Kamigami no Asobi Prologue
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Kamigami no Asobi: Prologue (English Translation)

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Yui: (Early spring.)
Yui: (I could see the cherry blossoms from beyond my curtains. The young buds hadn’t come into full bloom yet.)
Yui: (Even so, their pale color was so pretty that I found myself staring.)
Mom: Breakfast is ready!
Yui: Coming!!
Yui: (Hearing mom’s voice from the living room, I went down to the first floor.)

In the Living Room
Yui: (The living room was filled with wonderful smells.)
Yui: ‘Morning, Mom. I’m so hungry!
Yui: (On the table was white rice, miso soup, cooked fish… and today’s schedule.)
Yui: (I helped my mom bring in some food from the kitchen and took my seat at the table.)
Yui: (I heard the front door open, and Dad appeared in the living room.)
Yui: Ah! Dad, good morning!
Dad: Good morning, Yui. The winds yesterday were so strong. There are leaves everywhere! Ahh, my shoulders are stiff…
Yui: (And when he said that, he rolled his shoulders.)
Yui: (Since Dad is a priest, it’s his job to clean up the pathways in the shrine every morning.)
Dad: Today’s breakfast looks delicious.
Yui: (Sounding lively, he took his place at the table and turned on the TV.)
Yui: (The news program shown on the LCD screen was showing some incident in the city.)
Dad: As usual, they’re still trying to scare people.
Yui: (Frowning at the bad news, he picked up his chopsticks.)
Dad: Let’s eat!
Yui: (He took some food.)
Yui: Let’s eat!
Yui: (Following dad’s lead, I started to eat my breakfast.)
Manabu: …Good morning.
Yui: (My brother Manabu, a third year in college, had finished getting ready and sat down to eat.)
Yui: (Mom untied her apron.)
Mom: Jun! You’re late!
Yui: (She called him from the bottom of the stairs. I could hear the sound of scrambling footsteps.)
Yui: (My second brother Jun, a first year in college, practically rolled down the stairs into the living room.)
Jun: Shoot! My first period professor is really strict! I’m gonna dieeeee!!
Yui: (In one motion, he scooped up some rice in a bowl, and like a whirlwind flew through the living room and burst out the front door.)
Mom: Gee… He never changes!
Yui: (Slowly, a surprised look arose on Mom’s face.)
Yui; (It was just about 8 o’clock.)
Yui: (This is my… This is the Kusanagi family’s usual morning.)

Outside the house/shrine
Yui: I’m going to school now!
Manabu: …Me too.
Yui: (I left the house with Manabu.)
Yui: (Our house is actually a little shrine. All five of us live together next to the inner sanctuary where a god is said to live.)
Yui: (It’s an old house with two floors. One part of it is an office where we give out amulets and things.)
Manabu: …Yui, the shrine visit.
Yui: O-oh, yeah!
Yui: (After cleansing myself with shrine water, I faced the shrine with my brother.)
Yui: (The Kusanagi Shrine was built by our ancestors long ago, and has been handed down for many generations.)
Yui: (Because we have sacred swords at our shrine, it was decided that the Kusanagi family must study iai, so my brothers and I have been learning it since we were young.)
Yui: (We faced the god of the shrine and paid our respects.)
Yui: (We prayed, clapped twice, and prayed again.)
Yui: (Although I’m the daughter of a shrine family, I’ve never met a god in person. I guess I don’t have a sixth sense.)
Yui: (However, I do actually believe it – the fact that gods exist.)
Yui: (I don’t know what kind of people they are, but I’m sure they’re watching over us.)
Yui: (I’ve thought that since I was a child.)
Yui: …alright.
Yui: (Today’s respects completed.)
Yui: Manabu, let’s go!
Manabu: …yeah.
Yui: (We walked back down the path, passed through the gate, and left the shrine.)

At the school
Yui: (Right now, we’re partway through March.)
Yui: (The lonely cherry blossoms are following along, slowly trying to open up their buds.)
Yui: (Close to the shrine, there’s a bus stop, where a bus comes by every 30 minutes. There, I parted ways with Manabu and walked alone to school.)
Yui: (After a while, I was surrounded by other students from my school.)
Yui: (Everyone was wearing bright smiles and chatting excitedly.)
Yui: (It must be because spring break starts tomorrow.)
Yui: (The third years left just a few days ago after their graduation ceremony. Today is the completion ceremony for the remaining students.)
Yui: (Everyone arriving at school gathered in the gym, and the modest ceremony began.)
Yui: (Compared to the graduation ceremony, this one was very quiet, but my heart was still pounding.)
Principal: First of all, congratulations to everyone on your year completion.
Principal: I am very happy to see you all here today. You have worked hard to get here.
Principal: However, the road of life has not ended. The second years among you will be going into the last year of their high school lives.
Principal: The third year of high school is a big turning point in life. How will you pursue your dreams? I hope that you will find a way to turn them into a reality.
Principal: You only have one life to live. Learn, choose, and determine your path toward the future so that you may have no regrets.
Yui: (…That’s right. The opening ceremony will be held when the cherry blossoms fall, and my final year in high school will start.)
Yui: (I need to focus on the future. I need to choose my path.)
Yui: (But still, I can’t see myself in the future right now.)
Yui: Only one life to live, huh?

At the school
Akane:  Yui! Let’s walk home together!
Yui: (My friends from class invited me to go with them, so we left school together.)
Keiko: Since we ended early, let’s go somewhere! Like the bookstore or the library…
Akane: Wow… Keiko…Why do you still want to study during spring break?
Akane: You gotta have some fun! Let’s go to that karaoke place by the station!
Yui: You sure are energetic.
Akane: Duh, it’s spring break already!
Akane: What about you? Are you not feeling well?
Yui: I’m…
Yui: (There was something tugging at my chest.)
Yui: I, uh, realized some things after the principal’s speech… I’m not sure if I can decide everything within one year.
Keiko: You’re not going to succeed your family’s shrine? I mean, you’ve been learning iai since you were little, and it looks like you’ve been getting ready for it…

Iai =A sword art involving the motion of drawing a katana from its sheath in order to kill an opponent. Its oldest forms are said to be from the Sengoku Period (1467-1573). Today, it is practiced as a style of performance art, rather than its original intention of cutting down one’s opponent. (in the world of Kamigami no Asobi: The Kusanagi Shrine venerates the sword and it has been a longheld custom for the members of the family to practice iai).

Yui: It’s just because I have to do it… I’m sure one of my brothers will succeed the shrine.
Yui: (Like Manabu, or Jun.)
Akane: Well, what about you?
Akane: You’ve been spending your life seriously working on it, not even taking the time to fall in love! It’d be a waste if you didn’t be the successor!
Yui: Well, that’s true… I was always doing iai and nothing else.
Yui: (But I think succeeding the shrine is a whole different problem.)
Yui: (I’ve always found iai fun and got really absorbed in it.)
Yui: (I was doing it throughout both middle and high school.)
Yui: (Club activities looked fun, of course, but they didn’t really catch my interest as much.)
Yui: (I didn’t even think about love.)
Yui: Love…
Yui: (I know that everyone dreams about it, and they like to read manga about falling in love, and things like that…)
Yui: (I never thought about myself doing it.)
Yui: (Isn’t love something that everyone should know? ……Those are my honest feelings.)
Yui: (Since I haven’t experienced it myself, I just can’t imagine it.)
Akane: I’m gonna date as much as I can in our last year! I’m thinking of approaching that one hottie in class B!!
Akane: Don’t slack off next year either!
Yui: (Seeing the glint in Akane’s eyes, I thought that maybe dating wasn’t such a bad thing…)
Yui: You’re telling me not to slack off, but there’s no one to date.
Keiko: We have exams coming up too. We have to start working now if we want to get into our first choice schools!
Yui: (Love, dating, studying for exams… At least these two have a plan for next year.)
Yui: (Knowing that, I felt impatient. As I thought about iai, I felt the distance between us widen.)
Yui: (…What is iai to me?)
Yui: (Of course, I know that I do it because our shrine has sacred swords.)
Yui: (Since I became aware of all this, the things I find familiar are just things I took in without really thinking about it.)
Yui: (But they’re not truly necessary. At least, they aren’t if I’m not succeeding the shrine.)
Yui: (Through iai, has a path finally appeared?)
Yui: (If I can, I want to search for that path. I don’t want the things I’ve learned until now to go to waste.)
Akane: Yui, over here!
Yui: (Akane’s voice brought me back with a jolt, and I realized my feet had stopped moving.)
Yui: Ah… wait.
Yui: (I felt a little conflicted. I lowered my head.)
Yui: Sorry!
Yui: I just remembered something I need to do! I’m gonna go straight home from here.
Akane: What?! Why?
Yui: I’m really sorry.
Keiko: No, it’s okay. Have a safe trip home. Let’s meet up sometime else during spring break.
Yui: Yeah! I’ll definitely make time for you both!
Yui: Thanks. See you later!
Yui: (I left the road that leads to the station, and instead headed back home.)

In the Living Room
Yui: I… I’m home–!
Mom: Oh, welcome back. …Why are you out of breath?
Yui: Lend me the storehouse key.
Mom: What happened all of a sudden? It’s in that drawer over there.
Yui: I have something I need to do! I’ll be back soon!
Yui: (I took the key from the drawer in the phone stand, then flew out the front door.)

