema: However, once I get my part-time pay, I’ll treat you next time!
Yusuke: T-The guy should be the one treating the girl, so you don’t…
Ema: No! You’re a student just like me so it’d be a bit strange for you to be constantly treating me.
Ema: So this time you can treat me, but next time I’ll treat you.
Yusuke: …I guess so.
Yusuke: Alright. Then next time will you treat me?
Ema: Yes!
Yusuke: Although with just the two of us, it’d be a d-da…
Ema: Huh?
Yusuke: I-It be a good day to visit a huge movie theater, huh?
Ema: …? I suppose so. But this one is fine, isn’t it?
Ema: (Huh? Wasn’t this movie theater always big…?)
Yusuke: Phew…
Ema: What’s wrong, Yusuke-kun?
Yusuke: I-It’s nothing! Come on we should go before the movie starts!
Ema: Right!

1B: …Thank you
Ema: …Thank you.
Yusuke: It’s fine! Don’t worry about it. It wasn’t too expensive anyway.
Ema: (I personally feel movie fees are fairly expensive for high school students. Yusuke-kun really helped me out here.)
Ema: About that “extra money” you earned. Aside from a part time job, was there something else?
Yusuke: Yeah. I helped out Kana-nii a bit.
Ema: Kaname-san…?
Ema: W-Wait so does that mean… You were a h-host…?!
Yusuke: What?! What are you talking about?! Kana-nii doesn’t work as a host!
Ema: Oh, that’s right.
Yusuke: Well either way, it does seem like that but from what what I know he’s more or less a priest…
Ema: (K-Kaname-san…I’m sorry!)

1C: Is that money you earned from doing something bad?
Ema: About that extra money you earned.  You didn’t do anything bad to earn it did you?
Yusuke: Not at all! It was money earned from helping Kana-nii as well as my part time pay!
Ema: …Really?
Yusuke: Really!! Jeez, you really don’t trust me do you?
Ema: I-It’s not that…!
Yusuke: I earned this money myself! So don’t worry about it!
Ema: (I don’t think he’s lying so I’ll let him treat me for today.)

Option 2:
Ema: What movie do you want to see today?
Yusuke: What movie did you want to see?
Ema: I don’t have anything in particular in mind… What about you?
Yusuke: Then I’ll let you choose among some of these choices I picked out.
Ema: Alright.
Yusuke: Then how about one of these three?
Ema: (From what Yusuke-kun picked out I’d like to see a…)

2A: Comedy Film
2B: Horror Film
2C: Western Action Film

2A: Comedy Film
Ema: The comedy film seems good!
Yusuke: Yeah! I also think it’s the best choice! Since it was directed by a famous comedian, I was gonna say it seems interesting.
Ema: You seem to really like comedies.
Yusuke: Yeah! They’re easy to watch without having to think to hard about it!
Ema: (Huh…a reason like that…?)
Yusuke: Hey. You were thinking about how it’s a strange reason weren’t you?!
Ema: N-Not at all…! I was only thinking how it seems just like you.
Yusuke: It’s just like me…? What’s that supposed to mean…?
Ema: (Oh no! Looks like I dug my own grave…!)
Ema: Um…that’s…
Yusuke: You’re acting a bit strange, spit it out already…
Ema: Um… O-Oh that’s right! Yusuke-kun, you haven’t bought any popcorn!
Yusuke: Popcorn…?
Ema: T-That’s right! It smells really good! Yusuke-kun you must be hungry, right?
Yusuke: Well, it is true that I’m hungry…
Ema: So? How about it?
Yusuke: Okay, let’s buy it.
Ema: Okay! I’ll go buy it then!
Yusuke: Good, I’ll leave it to you then.
Ema: (Phew… Looks like I managed to get myself out of that situation…)

2B: Horror Film
Ema: While we’re here, why not watch a horror film?
Yusuke: Gah! Seriously?!
Ema: Huh?! Yusuke-kun, could it be that you’re weak to horror?
Yusuke: Wha–! That’s not it at all! I am seriously fine! Absolutely, positively, fine!
Ema: …Really?
Yusuke: Alright, it’s d-decided then! I-I’m looking forward to it!

2C: Western Action Film
Ema: The western action film sounds nice.
Yusuke: Yeah. I like the war-like style to them but…
Yusuke: Since I don’t understand it, reading the subtitles can get tiring.
Ema: Yeah, I can get that.
Yusuke: Especially in an action film when you need to pay attention to the character’s actions. I find it hard to concentrate.
Ema: Hmmm, then why not watch a dub instead? Maybe you’ll recognize a voice actor.
Yusuke: You mean voice actors like Tsuba-nii and Azu-nii?
Ema: That’s right!
Yusuke: Unlike Azu-nii, when I hear Tsuba-nii’s voice in a serious scene, I can’t help but laugh.
Ema: Ahahaha…

Option 3:
Ema: Yusuke-kun, the movie is about to start.
Yusuke: Damn! We should’ve got here quicker.
Ema: Let’s just hurry up and take our seats.
Yusuke: Yeah.
Ema: (I’m glad we chose this movie, it’s really great. Though I can’t stop my heart from beating so fast during the kiss scenes.)
Ema: (…Huh!? Yusuke-kun’s hand just now….!)

