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Kamigami no Asobi: Extra Events List

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Event List

Each character has 5 events that you can unlock through the Miniature Garden.

First Event

The first event is relatively easy. Place the character along with 2 of its accessories and its respective house into the mini garden.

Second Event

Take your character, its house, one of its items and another item from the same mythology (but from another God).

Apollo’s Events

Third Event: Apollo’s house + lantern + table set
Fourth Event: Apollo’s house+ koi pond + cloud swing
Fifth Event: Loki’s house + orange tree + popcorn cart

Hades’ Events

Third Event: Hades’ house + rabbits + rocking horse
Fourth Event: Hades’ house + wagon + pine tree
Fifth Event: Balder’s house + rabbits + hammock

Tsukito’s Events

Third Event: Tsukito’s house + fountain + rocking horse
Fourth Event: Tsukito’s house + strawberries + wagon
Fifth Event: Anubis’ house + coffins + lantern

Takeru’s Events

Third Event: Takeru’s house + orange + table set
Fourth Event: Takeru’s house + lion + cloud swing
Fifth Event: Apollo’s house + camel + wagon

Balder’s Events

Third Event: Balder’s house + orange + rabbits
Fourth Event: Balder’s house + koi pond + lion
Fifth Event: Hades’ house + pine + camel

Loki’s Events

Third Event: Loki’s house + fountain + lantern
Fourth Event: Loki’s house + strawberry + pine
Fifth Event: Thoth’s house+ lion + hammock

Anubis’ Events

Third Event: Anubis’ house + orange + lantern
Fourth Event: Anubis’ house + lion + wagon
Fifth Event: Takeru’s house + rocking horse + coffins

Thoth’s Events

Third Event: Thoth’s house + fountain + table-set
Fourth Event: Thoth’s house + koi pond + cloud swing
Fifth Event: Tsukito’s house + popcorn cart + strawberries

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