Outside the house/shrine
Yui: (Behind our house is a small, weathered storehouse.)
Yui: (It was built when my ancestors were alive, and has stood for centuries.)
Yui: (It’s frequently ventilated, but sometimes you cough a lot because it’s an old building, and in that case it’s difficult to enter.)
Yui: (But today, I wanted to know why my ancestors began the tradition of iai. I wanted to understand the connection between our family and iai.)
Yui: (So I decided to open this door.)
Yui: (To find the path I should follow.)
Yui: (I opened the huge lock with the key, and pulled open the heavy iron door. I stepped inside the dusty room.)
Yui: Ugh…
Yui: It’ll definitely be hard to stay in here. But…
Yui: (As I walked, the dust rose as if dancing. It sparkled in the sunlight.)
Yui: (I saw this illusive sight and thought of the old tales of the Kusanagi Shrine.)
Yui: (It’s a story hundreds of years old.)
Yui: (There was a man who was sentenced to death after accidentally killing his older brother in a minor incident.)
Yui: (However, this man’s life could be saved by the sword passed down in this family for generations.)
Yui: …Hm? Did we have a box like this?
Yui: (There was a box of a size I’d never seen before, sitting inside the storehouse.)
Yui: (Interested, I walked over to it.)
Yui: (It was long and thin. This shape is probably…)
Yui: A sword?
Yui: (The sword kept in the inner sanctuary was kept in a box like this.)
Yui: (It’s a curious shape, not one you’d see in everyday life.)
Yui: I wonder if there’s actually a sword in here.
Yui: (I got interested in the contents of the box.)

Choose: Try opening it (no extra text)
Choose: Try lifting it
Choose: Try tapping it

Choose: Try lifting it
Yui: (Out of curiosity, I tried lifting the box.)
Yui: (…It’s heavy.)
Yui: (It was a profound heaviness. It was definite proof that its contents were important.)

Choose: Try tapping it
Yui: (Like knocking on a door, I tried tapping on the box.)
Yui: (A dull sound came in response.)
Yui: There’s definitely something in there.

Yui: (I reached out and lifted up the lid.)
Yui: (There were several pieces of cloth piled upon each other.)
Yui: (Then, a double-edged blade appeared before my eyes.)
Yui: (Unlike a katana, it was sharpened on both sides, like a sword used in Western countries.)
Yui: (I heard from Dad once that this kind of sword was common in Japan before the invention of the katana.)
Yui: (On its side were inscribed three characters: 天叢雲)
It means celestial cloud.
Yui: Ten… kumo…?
Yui: (I didn’t know how they were pronounced.)
Yui: (Is this the name of the sword? Or is this the name of the person who made it?)
Yui: (As I grappled for the meanings of these characters, I traced the engraving with my finger.)
Yui: (It felt pleasantly cool to the touch. It made me feel mysteriously calm.)
Yui: (However…)
Yui: …It’s warm?
Yui: (Why would a sword start heating up all of a sudden? It was the kind of gentle warmth one would feel from petting an animal.)
Yui: What happened? Is something wrong with my fingers?
Yui: (I picked up the sword and touched it in another place. …There was heat everywhere I touched.)
Yui: …What? It’s… beating?
Yui: (Thump, thump… It was beating like a heart. There was a mysterious pulsing sensation against my palm.)
Yui: Wh—what?!
Yui: (I tried to let go of the sword, but I couldn’t move. It felt like I was paralyzed.)
Yui: (The beating quickened, and…)
???: Help me!
Yui: (I could hear a faint voice.)
???: Help! Someone, somewhere!
Yui: (Several voices overlapped, pleading.)
Yui: Who is it? Who’s there?
Yui: What is it? What happened…!
Yui: (Then, a dazzling light emitted from the sword.)
Yui: Ah!!
Yui: (The light was as bright as a camera flash, and without thinking I closed my eyes.)

Yui: (…………………………..It’s quiet.)
Yui: (The pulsing sensation I felt had completely subsided.)
Yui: (I couldn’t even sense the light beyond my eyelids.)
Yui: (I couldn’t even hear the faint voices anymore. I listened closely to my surroundings, but I couldn’t tell if anyone is there.)
Yui: (What exactly was that strange experience I had just now?)
Yui: (While I still felt suspicious, I felt calmer after listening to my surroundings, so I opened my eyes.)

In the Throne Room
Yui: Wha…
Yui: (I was speechless at the unexpected sight.)
Yui: Where is… this?
Yui: (Maybe there was something wrong with my vision after seeing that light, and I might have been hallucinating.)
Yui: (I rubbed my eyes, and then rubbed again several times.)
Yui: (But, no matter how hard I tried, the illusion in front of me failed to disappear.)
Yui: (I wasn’t in that musty old storehouse, but a Western style room.)
Yui: (A carpet spread beneath my feet. On an elegant shelf by the wall were many antique things, like an hourglass and balancing scales.)
Yui: (I gently stroked the carpet. It felt so real, I couldn’t think of it as a dream.)
Yui: (So, is this reality?)
???: …………….
Yui: …!
Yui: Wh—Who’s there? If you’re there, answer me!
Yui: (I felt a piercingly strong presence. Frightened, I turned my gaze to them.)
Yui: (Standing there was a small blond boy.
Yui: (He was wearing an outrageously extravagant outfit, and in his hand was a staff taller than himself.)
Yui: (His face, more than showing purity, had an expression of intelligence.)
Yui: Who… are you?
Yui: (His voice was high-pitched, which only added to the bizarre feeling surrounding him.)
Zeus: My name is Zeus. I am the heavenly ruler of Greek legend.

In Greek mythology, he is the god who rules over the skies. He uses lightning as a weapon. He is the father of Apollon and Dionysus, as well as the younger brother of Hades. In legend, he transforms into many things, including a swan and a bull, to toy with other gods and humans.

Yui: …!
Yui: Z-Zeus?
Yui: (The Zeus of Greek legend. I have heard that name many times.)
Yui: (I don’t know a lot about mythology, but Zeus is known throughout the world, a god used for themes and motifs in various things.)
Yui: (But, this boy is… He’s very different from the images I’ve seen.)
Yui: (Is it possible for Zeus to look so small and childish?)
Yui: (If it was a prank, this one would be really elaborate. What is this…?)
Zeus: Hoh… Do you doubt me, human?
Yui: …!
Yui: (He seemed to have seen right through me. My heart almost jumped out of my chest.)
Yui: I am… um…
Yui: This is the first time I’ve met a god… And I really, um, can’t tell if you’re the real thing…
Yui: (Even though I had called him a god, I felt no traces of reality.)
Zeuz: Certainly, it might be difficult to believe. That is reasonable enough.
Zeus: Now, let me show you something interesting. …Ha!
Yui: Ugh…!
Yui: (A brilliant light emitted from the boy, and everything became completely white.)
Yui: (In the dazzling light, I closed my eyes.)

Yui: …
Yui: (I felt the light die down. Frightened, I cautiously opened my eyes. When I did…)

In the Throne Room
Yui: (There was a middle-aged man standing there. He had an overwhelmingly solemn aura.)
Yui: …!
Yui: (He looked down at me with a sharp gaze, and before I noticed, I began to shiver.)
Yui: (It was definitely not terror.)
Yui: (It was an intimidation that I had never felt before. I even felt a sort of nervousness.)
Yui: (These feelings shook my mind and body. I felt like I would drop the sword I was still clutching in my hands.)
Yui: (My eyes widened unintentionally, and goosebumps appeared all over my body.)
Yui: (No matter what I thought to say, my mouth wouldn’t move.)
Yui: (Men can be intimidating sometimes, but not enough to make other people cower.)
Yui: (And yet, I was cowering before him. He had that unique kind of presence.)
Yui: (What is this…? I’d never felt this kind of aura before.)
Yui: (I immediately knew that it wasn’t something a human could have.)
Zeus: …How is it? This is my true form.
Yui: (His voice and his clothing were different, but he had also lost the childish atmosphere that the boy had.)
Zeus: Changing my form is a simple task. I had only transformed into that child so you wouldn’t be frightened.
Yui: (He truly is… a god…)
Yui: (Against all common sense, I instinctively understood.)
Yui: (He is a real god.)
Yui: (This is reality.)
Yui: Lord… Zeus.
Yui: (Terrified, I breathed out my words.)
Yui: Were you the one who… called me here?
Yui: (When I asked, countless questions filled my head.)
Yui: (They were all things for which I had no answer.)
Yui: (Where is this? How did I come here? What does a Greek god want with me?)
Zeus: Do not speak, and do not think. I will tell you everything necessary.
Yui: (Those were eyes that saw everything.)
Yui: (I nodded and swallowed my words.)
Zeus: Kusanagi Yui.
Zeus: The reason I have called you to this miniature garden I have created is to have you participate in our plans.

Miniature Garden (in the world of Kamigami no Asobi) = A space created by Zeus. Many gods from many different mythological traditions were selected and invited to learn about humans and love. It is mainly an institution for learning, but Zeus can change anything at his discretion. As long as one stays in the miniature garden, no matter how much time has passed, one will never grow old.

