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Kamigami no Asobi: Miniature Garden

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Everything in the Miniature Garden is in English, except the Garden Menu (when you press triangle) and the Help Menu (when you press select).

Garden menu

Chibi Character
My House
X = close

Help menu.png

d-pad = move camera
square = follow character (camera moves with the character’s movements)
start = make objects transparent (in case a character is behind one)
L&R = zoom


Chibi Character

Chibi Characters are earned by getting s rank in any difficulty in the mythology quiz after the sports festival chapter of a character’s route. Naturally, Hades route will give you chibi Hades, Loki route will give you chibi Loki, etc.

My House

This is just the name for the houses you can earn by getting s rank in the mythology quiz before either the fate endings or love endings. Each type of ending has one color, but there are a total of four colors. You get the last two colors if you complete both love/fate versions of the chapter 3 quizzes on hard mode. You can see Loki’s candy house in these screenshots.


Objects are earned after the first or second chapters of a character’s route. Doing the mythology quiz on hard will give you two versions of the object: still and animated.


Seasons are earned by getting s rank after the club activities/student council chapters.


General music is always present. But you can unlock character-specific songs after finishing one of their endings.


Events are mini story things that get unlocked after you put the right things together in your garden. Go to the Extra Events List to see which items.

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