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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke Date: Aquarium (English Translation)

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Ema: Today, I want to go to the aquarium.
Yusuke: Okay. Let’s get going.

Option 1:

Ema: Visiting the aquarium like this reminds me of when I was younger. Papa often brought me here.
Yusuke: Oh, is that so?
Ema: Did you not visit that often when you were younger?
Yusuke: That may be it. I’m sure my family brought me a few times but I can’t remember much.
Yusuke: Well, what I can remember is…
Yusuke: A seal show, hordes of mackerel, and a shark I think.
Ema: Wow…
Ema: (I’d like to hear more about his memories at the aquarium.)

1A: I’d like to hear about the seal show
1B: I’d like to hear about the horde of mackerel
1C: I’d like to hear about the shark

1A: I’d like to hear about the seal show
Ema: Do you remember anything about the seal show?
Yusuke: Well, I remember them doing various tricks but aside from that the only thing I can remember is…
Ema: Is…?
Yusuke: Like I thought, I can’t remember anything else.
Ema: What?!
Yusuke: Back then I wasn’t watching the seal doing tricks. I was watching a different one…
Yusuke: And during the show that seal fell asleep.
Ema: What? No way!
Yusuke: Well, I’m not positive it was really sleeping. It looked so comfortable with its eyes shut so it made me lose focus.
Ema: Oh…?
Yusuke: Watching it made me really sleepy. So, before I knew it I had fell asleep.
Ema: So that’s why you couldn’t remember the show very well, right?
Yusuke: Exactly.
Yusuke: That day the weather was really nice, so it made it all the more comfortable.
Yusuke: So considering how that seal felt I don’t think its that strange I fell asleep…
Ema: Hehe. Being tempted to fall asleep by a seal seems just like you.
Yusuke: Jeez, Sorry…
Ema: No, its just that I was thinking how it seemed really cute of you.
Yusuke: Wha…! Thats not something you say to a guy!
Ema: (I’m sure Yusuke-kun’s sleeping face at that time was really cute…)

1B: I’d like to hear about the horde of mackerel
Ema: Do you remember anything about the “hordes of mackerel”?
Yusuke: Oh, that…
Ema: Hm?
Yusuke: When I saw the mackerel in the large tanks I…
Ema: You…?
Yusuke: I remember thinking they looked really appetizing.
Ema: What?!
Yusuke: I’d be pretty happy to eat such a large amount of mackerel…
Ema: (Craving to eat mackerel at an aquarium is just like Yusuke-kun…)

1C: I’d like to hear about the shark
Ema: Do you remember anything about the “shark”?
Yusuke: No matter how many times I recall seeing that shark..
Ema: What is it?
Yusuke: I can’t help but thinking how cool looking it was!
Ema: You thought it was cool looking?
Yusuke: Yeah! Like the shape and its sharp teeth! It was really awesome!
Ema: Hmm, I can’t help but think of it as more scary looking…
Yusuke: Well, at first glance you’d think it looks scary. But it’s actually said to be gentle creature.
Ema: Really?
Yusuke: It looks scary but is in fact more friendly. Isn’t it awesome?!
Yusuke: I feel it has a sort of courteous look to it…!
Ema: (A courteous look…)
Ema: But, I think I see why you like sharks so much.
Yusuke: Hm…?
Ema: I think you resemble a shark.
Yusuke: What?! How so?
Ema: You have a scary way about you, but you’re actually really kind, right?
Yusuke: W-What are you talking about?! I don’t think so!
Ema: Really? Well that’s what I think…
Yusuke: How can I know if I resemble it if you just say I do?
Ema: In that case since were here, why don’t we go see a shark then? That’ll confirm your doubts, right?
Yusuke: Then let’s do that. Come on, let’s go!
Ema: Okay!

Option 2:
Ema: Hey, Yusuke-kun. We walked all through this area but…
Yusuke: Hm, what is it?
Ema: (Before leaving the aquarium…)

2A: Do you want go out to eat?
2B: Can I use the bathroom?
2C: I want to look in the souvenir shop

2A: Do you want go out to eat?
Ema: Do you want to get something to eat before we leave?
Yusuke: Don’t you need to prepare dinner?
Ema: Ukyo-san told me I don’t need to worry about it.
Yusuke: Then let’s get something to eat before we leave. I’m pretty sure there’s a restaurant on the top floor. Let’s head there on our way back.
Ema: Okay.

2B: Can I use the bathroom?
Ema: Can I use the bathroom first?
Yusuke: What…?! The bathroom?! Well I don’t mind but… I didn’t expect you to be so open about it here.
Ema: …!!
Ema: (Now that I think about it, I guess that was a bit embarrassing to say out loud in the open…)

2C: I want to look in the souvenir shop
Ema: Can we take a look at the souvenir shop?
Yusuke: Sure.
Ema: You know just a while ago I saw a matching set of straps with cute dolphins! Do you want to buy them?
Yusuke: M-Matching…?!! N-no way! Something like that’d would be…!
Ema: Huh…? But it’s really cute. It has two dolphins kissing with a silhouette of a heart!
Yusuke: K-Kissing…?! And a heart..?!
Ema: Yeah! I’m pretty sure that the blue one had a pair with a red one. So, would you prefer the red one?
Yusuke: Well yeah I’d prefer red. W-Wait that’s not the point here!
Yusuke: Don’t you agree something like that would be… embarrassing?!
Ema: Why would it be? Since we had such a great time together, I wanted some sort of souvenir as a sort of memory of our time here…
Yusuke: A memory…? Can’t we just come back here then?
Ema: What?! You’d come here with me again?!
Yusuke: H-Huh?! …Well, if you want to come back I don’t mind.
Ema: Thank you, Yusuke-kun!! I’ll set this aside until then.
Yusuke: Jeez, can’t you give up on that thing already?!
Ema: (I’m so happy I’ll be able to come back here with Yusuke-kun!)