Zeus: …In a place where gods go to learn, the “Academy of the Gods”.
Zeus: Greece, Japan, the Nordic lands, Egypt… Once every few centuries, representatives from each tradition gather to meet in the interest of preserving world peace.
Zeus: Many questions are raised, and as the result of a lengthy discussion…
Zeus: It was foreseen that, due to the lamentably weak links between the world of the gods and that of humans, there will be a problem in the near future.
Yui: A problem…?
Zeus: They are matters of a dimension humans cannot fully understand. Anyway, we must take steps to strengthen ties, so we have decided to enlist your help.
Zeus: However, the problem has progressed to the point that the modern gods cannot come to a resolution.
Zeus: As such, we have summoned those gods who have shown in the past to have problems with the ideas of “humans” and “love”, and have made plans to educate them.
Zeus: What are humans? What is love?
Zeus: We must make them understand in order to improve the present conditions.
Zeus: In imitation of humans, we have made a place of learning, a place where gods may receive education as students.
Zeus: In addition, in order to promote understanding of humans, we have decided that a human representative is necessary.
Zeus: That human is none other than you, Kusanagi Yui.
Yui: Representative? Me…?
Yui: I-I couldn’t possibly do something like that!
Yui: (After talking about something so far from reality, I couldn’t believe I would be burdened with such an important role, something like a “representative”.)
Zeus: There is no need to feel uneasy. You are the human chosen by Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi.
Yui: Ama-no… Murakumo-no-Tsurugi?
Yui: (Zeus’s gaze fell to my hands. He was looking at the sword I had found stowed away in the storehouse.)
Yui: This sword is… Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi?
Zeus: You are the only human who can look after that sword.
Yui: Um… but…
Yui: I just found this…I didn’t know what kind of sword it was.
Zeus: There is no problem. If you use it, you will know better than I can explain.
Zeus: Show it to me.
Yui: (Just as I was told, I presented Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi to Zeus.)
Yui: (He touched it with his fingertip…)
Yui: (The profound heaviness of it disappeared, and the sword became small enough to fit in my palm.)
Yui: (The long object I had carried with both arms was suddenly the size of a pendant.)
Zeus: It is a sword that will influence your fate. Carry it with you.
Yui: Th-thank you very much.
Yui: (Even as I expressed my gratitude, I still felt confused.)
Yui: (I was being tossed about in the flow of the situation. I had no time to sort out my feelings.)
Zeus: I have given you one year in the Garden. Until then, guide all nine students to graduation.
Zeus: If you carry out your task cleanly, I will send you back to your world.
Yui: I can’t return home at all for a whole year?
Zeus: Those are meaningless concerns. No matter how long you spend here, the power of Kronos, the Lord of Time, can bring you back to the very instant you arrived.
Zeus: As long as you are in contact with the air in the Garden, you will not grow old. In other words, once you have completed your task, you may return to the beginning.
Zeus: There is nothing to worry about. Focus on guiding the gods to graduation.
Yui: Graduating… gods…? But, how do I do that?
Yui: (I want to get out of this weird situation. Thinking that, I continued the conversation.)
Zeus: The students have “limiters” placed on them. When their understanding of humans and of love has been recognized, the restraints will remove themselves.
Zeus: That will be the behavioral standard. I have prepared an instructor here for that. As for you, you will look after these students and their concerns.
Yui: (Who would have guessed that gods and desks would be mentioned together?)
Yui: (Even though it was just explained to me, it hadn’t sunk in. I couldn’t even imagine it.)
Yui: (It’s not like I don’t believe in the existence of gods, but gods studying at school? This must be a mistake. It would be a weird sight.)
Zeus: The limiters contain some of my power, and they restrain divine abilities.
Zeus: At least during school activities, the chances of any recklessness breaking out are low. Naturally, there might be an exception.
Yui: Recklessness?
Zeus: Gods are existences that surpass human knowledge. To keep them within the limits of humans is difficult. Be not conceited. At best, take care.
Yui: Y-Yes.
Yui: (I nodded, wondering how I should take care.)
Zeus: …Very well. The gods chosen to be students have already arrived. Make your preparations, as you will be coming into contact with them.
Zeus: First, we must hold an entrance ceremony.  Is that not the rule for academic institutions? I feel I have read that in a book somewhere.
Yui: Ah… Yes.
Yui: (As I confirmed this for Zeus, my chest hurt from nervousness.)
Yui: (Learning alongside gods as a representative of humans… it’s too surreal.)
Yui: (But, at the same time, I felt a feeling of anticipation: 
the anticipation that something new was going to happen.)
Yui: (I found the Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi because I wanted to know more about iai. I also met the Greek god Zeus.)
Yui: (I felt like my path was opening up before me…)
Zeus: Lastly, I shall grant you divine protection. To you, who must face the tides of fate, I bestow the help of the three goddesses of the Moirai.

Zeus: Can you see it? That is the thread of your destiny.
Zeus: When you are standing at an important turning point, the Moirai will warn you of it, and show you your choices.
Zeus: When you see the thread of fate, it is the time to choose your path. After that, your fate will change drastically.
Zeus: As your first trial, you will choose one path from those that appear before you.
Yui: Okay.
Yui: (Bewildered by the mysterious feeling of a new experience, I felt anxious with nervousness, thinking that this will be the first turning point of my school life here.)
Yui: (Of the two paths I was shown, I chose…)

Thread Of Fate

Choose: Go to the classroom (Meet Apollon, Baldr and Tsukuyomi)
Choose Take a look around campus (Meet Hades, Loki and Susanoo, the other 3 later as well)

The dialogue for both choices is the same for now, it will split later on. You will meet Thoth no matter which choice you make.

Zeus: It seems your destiny has been decided.
Zeus: I will call a guide to take you to your room. Make your preparations there and return to the school building.
Zeus: …Thoth, you may enter.
Yui: (A door behind me opened, and a man entered, his expression nonchalant.)
Thoth: You’re late. I got tired of waiting.
Thoth: So the chosen human is that girl?
Yui: (The man looked at me with a challenging gaze, as if he was evaluating me from head to toes.)
Yui: Um… you are?
Zeus: He is Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom. He has been appointed as an instructor at this school.
Zeus: He is a man knowledgeable on all aspects of this world: gods, humans, there is nothing he does not understand. If you have a question, rely on him.
Zeus: It was also he who researched your language for us. He is truly a powerful deity.
Yui: (It was apparently due to his work, that I was able to communicate my thoughts freely.)
Zeus: However, if you look at him, he is…
Thoth: Zeus, we don’t need unnecessary information.
Yui: (With his sharp gaze and commanding stature, he had an intensity different from Zeus.)
Zeus: He is quite the frightening man. …I will leave the rest to you.
Thoth: Sure. Now calm down and shut your mouth.
Thoth: Come with me, woman. I’ll take you to your room.
Yui: (With a flutter of his blue cape, he set off at a brisk pace.)
Yui: (There was no hesitation in those movements.)
Yui: (His elegant and polished mannerisms signaled his own superiority.)
Yui: Yes… I’ll leave it to you.
Yui: (Though I still didn’t really understand the situation, I followed Thoth and left the room)

In the School Hallway
Yui: (As the hallways came into view, the fact that this place was a school gradually became reality.)
Yui: (However, it had some aspects that were different from schools in the human world.)
Yui: (In a long hallway, there were several rooms. From the windows, I could see that we were inside a garden, the flowers and grass blooming wildly.)
Yui: (It was completely different from the place I’d come from… Perhaps it would be more correct to say that it was like some castle in Europe.)
Yui: (Above the door of the room I had just left was a sign with the words “Headmaster’s Office” written on it.)
Yui: (Zeus, a god of Greek myth, was the god responsible for this school.)
Thoth: You.
Yui: (Thoth stopped walking and called out to me.)
Yui: Y-Yes!
Yui: (Having been suddenly talked to, I felt my nervousness show in my trembling voice.)
Thoth: Don’t jump at every little thing, you annoying pest.  I’ll only say this once.
Thoth: Right up these stairs is your classroom. Your class is class A. Don’t forget.

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Choose: Go to the classroom

Yui: (After finishing his curt explanation, Thoth started walking again.)

Yui: (From the first floor entrance hall, we went outside.)
Yui: (There was no ledge to take off your shoes in this school.)
Yui: (It seemed like you could move around without having to change them.)
Yui: (Everything looked like some sort of foreign style.)
Yui: (The school grounds were surrounded by a brick wall.)
Yui: (The only exit was a gate far beyond the campus, 
and beyond that gate I could see lush grassy plains. Farther down the hallway was an auditorium, and next to that were the student dormitories.)
Yui: (However, as much as I tried to take in everything on my first trip, I felt that the school grounds were way too big.)

In the Dorm Hallway
Yui: (Our footsteps echoed in an empty hallway.)
Thoth: There’s a cafeteria in the dorm.
Yui: (Thoth spoke without warning.)
Thoth: Meals are only served in the morning and evening. Students have special privileges to freely pick whatever they want. Eh, it’s not especially good or anything.
Thoth: …And, this is your room.
Yui: This is… my room… My…
Yui: (On the door of the room Thoth pointed out was a sign with “Kusanagi Yui” written on it.)
Yui: (Without a doubt, this was the room assigned to me.)
Thoth: Don’t repeat words over and over. It’s tiring. …If you understand, then get in the room. There’s a uniform prepared for you in there, so put it on.
Yui: U-Um! I have something to…!
Yui: (After going around the school, it finally sunk in that I was in a place I truly didn’t know. I felt extremely uneasy.)
Thoth: I’m not answering questions right now. I’m showing you around. Once you’ve changed into your uniform, start your duties immediately.
Yui: (Thoth opened the door and shoved me into the room.)
Yui: Ah!

