Kitty Love ~Ways To Look For Love~, Otome Games

Kitty Love ~Ways To Look For Love~ Walkthrough: Takuma Suguri’s Main Route

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Most of the answers can lead you to the good ending, to get the other ending you’ll have to choose the one answer at the end.

Episode 1

Choice 1:

Let him carry (Happy Ending)
Follow him (Happy Ending)
Be surprised and scratch (Happy Ending)

Episode 2

No choices

Episode 3

Choice 2:

I think I am (Happy Ending)
I’m alright (Happy Ending)
I don’t have a cold (Happy Ending)

Episode 4

Choice 3:

Put nose to his cheek (Happy Ending)
Look at him (Happy Ending)
Cry from the ground Happy Ending)

Choice 4:

Cry happily (Happy Ending)
Look at Takuma (Happy Ending)
Can’t reply (Happy Ending)

Episode 5

Choice 5:

Maybe I am (Happy Ending)
Probably your imagination (Happy Ending)
I don’t think so (Happy Ending)

Episode 6

Choice 6:

I was thinking…… (Happy Ending)
I couldn’t sleep…… (Happy Ending)
Nothing (Happy Ending)

Episode 7

Choice 7:

Yes, please! (Happy Ending)
It’s alright! (Happy Ending)
It’s impossible! (Happy Ending)

Episode 8

Choice 8:

Someone I can respect (Happy Ending)
It’s a secret (Happy Ending)
I won’t tell you (Normal Ending)

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