Option 3:
Ema: (This aquarium really is huge…)
Yusuke: We’ve been walking quite a while.
Ema: Yeah, you’re right. How about I go get us a drink while we take a break?
Yusuke: Sure, thanks.
Ema: Okay, just wait a minute I won’t be long.
Ema: Sorry to keep you wait–Ahh!
Ema: (I can’t believe I just tripped….how embarrassing…)
Yusuke: Hey, are you okay?!
Ema: I-I’m sorry. And I went through the trouble of getting us these drinks too…
Yusuke: Don’t worry about that! I’m more worried about you. Are you hurt? You didn’t dirty your clothes did you? I wonder if I have a handkerchief with me…
Yusuke: Let me see…! Oh!! Here it is! Use this!
Ema: (The handkerchief Yusuke-kun handed to me… I wonder if he’s had it in there for a while? It’s all wrinkled…)

3A: Thank you
3B: He’s kind
3C: I’ll use my own handkerchief

3A: Thank you
Ema: Thank you. I hope you don’t mind.
Yusuke: It’s no problem, really.
Ema: Hehe. Thank you.
Yusuke: You didn’t get too much dirt on you, did you?
Ema: I think I’ll manage.
Yusuke: Well that’s good…its just that…
Yusuke: Your outfit was really c-cute today so… I-It’d be pretty bad if it got dirty.
Ema: (Did Yusuke-kun just say…I looked cute?!)
Ema: (Ah, what do I do? I’m really happy right now)
Ema: …Hehe.
Yusuke: W-Why are you laughing?

3B: He’s kind
Ema: That’s very kind of you. I’ll use it.
Yusuke: I-Its only natural for me to do something like this!!
Ema: Hehe, thank you.
Yusuke: It’s fine, you don’t have to thank me.
Yusuke: Anyway, are you sure just a handkerchief is fine?
Ema: Well, my clothes are a bit stained and its more dirty now, but I’m sure I can manage.
Yusuke: What? That’s not all right at all!
Ema: But…
Yusuke: Oh, I’m sure they sell some cheap clothes around here. We could go find some place in town. Although, maybe it’d just be best if we returned home.
Ema: There’s no way I can do that!
I don’t want our date together to be wasted…
Yusuke: D-Did you just say…d-date?!
Ema: So, if it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to stay here with you today.
Yusuke: L-Look we can’t…!
Yusuke: Nevermind, I get it! We’ll leave and go buy some clothes in town.
Ema: But that means…!
Yusuke; But, we can come back afterwords, okay?
Ema: …You don’t mind?
Yusuke: I don’t so let’s go! Once we get your clothes we can go and continue our…d-d-date…o-okay?!
Ema: …Okay!
Yusuke: Alright! Now that’s settled with, we need to hurry up and go so we can get back here with time to spare.
Ema: Yes, thank you Yusuke-kun!!
Ema: (Today I had a great day with Yusuke-kun!)

3C: I’ll use my own handkerchief
Ema: Oh, I have my own handkerchief so that’s okay.
Yusuke: I-I see…
Ema: Yep. Speaking of which, I should probably go wash the dirt off. I’ll go to the bathroom for a bit.
Yusuke: Sure, I understand.
Ema: (I quickly wash off the dirt so I can hurry back to Yusuke-kun)

After the date

Option 1:
Yusuke: Well, I guess we should be heading back.
Ema: You’re right. It’s already this late.
Yusuke: Yeah. I guess here is fine.
Ema: Hm…?
Yusuke: Sorry, see you later!
Ema: O-Oh, okay…
Ema: (It seems he left. I wanted to return together but I guess have no choice but to return by myself.)

Option 2:
Yusuke: Woah, its already this late?! Time really flies…
Ema: Yeah, I had a lot of fun. Thank you very much for accompanying me today.
Yusuke: You don’t have to thank me. I also had a lot of fun with you today…
Ema: Huh…?
Yusuke: I-It’s nothing! Come on let’s hurry back!
Ema: (Hehe, his ears are bright red. I’m glad we’re able to return together.)
Yusuke: …Then…
Ema: Hm…?
Yusuke: …I-I’ll walk you to your room.
Ema: Huh? You sure?
Yusuke: It’s fine… It’d be dangerous to let you go by yourself at this time of night.
Ema: …Thank you, Yusuke-kun.

Back in your room
Ema: (As awkward or clumsy he may be, Yusuke-kun is always a very kind person.)
Ema: I’m happy I was able to talk to Yusuke-kun a lot today! Yeah, I’ll definitely do my best this week too!

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