In Yui’s Room
Thoth: I will be in the library. If you need something, let me know. For now, goodbye.
Yui: (He closed the door, and his footsteps faded out of earshot.)
Yui: “If you need something, let me know”?  He didn’t even listen to my question just now.
Yui: (It’s a common saying that there are eight million gods in Japan, but there really are all kinds of gods out there.)
Yui: When I heard a god was going to be my teacher, I thought they’d be nicer than this…
Yui: (As I thought about the contradictions in Thoth’s words, my eyes fell to the uniform laid out in front of me.)
Yui: (I won’t always be so confused. It might be scary, and I might feel unsafe, but I have no choice but to continue.)
Yui: (That’s the only thing I can do right now.)
Yui: …I should hurry to the classroom.
Yui: (I quickly undressed and changed into the uniform that was on the table.)
Yui: (I also picked up the bag and the student handbook that came with it.)
Yui: (The handbook was thin and had only a few pages.)
Yui: (Written inside were the bare essentials for student life- when the school day begins, when classes end, 
and extracurricular activities.)
Yui: (Divine abilities are prohibited during class and extracurricular hours.)
Yui: (Uniforms must be worn at all times.)
Yui: (…Things like that were written in there. I skimmed through the handbook, and then left my room for the school building.)

In the School Hallway
Yui: (As Thoth had told me, I went up to the second floor and looked for my classroom.)
Yui: Class A… Class A is…
???: Hey, milady! Young lady over there!
Yui: (Milady…?)
Yui: (Fearing it was myself they were referring to, I turned toward the voice.)
???: Could you be the little human rep I heard about? Am I wrong? Oh, maybe I’m wrong…
Yui: Oh, that’s me. I’m Kusanagi Yui. …And you are?
Apollon: I’m Apollon! I’m a Greek god. Pleased to make your acquaintance!
Yui: (He gently placed a hand on his chest and bowed in greeting.)
Yui: (With his every movement, his golden hair caught the light and sparkled.)
Yui: (He was like a prince from a fairy tale.)
Yui: (My gaze was completely stolen. I’d never seen a person like this before.)
Apollon: I’m so surprised to meet a human girl in a place like this. I am seriously surprised.
Yui: (Saying this, he quickly approached me and peered at my face.)
Yui: U-Um… Excuse me. The distance… I mean… You’re really close…
Yui: (I had intended to just say it normally, but I was so nervous, my voice didn’t come out well.)
Apollon: At first when I was called here to study, I thought there’d only be gods around here.
Yui: (My voice got smaller and smaller and didn’t seem to reach him. He only got closer to my face.)
Yui: (I’ve never been this close to a boy, not even the ones in my family.)
Apollon: Hm? Hm? What’s wrong? I wanna see your face some more!
Yui: (Apollon examined every part of my face, looking at it from every angle with a deep interest.)
Yui: (His green eyes caught the light and shined beautifully.)
Yui: (They were brilliant, as if light was shining from within him.)
Yui: (Without thinking, I squinted. If someone told me this person was a god, I would probably believe them. He was really charming.)
Apollon: What’s wrong? Why are you making that face? …Oh, I got it! This is bad. I forgot my greeting kiss!
Yui: (When he said this, Apollon put his hands on my shoulders, and leaned in even closer.)
Yui: Y-You– …You’re too close!!
Apollon: Uwah!!
Yui: (Before I even spoke, I’d shoved him away.)
???: Is someone here?
Yui: (When I thought I heard a voice from a nearby classroom, another god appeared before me…)
???: Uwaghh!! Guh!
Yui: Are you okay?!
Yui: (I heard a crashing and someone falling.)
Yui: (I tried to approach the voice, but Apollon moved much more quickly, and he thrust out a hand to the god who had fallen as if he had done it many times already.)
Apollon: No need to worry. Really, don’t worry. Baru-Baru falls down so often you’d be surprised. Are you okay? Baru-Baru?
Yui: (Taking Apollon’s hand, the god called Baru-Baru stood up.)
???: Ouch… Thank you, Apollon.
Yui: (There was a soft air about him. He seemed like a very kind person.)
???: I’m sorry, I probably scared you. My body is a little weak, and like he said, I fall pretty often.
Yui: (I felt this when I looked at Apollon, but this person also shined with a brilliant light.)
Yui: (In my entire life, I’d never seen people who looked so different from normal humans.)
Yui: (Just from looking at these two, 
I could easily be persuaded of their status as gods.)
???: Are you also a goddess from somewhere?
Apollon: I heard she’s a human, like actually a human. That’s right, right? Milady?
Yui: Uh… yes.
Yui: (…I was thinking this before, but does he have a habit of saying things twice?)
Yui: (As I was thinking about this, I turned to the other god in front of me.)
Yui: I am Kusanagi Yui.
Baldr: I am the Norse god Baldr. I’m the god of light.
Yui: (It was a name I’d never heard before, but I knew from his gentle disposition that he wasn’t a bad person.)
Yui: (He shines because he’s the god of light… His mannerisms and expressions were captivating.)
Baldr: There’s one more student in the classroom. You should say hello to him too.
Yui: Only… one?
Yui: I heard there were more students, but…
Apollon: Not everyone has an interest in humans, not to mention love.
Apollon: Of course, there are gods who are exceptions to that. Like me!!
Yui: (He brought his palm to his chest with a thump and smiled a confident, friendly smile.)
Yui: (What’s got him so excited…? He was beyond cheerful.)
Yui: (That was probably something unique to him.)
Apollon: Okay, come to classroom! I’ll introduce you to a wonderful, wonderful god!
Yui: Wha—Wait!
Yui: (Apollon grabbed my hand. His had the same warmth as a human’s.)
Yui: (Because he’d grabbed my hand so suddenly, I felt surprised, and I could feel my pulse quickening.)
Yui: (It was a mysterious feeling, like all my nerves were concentrated in my fingers.)
Yui: (I didn’t even know myself why my heart was beating so fast.)
Yui: (Dragged by Apollon, I stepped into the classroom for Class A.)

In the Classroom
Apollon: Tsuki-Tsuki–! I brought us a new classmate. Make sure you politely, politely introduce yourself!
Yui: (He dropped my hand and ran over to a god sitting in a chair, pulled the god into standing, and brought him in front of me.)
Yui: (Baru-Baru, to Tsuki-Tsuki… His naming sense is easy to understand.)
Tsukuyomi: …I am Tsukuyomi.
Yui: (His introduction was simple. His mannerisms and his overall atmosphere were different from the other gods.)
Yui: (Also, I think I’ve heard the name “Tsukuyomi” before.)
Yui: Are you perhaps a Japanese god?
Tsukuuyomi: Yes, that’s right.
Yui: Of course! I thought so.
Tsukuyomi: …
Yui: (…Huh?)
Yui: I’m also Japanese.
Tsukuyomi: …
Yui: …
Yui: (This conversation wasn’t going anywhere.)
Apollon: Tsuki-Tsuki’s just quiet, really quiet. We’ve been talking to him all day since this morning, but he’s still like this.
Baldr: I’ve heard that Japanese gods are very reserved, but it looks like it’s actually true… Even so, having no response at all is amazing.
Yui: …Is it just you three in this classroom?
Yui: (There were ten desks set up in the room, but I didn’t see any more than three people in here.)
Baldr: Oh, as of right now, there are other Norse gods here, but they don’t plan on going along with all of this.
Yui: Besides you all, who else is here?
Apollon: From the Greek gods, my uncle Hades. Also Dionysus.
Baldr: Loki and Thor are also supposed to be here.
Tsukuyomi: Susanoo.
Yui: I see. So there are five students left.
Yui: (As I said this I felt uncomfortable.)
Yui: (…There aren’t enough students. Zeus said there are nine students besides myself.)
Yui: (Also, there are ten desks in this classroom.)
Yui: (There’s still one more. Or am I mistaken?)
Yui: (Anyway…)
Yui: Let’s go find the other gods.
Baldr: That wouldn’t do any good. Loki definitely won’t come.
Yui: What?
Baldr: As I said before, they have no intention of going along with all this. So we have no choice but to do things with just us.
Yui: But…I can’t go back home if I don’t lead everyone to graduation.
Yui: (I want to get out of this weird situation and go back to my world as soon as I can.)
Yui: (I don’t have friends or family here. My heart was filled with uneasiness.)
Apollon: No need to worry. But even if I say that, you’ll probably still worry! We’ll be good and cooperate, okay?
Baldr: Let’s try to persuade them gradually. There isn’t anything that exists that doesn’t change.
Tsukuyomi: …
Yui: (Tsukuyomi remained expressionless, but he nodded in assent.)
Yui: …Yes. Thank you very much.
Yui: (Filled with gratitude, I bowed my head to them.)
Yui: (They were all caught up in this series of events too.)
Yui: (There was certainly difference between gods and humans, but I felt somehow closer to them after realizing we were in the same situation.)
Baldr: The headmaster has directed us to start the entrance ceremony, but what exactly do we do? Could you perhaps teach us?
Yui: Of course!