3A: Return grip
3B: Pull away
3C: Pretend to take a drink

3A: Return grip
Ema: (It’s embarrassing but, if it’ll make him happy… I’ll grasp it quietly back….)
Ema: (Ah, his hand…its really warm.)
Ema: (It’s faint but, somehow it felt like the pounding of his heart was transmitted to me. I suddenly feel really embarrassed.)
Ema: (I wonder if the pounding of my own heart was transmitted to him…?)
Yusuke: Wow, that was a pretty interesting movie!
Ema: Yeah, I agree.
Ema: (He seems normal now. Was I just imagining things back then?)
Ema: (Maybe I should just ask directly.)
Ema: Um, Yusuke-kun?
Yusuke: Hm?
Ema: In the middle of the kiss scene during the movie, did you happen to…?
Yusuke: Aaaaah! T-T-That was… I-I-I mean… I d-didn’t… i-it wasn’t…!
Yusuke: U-Um… t-that was… w-without permission I-I… y-your hand….
Ema: Y-Yusuke-kun! Settle down!
Yusuke: S-S-So… w-why w-would…I-I mean…  I-I’m…I-I’m….
Yusuke: …I-I’m really sorry!
Ema: …Huh?
Yusuke: For suddenly… doing something like that…
Ema: It’s fine…I–!
Yusuke: I-I honestly didn’t mean to… Why did I have to go and do s-something like that?!
Yusuke: While we were watching the movie the scene was so intense. My heart felt like it was about to explode and I felt unexpectedly hot. So…well..I um…I don’t really get it myself….
Yusuke: And well… before I realized it… your hand…
Ema: Yusuke-kun…
Yusuke: S-S-So Anyway…! I’m really sorry. I did something really embarrassing without warning
Ema: I didn’t think it was…
Yusuke: P-Please!!
Ema: What…?
Yusuke: As much as I want to run away right now, I know that won’t really solve anything. So please… let’s just not bring it up anymore.
Yusuke: …Please.
Ema: (Yusuke-kun…)
Ema: Alright, I understand… But, I want to let you know that I’m really not offended at all.
Yusuke: …..
Ema: So please don’t worry about it, okay?
Yusuke: …I see. Thank you….
Ema: Don’t mention it.

3B: Pull away
Ema: (…It’s embarrassing, so I’ll pull away!)
Ema: (It was probably just an accident…)
Yusuke: Wow, that was a pretty interesting movie!
Ema: Yeah, I agree.
Ema: (He seems normal now. Was I just imagining things back then?)
Ema: (Maybe I should just ask directly.)
Ema: Um, Yusuke-kun…
Yusuke: Hm?
Ema: In the middle of the kiss scene during the movie, did you happen to…?
Yusuke: S-Sorry about that…!
Ema: Huh…?
Yusuke: I didn’t see your hand on the armrest so I accidentally touched your hand…
Ema: Oh, really? Then you don’t need to worry about it.
Yusuke: I see. That’s good.
Ema: (So it was a coincidence after all.)

3C: Pretend to take a drink
Ema: (What should I do? This is really embarrassing. I’ll try avoiding it by pretending to take my drink.)
Ema: (But, I hope I don’t make him feel bad for doing this…)
Yusuke: That movie was really interesting!
Ema: Yeah, it was.
Ema: (He seems normal now. Was I just imagining things back then?)
Ema: (Maybe I should just ask directly.)
Ema: Um, Yusuke-kun…
Yusuke: Hm?
Ema: In the middle of the kiss scene during the movie, did you happen to…?
Yusuke: O-Oh! That was…! Sorry. I was so absorbed in the movie I didn’t realize your hand was there.
Ema: Oh…that’s how it was. Anyway, that movie was really interesting!
Yusuke: I’m not really into those type of romantic films, but this one was particularly interesting.
Ema: I’m glad we chose that one!
Yusuke: Yeah.
Ema: (He didn’t seem to notice I pretended to take my drink. I’m glad I didn’t trouble him…)

After the date

Option 1:
Yusuke: Well, I guess we should be heading back.
Ema: You’re right. It’s already this late.
Yusuke: Yeah. I guess here is fine.
Ema: Hm…?
Yusuke: Sorry, see you later!
Ema: O-Oh, okay…
Ema: (It seems he left. I wanted to return together but I guess have no choice but to return by myself.)

Option 2:
Yusuke: Woah, its already this late?! Time really flies…
Ema: Yeah, I had a lot of fun. Thank you very much for accompanying me today.
Yusuke: You don’t have to thank me. I also had a lot of fun with you today…
Ema: Huh…?
Yusuke: I-It’s nothing! Come on let’s hurry back!
Ema: (Hehe, his ears are bright red. I’m glad we’re able to return together.)
Yusuke: …Then…
Ema: Hm…?
Yusuke: …I-I’ll walk you to your room.
Ema: Huh? You sure?
Yusuke: It’s fine… It’d be dangerous to let you go by yourself at this time of night.
Ema: …Thank you, Yusuke-kun.

Back in your room
Ema: (As awkward or clumsy he may be, Yusuke-kun is always a very kind person.)
Ema: I’m happy I was able to talk to Yusuke-kun a lot today! Yeah, I’ll definitely do my best this week too!

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