Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match Tsukishima Kei: Mini Event 1 (English Translation)

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Shouyou Hinata: “Bokuto-san’s spikes are really amazing! That super inner spike and stuff is so cool!”
Asahi Azumane: “Yeah…… I want to try hitting that, too.”
Shouyou Hinata: “Alright, I’m going to practice so that I can hit that kind of spike!”
Shouyou Hinata: “Hey, let’s go practice spiking now! You should come with us, too!”
MC: “Yeah, okay! Let’s do it!”
Kei Tsukishima: “Oh~? Is it okay for you to not practice blocking~?”
MC: “Oh, Tsukishima-kun…… ”
Kei Tsukishima: “Hinata’s a middle blocker, after all. A middle blocker who can only attack is just laughable.”
Shouyou Hinata: “I- I know that! I won’t lose to you when it comes to blocking, either!”
MC: “There, there. Calm down, Hinata. You too, Tsukishima-kun, you don’t have to say it like that……”
Kei Tsukishima: “…… I wasn’t really? I was only speaking the truth?”
Kei Tsukishima: “Oh, but maybe you should do something about that small stature first.”
Kei Tsukishima: “If you can get to two meters, with your jumping power, you’d become a considerable blocking force.”
MC: “A two meter Hinata’s blocks…… Wouldn’t his stomach go above the net……”
Kei Tsukishima: “Do you think you can grow 40 centimeters by October?”
Shouyou Hinata: “As if I could!! Why do you only ever say such sarcastic things!”
MC: “H- Hinata, calm down! You too, Tsukishima-kun, that’s enough……!”
Asahi Azumane: “Hey, hey, no fighting……! Daichi’s going to get mad again……!”
MC: “They really don’t get along, huh……”

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