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Choose: Take a look around campus

Yui: (He finished his curt explanation. It was then. I saw a flash of someone moving beside me.)
Yui: What?!
Yui: (I thought we were the only ones in the hallway. When did he…?)
Yui: (Even though he was so close to me, I hadn’t felt his presence at all.)
???: …
Yui: (That person turned around for a moment.)
Yui: (The eyes peeking out from under his wavy bangs 
were deep red like a garnet.)
Yui: (He looked at me with a dark expression.)
Yui: Um, nice to meet you. I am…
Yui: (Feeling like I should say something, I hurriedly pieced together some words.)
???: A pitiable human.
Yui: (Surprised at those unexpected words, I completely forgot what I was going to say.)
???: To be caught up in that man’s vulgar sport… How pitiable.
Yui: (Under his sharp, piercing gaze, I closed my eyes without thinking.)
Yui: (It felt like my heart had been seized in an iron grip.)
Yui: (When I fearfully opened my eyes again, he had already gone around the corner and left.)
Yui: I-Is that person a student too?
Yui: (My heartbeat refused to slow down. I had felt something close to fear.)
Thoth: Oh, right. He is Hades, Lord of the Underworld. He is a god of Greek myth.
Yui: Lord of… the Underworld…
Yui: (I whispered this, and gulped.)
Yui: (That aura I felt earlier was the fear of the underworld…)
Yui: He seemed a little upset…
Yui: (His expression was full of pain, as if I was looking at the despair of countless people…)
Yui: (And, it seemed to be linked with another, more complicated emotion.)
Thoth: Of course. Not all of the gods have agreed to these plans.
Thoth: Hades especially has hated Zeus from the very beginning… He must be spewing venom.
Yui: Why…?
Yui: (Thoth did not answer, and instead began walking again.)

At the Sport Field
Yui: (From the first floor entrance hall, we went outside.)
Yui: (There was no ledge to take off your shoes in this school.)
Yui: (It seemed like you could move around without having to change them.)
Yui: (Everything looked like some sort of foreign style.)
Yui: (The school grounds were surrounded by a brick wall. The only exit was a gate far beyond the campus, and beyond that gate I could see lush grassy plains.)
Yui: (Farther down the hallway was an auditorium, and next to that were the student dormitories.)
Yui: (However, as much as I tried to take in everything on my first trip, I felt that the school grounds were way too big.)

In the Dorm Hallway
Yui: (Our footsteps echoed in an empty hallway.)
Thoth: There’s a cafeteria in the dorm.
Yui: (Thoth spoke without warning.)
Thoth: Meals are only served in the morning and evening. Students have special privileges to freely pick whatever they want. Eh, it’s not especially good or anything.
Thoth: …And, this is your room.
Yui: This is… my room… My…
Yui: (On the door of the room Thoth pointed out was a sign with “Kusanagi Yui” written on it.)
Yui: (Without a doubt, this was the room assigned to me.)
Thoth: Don’t repeat words over and over. It’s tiring. …If you understand, then get in the room. There’s a uniform prepared for you in there, so put it on.
Yui: U-Um! I have something to…!
Yui: (After going around the school, it finally sunk in that I was in a place I truly didn’t know. I felt extremely uneasy.)
Thoth: I’m not answering questions right now. I’m showing you around. Once you’ve changed into your uniform, my duty is fulfilled.
Yui: (Thoth opened the door and shoved me into the room.)
Yui: Ah!

In Yui’s Room
Thoth: I will be in the library. If you need something, let me know. For now, goodbye.
Yui: (He closed the door, and his footsteps faded out of earshot.)
Yui: “If you need something, let me know”? He didn’t even listen to my question just now.
Yui: (It’s a common saying that there are eight million gods in Japan, but there really are all kinds of gods out there.)
Yui: When I heard a god was going to be my teacher, I thought they’d be nicer than this…
Yui: (As I thought about the contradictions in Thoth’s words, my eyes fell to the uniform laid out in front of me.)
Yui: (I won’t always be so confused. It might be scary, and I might feel unsafe, but I have no choice but to continue.)
Yui: (That’s the only thing I can do right now.)
Yui: …I should hurry to the classroom.
Yui: (I quickly undressed and changed into the uniform that was on the table.)
Yui: (I also picked up the bag and the student handbook that came with it.)
Yui: (The handbook was thin and had only a few pages.)
Yui: (Written inside were the bare essentials for student life – when the school day begins, when classes end, and extracurricular activities.)
Yui: (Divine abilities are prohibited during class and extracurricular hours.)
Yui: (Uniforms must be worn at all times. 
…Things like that were written in there.)
Yui: (I skimmed through the handbook, then left my room for the school building.)

At the Sports Field
Yui: (I walked back through the areas Thoth showed me, this time alone.)
Yui: (The school was as deserted as always, almost no signs of any…)
???: Ahh! I’ve discovered a new student!☆
Yui: (I heard a sudden voice, and my gaze snapped over to them.)
???: Well, well, helloooo! Where’d you come from?
Yui: (A god I’d never seen before called out to me in a lighthearted voice.)
Yui: Uh…. I’m from Japan, I’m…
???: Hm-hm, I see!
Yui: (As if suddenly understanding something, he nodded his head up and down.)
???: And your name is…?
Yui: Kusanagi. Kusanagi Yui. And you are?
Loki: I’m Loki! I’m a Norse god, of course. Nice meetin’ ya♪
Yui: N-Nice to meet you…
Yui: (He speaks strangely for a god.)
Loki: Oh, oh! So, you wanna see something good?
Yui: (Ignoring my bewilderment, the god named Loki skipped around me in circles.)
Yui: Something good? Ah… well…
Loki: Let’s go, then!
Yui: (Confused, I had no idea how to answer him. Interpreting that as a yes, Loki took my hand and pulled me lightly in his direction.)
Yui: What? Where are we going?
Yui: (There was no reply. Holding on to my hand, Loki then dragged me with all his strength.)
Yui: Wah!
Yui: (Losing to his energy, I ran along with him.)
Yui: I couldn’t resist his hold on me. I looked at our joined hands and his back.)
Yui: (Feeling a very strong, boyish strength pulling on my hand, I noticed my heart beat a little faster.)
Yui: (Loki’s long red hair fluttered behind him. I looked like flames were flickering before my eyes.)

In the Courtyard
Loki: We’re heeeere–!
Yui: (We were in a courtyard behind the school building.)
Yui: (The area was surrounded by curbstone and covered in a grassy lawn, and there were flowers and small trees growing everywhere.)
Yui: (Someone was lying sprawled on the ground.)
Yui: That’s…
Loki: Susa…ono? Or something?
Yui: Susaono…?
Yui: (When I heard those four syllables, it dawned on me.)
Yui: Do you mean… Susanoo?
Yui: (I’d heard that name before. He was a Japanese god who had slain a monster and received a sword from it.)
Loki: Yeah, that. Su-tan, Su-tan…
Loki: That’s that short funny god over there, right? You look kinda interesting too! But you never know!☆
Yui: What are you doing…?
Loki: You’ll know soo-n. I’ll do it perfect just for you.☆
Yui: (Loki smiled innocently and crept closer to the sleeping Susanoo.)
Yui: (He had a clothespin, a cattail, and a permanent marker firmly grasped in his hand.)
Yui: (What is he trying to–!)
Yui: (And the smile on his face… It seemed like he was going to do whatever it was very thoroughly.)
Yui: (I stepped out to try to stop him. It was at that moment.)
Susanoo: Who the hell are you?
Yui: (Loki’s target had woken up.)
Yui: (He was brimming with anger, and the air in the courtyard froze in an instant.)
Yui: (His eyes were sharp. He seemed almost frighteningly bloodthirsty.)
Yui: (He got up with surprising energy 
and turned to glare at Loki with a furious expression.)
Susanoo: Hey, you wanna go…? Huh?! The hell are you looking at?!
Yui: (They were so close it looked like they’d bump into each other.  An explosive tension hung in the air.)
Loki: Oh, me-? Who wouldn’t look at you when you’re all spread out in that funny position like that?
Yui: (Laughing carelessly, Loki rolled the marker around in his hand.)
Yui: (His attitude seemed to annoy Susanoo more and more.)
Susanoo: Hey! What’s that? You gonna do something to me with that? Huh?
Yui: (He glared at Loki menacingly.)
Loki: If I said I was, would I still do it? If I said I wasn’t, would I not?
Yui: (Pursing his lips, Loki spoke in a sing-song voice. He was clearly challenging Susanoo.)
Loki: I was just thinking of making your dumb boring face a little more exciting, you know?☆
Susanoo: Bastard! You tryin’ to make me look stupid? Like hell you are!
Yui: (Susanoo forcefully grabbed Loki’s collar and lifted him up into the air.)
Yui: (It looked like Susanoo was at a disadvantage, but he had a strength surpassing his height.)
Yui: P-Please stop!
Loki: No moreee! I’m gonna get maaad!♪ Okay you two, laters–! I’ll be looking around some more!
Yui: (Loki nimbly escaped from Susanoo’s grip, and, laughing, turned on his heel and left.)
Yui: (…He seemed to vanish into thin air.)
Yui: (I was completely taken aback at Loki’s quick escape.)
Yui: (Susanoo seemed to feel the same. Without even hiding his surprise, he stared at the hand he had just lifted Loki with.)
Susanoo: What is he… He’s not normal.
Yui: (He just let the words come out of his mouth. But then, he suddenly turned his gaze to me.)
Susanoo: Hey, woman… who are you? You’re not a friend of that guy, are you?
Yui: No, I’m human and…
Yui: (At that, Susanoo’s expression twisted.)
Susanoo: So you’re just a weak little weed.
Yui: (“A weed”…)
Susanoo: Not interested… Get out of my sight.
Yui: (Susanoo said this and flopped back down on the lawn.)
Yui: …Um, are you going to class?
Susanoo: Shut up and don’t talk to me.
Yui: But—
Susanoo: I told you to shut the hell up! Are you deaf?!
Yui: (He wouldn’t even look at me. He definitely didn’t seem to want to interact with me.)
Yui: …Excuse me.
Yui: (To avoid inciting his anger further, I said my apologies and left the courtyard.)
Yui: (I had only intended to take a look around the school, but nothing good seemed to come out of it.)
Yui: (I’ll stop walking around and just go to the classroom.)
Yui: (When I thought about living together with these gods, my head started to hurt.)
Yui: (All the gods I’ve met today seem really difficult.)

In the Classroom
Yui: (As Thoth had directed me, I went up to the second floor to Class A.)
Yui: (And, inside were waiting… only three students.)
???: Oh, you’re… Are you a student too? I’m surprised; you’re so lovely!
Yui: (One of the students stood up from his desk, which had been turned so he could chat with someone else.)
Yui: (His eyes sparkled with interest, and he strode up to me. He walked with such force that I thought he was going to run into me.)
Yui: (However, he stopped abruptly with a stamp of his heels, right in front of me.)
Apollon: Hello, Milady. I’m the Greek god Apollon. It’s nice to meet you…
Yui: (Like a prince from a fairy tale, he placed his hand lightly on his chest and bowed in greeting.)
Yui: N-Nice to meet you…
Yui: (Thrown off by his rather surreal greeting, I introduced myself while nervously looking around.)
Yui: I came from the human world. My name is Kusanagi Yui.
Apollon: Is that so? I heard rumors about you, but I had no idea you’d be so pretty!
???: Could I introduce myself too? The others and I are very interested in other people.
Yui: (The god who spoke smoothly rose from his seat, and his hair, the color of milk tea, waved and glimmered.)
Yui: (His elegant beauty was breathtaking.)
Baldr: My name is Baldr. I’m the Norse god of light.
Yui: (He tilted his head and smiled kindly. He was definitely different from Apollon.)
Baldr: It’s nice to meet you.
Yui: (He held out his hand for a handshake. His fingers were long and dainty and his skin milky white.)
Yui: It’s very nice to meet you too.
Yui: (I grasped the hand he’d held out so naturally and shook it.)
Yui: (Normally I would feel nervous in this kind of situation, but he looked so warm and nice that I felt much calmer.)
Apollon: Tsuki-Tsuki, come here! Come over here. Introduce yourself and make some friends! Come on, hurry! Come on!
???: …Understood.
Yui: (The god who’d been sitting this whole time stood up and slowly came over.)
Yui: (From his polished mannerisms and appearance, I could tell that he was a Japanese god.)
Tsukuyomi: …I am Tsukuyomi.
Yui: (It was a very simple introduction.)
Apollon: You’re the first person, seriously the first person who’s come in here since we have!
Apollon: It was really boring in here. But thanks to you, we could get a little closer.
Yui: So there’s really no one else here…
Yui: (I thought it was really unfortunate but not unexpected, considering some of the gods I’d just met.)
Yui: (The three gods in here right now clearly had different attitudes about humans.)
Yui: (Loki had seemed like that at first, but he was somehow different.)
Apollon: Not everyone has agreed to this. It’s only been three hours since we got here. Only three hours.
Yui: Maybe they’ll come after some time… If I don’t help you all graduate, I can’t go back home.
Apollon: We’ll definitely work it out, definitely! So let’s just carry out our duties.
Tsukuyomi: We’ve received directions to have an entrance ceremony. However, we can’t do anything since we don’t really know what it is.
Yui: I see.
Yui: Then I’ll teach you about it.
Yui: There aren’t enough people here yet, but let’s hope we can gather everyone.
Yui: (I had no choice then but to stand by and do nothing about the other students.)
Yui: (I needed to act if I wanted to go back to my own world.)
Yui: (I bravely made this decision and looked at the empty desks.)
Yui: (…In total, there were ten of them. Including me, there were four students in the room. I met three people on the way here, too.)
Yui: (It seemed like there were more people I still hadn’t met.)
Yui: (There was a long road ahead of me, but I decided to take things one at a time.)
Yui: (With that in mind, I made my first move.)


Yui: (I had my three classmates sit down, and I stood in front of the blackboard.)
Yui: As you could probably tell, the instructor usually stands up here, but for the purpose of explaining, I’ll be standing here instead.
Yui: (Everyone was looking straight at me. I felt nervous.)
Yui: (I’d never taught anyone like this before or taken up any kind of leadership role, so I was probably feeling excessively nervous.)
Yui: Um…  So…
Yui: (How should I explain the entrance ceremony?)

Choose: Writhe the ceremony plans on the board (Baldr)
Choose: Act it out (Apollon)
Choose: Just explain it orally (Tsukuyomi)

Choose: Writhe the ceremony plans on the board
Yui: (I picked up some white chalk and wrote down some key points.)

  1. Every student’s full name is announced
  2. Ceremonial address from the headmaster
  3. The new student rep reads our pledge

Yui: (There’s no school song or anything, so I just left it at that.)
Baldr: Do we get to talk with everyone at this entrance ceremony? I love a good conversation.
Yui: Uh, well…It’s not really that relaxed an event. It’s more like… very solemn.
Yui: (I felt a little uncomfortable. I thought he’d understood the gist of it, but it sounded like he didn’t.)
Baldr: …Ah!!
Yui: Huh…?! Wh-What’s wrong?
Yui: (After suddenly letting out a loud noise, Balder stood up and approached the blackboard.)
Baldr: Wahh!!
Yui: (Tripping over the leg of a desk, he fell toward my feet as if collapsing.)
Yui: Are… Are you okay?
Baldr: Never mind that. Your hand… there’s chalk dust on it. You’ll get it all over your face and clothes.
Yui: (He took out a handkerchief and gently cleaned my fingers one by one.)
Yui: (…I was really happy, but I felt like the both of us would’ve been better off if he hadn’t done anything.)
Yui: (But I couldn’t say that to him.)

Choose: Act it out
Yui: (I decided to explain the entrance ceremony by acting it out.)
Yui: First, a teacher calls out the full name of each student, and when a student’s name is called, they respond.
Yui: “Kusanagi Yui.”
Yui: “Yes!” …Like that.
Yui: And then the headmaster does something called a ceremonial address…
Yui: (I mimed giving the address.)
Yui: And finally, the new student rep reads out our pledge. It’s basically like this…
Yui: (Pledge! I acted it out.)
Yui: …yeah.
Apollon: I think I can really, really imagine what this entrance ceremony is like. Is it okay to sing during the pledge?
Yui: (Apollon said this and smiled.)
Yui: Well, not really… I’ve never heard of something like that.
Apollon: Eh, really? I think it’d be more fun if the rep sang. It should at least be a little flashier…
Yui: (He probably wanted to liven up the ceremony somehow. I felt pretty happy at that.)
Yui: (He then proceeded to make one unique suggestion after another, but it didn’t seem like we could use any of them.)

Choose: Just explain it orally
Yui: So, in the ceremony, a teacher calls out the full names of every student. Each student called out responds to show that they’re aware of their status as a new student.
Yui: Then, the headmaster gives something called a ceremonial address as an opening, so you sit there and listen quietly.
Yui: When that’s over, it’s the students’ turn. We decide on one representative, and they read out our pledge.
Yui: The pledge is about things we promise to do as students. The ones at entrance ceremonies are usually about our determination to work hard in our school lives.
Yui: The flow is something like that.
Yui: (I recalled the events of the ceremony and talked about them.)
Yui: (I looked around to check if anyone didn’t understand…)
Yui: (…and Tsukuyomi, who hadn’t shown much interest up to this point, was writing in a notebook with an incredible speed. I didn’t know where it came from.)
Yui: Tsu-Tsukuyomi-san! You don’t have to write down every …
Tsukuyomi: Tsu. Tsukuyomi-san… You don’t… have to… write down every…
Yui: (Repeating it to himself, he even wrote down the words I’d just said.)
Yui: (Was he doing this the whole time?)
Yui: (I glanced at the notebook, and every single one of my words, along with everyone else’s responses, 
were written down verbatim.)
Yui: (…Let’s try not to say anything useless, then. I bore that in mind.)

Yui: …My explanation was simple, but that’s basically how it goes.
Yui: (I left a lot of things out. I thought it was a pretty disjointed explanation.)
Apollon: Wonderfuuuuul! That was sooooo wonderful! You explained it so well!
Yui: Thank you very much. I’m very happy you think so.
Baldr: The entrance ceremony is being held in the auditorium, right? Should we go take a look?
Tsukuyomi: Yes. Let’s make sure it will be perfect.
Yui: (Armed with new knowledge, the gods and I left the classroom and headed toward the auditorium next to the school building.)
Yui: (The uneasiness I felt earlier had subsided.)
Yui: (They’d understood my explanation, and they even sympathized with me.)
Yui: (Even that was a huge step.)
Yui: (…This might work out, I thought, looking at the backs of the three gods.)

In the Auditorium
Yui: (The auditorium was empty, just like the school building. The air inside was stagnant.)
Yui: (We opened all the windows to get the air circulating, and fresh oxygen flowed into the room.)
Apollon: So, what do we do? I’d like to leave it up to you, our human specialist!
Yui: First we’ll clean this place up, then we’ll set up the chairs leaning against that wall over there.
Yui: Not all of the new students are here yet, but for now, let’s set up ten chairs, one for each desk in the classroom.
Yui: We’ll be sitting in them in order by name.
Baldr: Order by… name? What does that mean?
Yui: Oh, sorry. Um… I guess…
Yui: (I first explained explain kana order to them…)
Yui: (Then I told them about how in Japan we line up
by the first syllable of the last name.)
Tsukuyomi: I’ve understood your explanation. However, there is one issue.
Yui: What is it?
Tsukuyomi: Gods do not have last names.
Tsukuyomi: I am simply Tsukuyomi. I don’t have anything like your “Kusanagi”.
Yui: Now that you mention it… I’ve certainly never heard of a god having something like a last name.
Apollon: That’s no problem, no problem at all. If you just give us last names, then it’ll be fine. Right?
Yui: Are you serious? That sounds ridiculous…
Apollon: Humans know a lot about humans, right? I can’t think of anyone else who could do it.
Apollon: I want a last name like you. A name you lovingly made just for me… I feel like I could work hard if I had something like that.
Baldr: I agree with the last name idea. Could I ask you for one? Since we all agree.
Yui: (I saw Tsukuyomi nod in assent.)
Yui: Alright. If everyone says so, then I will.
Yui: I’ll let you know what they are before the entrance ceremony, okay?
Baldr: While you do that, we’ll set everything up. We just need to clean it and line up the chairs, right?
Yui: There’s one more thing. Could we decide on a student representative?
Yui: I’ll be writing up the pledge, so we need someone to read it.
Baldr: Our representative, hm?
Yui: (Baldr muttered to himself and looked at the other two gods.)
Yui: (Tsukuyomi diverted his eyes, though he looked interested. Apollon was making his eyes sparkle more than usual.)
Apollon: I’ll do it, I’ll do it! I’m good at that kind of thing. Leave it to me!
Tsukuyomi: I have some reservations about that… but there are no other candidates. Let’s have him do it.
Apollon: Wow–! Tsuki-Tsuki, that was mean!
Yui: (Apollon puffed out his cheeks and got adorably angry.)
Yui: …Alright then, Apollon-san. I’ll leave it to you.
Yui: I’ll prepare your script. I’m going to check in on you all every so often, so if anything’s unclear, you can ask me then.
Baldr: Thank you… Kusanagi… san.
Baldr: Hey, can I call you by your first name? “Kusanagi” is a little hard for me to pronounce.
Yui: Of course. Please call me by whatever is easiest.
Apollon: Whatever’s easiest, huh? Then I’ll just call you Fairy-san! Hey, Fairy-san!
Yui: F-fairy-san?!
Yui: Why would you want to call me that?! It’s embarrassing, stop it!
Yui: (I didn’t think he’d pick something so outrageous. In my surprise, I refused more strongly than I intended.)
Apollon: Why…? You’re kind of mysterious like a fairy. Also you’re cute, really cute!
Yui: Wha–!
Yui: (I felt my cheeks warm up. How could he just say all these things randomly?)
Yui: Um… Well…
Yui: (I saw the hopeful sparkle in Apollon’s eyes. He had such a childishly genuine look on his face, I finally…)
Yui: …Thank you very much.
Yui: (…said my thanks.)
Yui: (As if satisfied with my answer, Apollon nodded his head.)
Apollon: What’s Tsuki-Tsuki going to do?
Tsukuyomi: Kusanagi Yui.
Apollon: You can call her Fairy-san too, you know?
Tsukuyomi: She’s not a fairy, she’s a human. I don’t want to call her by something she’s not.
Apollon: You’re so serious. Though I guess that’s part of your charm!
Apollon: Okay, okay, Fairy-san. I’ll be waiting for your script. And my new name, too!
Yui: I’ll do my best to meet your expectations. Alright, I’ll see you all later.
Yui: (I left to the auditorium to look for some materials.)

In the School Hallway
Yui: (If anyone knows something that can help me decide on some names, it’s probably Thoth. I headed toward the library.)
Yui: Where is the end…
Yui: (Referencing the map from the student handbook, I walked around.)
Yui: (It was then.)
Yui: (I heard a sudden noise.)
Yui: Who’s there?
Yui: (I heard it again. Trying to find its source, I opened a nearby door.)

In the Infirmary
Yui: (It was there that I found the nurse’s office.)
Yui: (But there was no one there.)
Yui: (I looked around carefully, but there really was no one inside.)
Yui: Did I just imagine it?

In the School Hallway
Yui: (I said this to myself and quietly left the room.)

In the Library
Yui: Excuse me.
Thoth: …
Yui: (Thoth didn’t even acknowledge my presence. He seemed to be absorbed in a book.)
Yui: I have something I want to ask you, Thoth-san.
Thoth: ….Lord.
Yui: Lord?
Thoth: Call me Lord Thoth. I won’t allow anything else.
Yui: …I have something I want to ask you, Lord Thoth.
Thoth: What is it? Tell me.
Yui: It’s about the students here.
Yui: I want to give them last names like humans have. If possible, could you perhaps tell me some things about them?
Yui: …About all of them. All nine of the gods in my class.
Thoth: …There are eight. Including you, there are nine.
Yui: But, that can’t… There were ten desks in the classroom.
Thoth: The number of desks and the number of students don’t have to match. You are simply jumping to conclusions. How foolish.
Yui: But, Lord Thoth…
Thoth: Did you come here to complain? Don’t waste my time.
Yui: Please excuse me. I’ll return to my question.
Yui: Could you possibly tell me more about those eight gods?
Thoth: The Greek gods Apollon, Hades, and Dionysus…
Thoth: The Norse gods Baldr, Loki, and Thor… And the Japanese gods Tsukuyomi and Susanoo, yes?
Yui: (At Thoth’s words, I nodded.)
Yui: Also, I have one more thing I’d like to ask…

Yui: (Everybody was working toward the entrance ceremony, and time passed in the blink of an eye.)
Yui: (When the blue sky turned a deep madder red, all the preparations were complete.)

At the Auditorium
Thoth: And now, we will begin the entrance ceremony.
Yui: (When Thoth, who had become the announcer at my request, spoke, his solemn voice echoed through the auditorium.)
Yui: (I asked him several times, and he finally agreed on the condition that I prepare a spotless script for him.)
Yui: (He told me so many times not to act like a spoiled child in front of a teacher…)
Yui: (Nine chairs were lined up in the freshly cleaned auditorium, and only four students were seated in them.)
Yui: (That wasn’t even half the students in this school. It was a very quiet ceremony.)
Thoth: I will now list the names of the new students.
Thoth: Aidoneus… Hades Aidoneus.
Yui: (Hades, Lord of the Underworld.)
Yui: (Aidoneus means “invisible one”, and it is also the name of Hades’s helmet of invisibility.)
Thoth: Agana Belea… Apollon Agana Belea.
Apollon: He—re!
Yui: (Apollon, god of the sun.)
Yui: (Agana Belea is the name of Apollon’s beloved golden bow.)
Thoth: Kusanagi Yui.
Yui: Here!
Thoth: Thyrsos… Dionysus Thyrsos.
Yui: (The Greek god of wine and theater.)
Yui: (Thyrsos is the name of the staff Dionysus carries.)
Thoth: Totsuka…Totsuka Takeru.
Yui: (The Japanese god Susanoo, ruler of the seas.)
Yui: (Totsuka is something I got from Susanoo’s double-edged blade, Totsuka-no-Tsurugi.)
Yui: (Takeru is based on the “Take” from Susanoo’s full name, Takehaya-Susanoo-no-Mikoto.)
Thoth: Totsuka… Totsuka Tsukito.
Tsukito: …Here.
Yui: (The Japanese god Tsukuyomi. He rules Yoru-no-Osukuni, The Night Land of Food.)
Yui: (He is also the older brother of Totsuka Takeru.)
Thoth: Hringhorni… Baldr Hringhorni.
Baldr: Here!
Yui: (Baldr, the Norse god of light and son of the main god, Odin.)
Yui: (Hringhorni is the name of his boat.)
Thoth: Megingjord… Thor Megingjord.
Yui: (Thor, the Norse god of thunder and agriculture.)
Yui: (Megingjord is the name of Thor’s magic belt.)
Yui: (It can amplify the power of anyone who uses it.)
Thoth: Laevatein…Loki Laevatein.
Yui: (Loki, Norse god of fire. A troublemaker who enjoys pranks, even on other gods.)
Yui: (At the same time, his hands are skillful and he is quick-witted.)
Yui: (Laevatein is the name of Loki’s sword, which is coated in flames.)
Thoth: …The names of all nine students have been announced.
Yui: (To our teacher, Thoth, I gave the name Thoth Caduceus, after his staff, also named Caduceus.)
Yui: (To Zeus, I gave the name Zeus Keraunos, after his lightning bolt weapon.)
Thoth: Next, the ceremonial address from the headmaster.
Yui: (At those words, Zeus stepped up to the podium.)
Zeus: …An address. You have gathered here at this school with the purpose of strengthening the connection between our heavenly domain and the human world.
Zeus: You may not be aware of this, but your actions can change the future. Live out your school life while being aware of your individual situations.
Zeus: …The stiff greetings end here. Let us look toward a healthy graduation, with not a single student left behind!
Zeus: That will be all from me.
Thoth: …Student representative, the pledge.
Apollon: Yes.
Yui: (Apollon went up to the podium and faced Zeus, the headmaster.)
Yui: (For some reason, they looked at each other sternly.)
Apollon: The pledge!
Apollon: On this day, we students have accepted our entrance in the academy. I’m still surprised at how sudden it was. I’m truly, truly surprised!
Yui: Um, Apollon-san…
Yui: (In addition to the words on the script, Apollon added in his own thoughts.)
Yui: (Terrified, I could do nothing but watch as Zeus frowned at the speech.)
Apollon: But, this must be some kind of fate! Not as a god, but as a human, I hope to learn about humans and their history, culture, and love!
Yui: (
With the words “this must be some kind of fate”, Apollon tried to cover up his last remark, but this one was somehow worse.)
Yui: (However, hearing him speak in such understandable terms, I felt motivated to make an effort.)
Apollon: For our wonderful comrades and teachers… In accordance with the goals of this academy, we pledge to lead every one of the nine students to graduation.
Yui: (As if checking our reactions, Apollon turned around and looked at our faces.)
Yui: (The gods I had only just met… I was truly going to start my school life together with these gods, all troublemakers for various reasons.)
Yui: (It was a reality I still couldn’t really accept as I hadn’t finished sorting out my feelings. But with Apollon’s words, it was starting to sink in.)
Apollon: New student rep, Apollon Agana Belea……Okay! Everyone, let’s do our best–!
Yui: (With that, his speech ended.)
Yui: (We looked at each other and laughed as his final words, which he had yelled.)
Thoth: …And now, the entrance ceremony is complete.
Yui: (Thoth offered some concluding words, and the curtains were drawn on our entrance ceremony.)

Yui: (And, it marked the beginning of our as yet unexplored school life.)

In Yui’s Room
Yui: (After cleaning up the auditorium, I returned to my room.)
Yui: (From now on until graduation, this is my home.)
Yui: For now, I’m glad the entrance ceremony went well… So many things happened today…
Yui: (I thought about my first task, which, though imperfect, I completed.)
Yui: (But the real thing starts tomorrow. I can’t let myself relax this much.)
Yui: (I’m working with gods, not humans; things beyond my imagination could happen.)
Yui: (Even so, somewhere in my heart, I felt the anticipation of starting something new.)
Yui: (Though in this dreamlike situation, I can’t just rush into things.)
Yui: (I thought of Apollon’s words, “this must be some kind of fate.”)
Yui: Then let’s just get to know each other first! Once that’s done, I can rest a little.
Yui: (Thinking this, I went over to my bathroom.)
Yui: (The word “housing complex” suits this place better than “dorm”.)
Yui: (There’s a bath, a toilet, and even a washing machine inside the room… Almost everything you’d need for daily life is in here.)
Yui: (I opened the door to the bath, and turned on the shower head.)
Yui: Hm?
Yui: (…Nothing happened.)
Yui: (I turned it on again and again, but nothing came out.)
Yui: Is it broken? This is bad… What do I do?
Yui: (No matter how hard I tried, the result was the same… What should I do at a time like this?)

Choose: Try a little longer
Choose: Ask someone for help
Choose: Respectfully give up

Choose: Try a little longer
Yui: Maybe if I just keep going at it, the problem will solve itself.
Yui: (I challenged it once more.)
Yui: Come out, come out!
Yui: Take that!!
Yui: (…It was useless.)

Choose: Ask someone for help
Yui: If I can’t fix it myself, I should get someone to help.
Yui: (I headed over to school.)

Yui: If I go to the library, then…
Yui: …!
Yui: (I went all the way to the entrance hall, but found that it was already locked.)
Yui: (I couldn’t get into the library from here.)
Yui: …I’m going back.
Yui: (I turned 180 degrees and quietly returned to my room.)

Choose: Respectfully give up
Yui: Nothing’s going to happen no matter how hard I resist. Let’s stop for today.

Yui: (I lay down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling.)
Yui: (Wherever I looked, touched, sat… It was all uncomfortably unfamiliar.)
Yui: (A miniature garden created by the Greek god Zeus…)
Yui: (I have to spend a whole year with the gods studying here. I wondered if I could do it.)
Yui: (I wasn’t even used to this bed, because I slept every night in a futon.)
Yui: (The path ahead of me was still unclear.)
Yui: (Without any prospects for the future, I fell into a deep sleep.)

In the Throne Room
Yui: (The next morning, I was called to the headmaster’s office.)
Zeus: I thank you for your hard work yesterday.
Yui: (Today, he was in his child form.)
Yui: (I wonder if he changed his appearance as a reminder of last time.)
Yui: (Though I was still bewildered at his two completely different forms, I told myself I needed to get used to it.)
Zeus: Today, you will begin classes. I have entrusted that to Thoth.
Zeus: If you have an idea or comment, tell him of it. Do you understand?
Yui: I understand.
Zeus: As for issues beyond classes, you may come here and ask me.
Yui: (Zeus narrowed his eyes. At the end of his gaze, was me.)
Zeus: You seem to have a few already. Go ahead, ask.
Yui: (Besides classes, I want to ask…..)

You get to choose every question, the order doesn’t matter. I translated them in order, but if you choose another order, at the end he’ll just ask if you have more questions until you asked all three.

Choose: There’s a problem in my room
Choose: I don’t think there are enough students
Choose: What about the students who were absent?

Choose: There’s a problem in my room
Yui: There are a few things in my room that don’t work. Could you fix them?
Zeus: Hm…
Yui: (Zeus brought a hand to his chin and thought for a while.)
Zeus: I will prepare someone to look after you. If anything is unclear, ask them. I will also have them fix your technical issues.
Yui: Thank you very much.
Zeus: Is there anything else you would like to ask?
Yui: (Anything else…)

Choose: I don’t think there are enough students
Yui: In comparison to the size of the school building, I don’t think there are enough students.
Yui: Real schools have more students, and I was thinking that maybe you increased the number of people, it would be a better taste of human culture…
Zeus: There are no other gods to be called to this school. However, it is possible to prepare something other than gods.
Yui: Something other than gods?
Yui: (Zeus clapped his hands in response.)
Zeus: …Just now, I have created a number of students to suit this school.
Yui: In that one moment…?
Zeus: They appear as humans but have no souls. They are more appropriately dolls.
Zeus: They will live in the same dorm as you all, and will behave as students in the school building. They will take classes from teachers who are also dolls.
Zeus: If they are still too few, I will increase their numbers. …Is that all you wish to ask?
Yui: (Anything else…)

Choose: What about the students who were absent?
Yui: There are some students who’ve been absent. What should we do about them?
Zeus: Do something. Moving them along their school lives is your job.
Yui: I want to try my hardest, but I’m worried that it won’t go well.
Zeus: I will lend you my power if you run out of options. However, you alone must first take action.
Yui: I understand.

Yui: …I have no more questions.
Zeus: Then, I shall request something from you.
Zeus: There are things called student council and club activities that are important elements for school organization, are there not?
Yui: Yes. Those aren’t the only two things, but…
Zeus: Carry out one of these activities. It will be a good opportunity for the gods to learn.
Yui: Um…  Are there only two choices? I think there’s a lot more that…
Zeus: I have speculated that these two things will be simple and easy to understand. So, choose one.
Yui: Uh… But…
Yui: (It seemed like a really haphazard way to decide things. Not to mention he only seemed to know random and obscure things about humans…)
Zeus: What is it, Kusanagi? Would you rather I choose?
Yui: (He was grinning as if picking a fight. He seemed to be anticipating my answer.)
Yui: I-I understand! I will choose myself!
Yui: (Just as I had made my decision to choose…)

Thread Of Fate

You can only choose student council right now

Choose: Student council (1 Brave needed)
Choose: Club activities (2 Brave needed)

Yui: This is…!
Zeus: So you have seen it once more. The turning point of your destiny.
Zeus: It is a choice you may not take back. Choose seriously.
Yui: I want to make a choice, but why can I only choose student council?
Yui: What is this supposed to mean?
Zeus: It seems you lack bravery and experience.
Zeus: The reason you cannot choose club activities is because you have narrowed your possibilities through your words and actions.
Zeus: However, if you happen to do something that widens your options, and you build up experience…
Zeus: Your available choices will increase.
Zeus: This time, I will grant you a special chance. You should choose the path you prefer.

Zeus gives you +1 Brave. You can check your current amount of Brave by pressing triangle to go to the game menu.

Zeus: From now on, you must pay attention to your own actions. Do not forget that they may change your destiny.
Yui: Using the chance he gave me, I carefully chose my path.)
Yui: (The path I choose is…)

Thread Of Fate

Choose: Student council >>
New Chapter: Student Council
Apollon, Balder, Tsukito (Tsukuyomi)

Choose: Club activities >>
New Chapter: Club Activities
Hades, Loki, Takeru (Susanoo)

Kamigami no Asobi Save Screen

Do you want to save?
Yes – No

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