Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match
Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match: Main Story Day 4 Before Exploration (English Translation)

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MC: ” Yes! Nobody else is here yet!”
MC: (When I check my watch, it’s exactly 3:00 AM. I’m the first one here!)
MC: “…… Huh? It’s locked.”
MC: (The school gate is locked. It looks like it won’t open without a key.)
MC: “I don’t have a key. Now that I think about it, if I’m the first one here, I won’t be able to get in, huh……”
MC: (I wonder if someone will open it for me? Well whatever, I’ll practice here until everyone comes!)
MC: (I’ve always practiced in the corner of the gym, so as long as I have a ball I can practice anywhere!)
MC: “I’ll do some toss practice.”
MC: “Hup! Hup! Hup!”
MC: “Oh, is someone coming? Hm? A flashlight?”
Security Guard: “Hey! Who’s there!?”
MC: “Waaah, the security guard!?”


MC: “Pant, pant, pant…… Wait, I ran away without thinking.”
MC: “I wonder if I should have explained the situation and gotten him to open the gate? Then again, I’m a student from a different school.”
MC: “Anyway, I’ll practice here until someone comes.”
MC: “Hup! Hup! Hup!”
MC: “Oh, crap, it’s a car.”
MC: “Huh?”
Keishin Ukai: “I can’t believe you really came before 3:00……”
MC: “Oh, Coach Ukai. I came to practice in the morning, but the gate wasn’t open.”
Keishin Ukai: “There’s no way the school would be open at 3:00, right? Use your head a bit!”
MC: “Whaat, really!?”
MC: ” But I’m glad you’re here, Coach Ukai. Can you open up the school for me?”
Keishin Ukai: “At this time? Like hell I can!”
MC: “Whaaaaat, no waay…… Damn, where should I practice?”
Keishin Ukai: “Are you planning on practicing outside? You really don’t think of anything but volleyball.”
Keishin Ukai: “You even got up this early.”
MC: ” That reminds me, what are you doing so early, coach?”
Keishin Ukai: “I’m going to harvest vegetables. Oh, I know, you can help out.”
MC: “Huh!? I have practice now……”
Keishin Ukai: “There’s no way I can let you practice outside. If there’s an accident or something, I can’t take responsibility.”
MC: “B- But, I can do all sorts of practice outside, and……”
Keishin Ukai: “With two people, we’ll finish faster. It’s perfect!”
MC: “But I even got here first……”
Keishin Ukai: “Never mind that, get in. Harvesting vegetables will be good training for your legs and waist.”
Keishin Ukai: “This is part of your practice. Come on, get in, get in!”
MC: “O- Okay~……”
MC: ( Even though I got here first~ How did this happen……)


MC: “G- Good morniiiiiiiinng!!”
Tobio Kageyama: “Oh, you’re finally here.”
Shouyou Hinata: “What’s going on, you’re completely late! We got here a long time ago!”
Shouyou Hinata: “By the way, I was the first!”
Tobio Kageyama: “Wrong, dumbass! Tanaka-san was the first!”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Why did I get mixed up in this……”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Hey, you! You were the one who said you’d come early, and then you came last? Explain yourself!”
MC: ” N- No! I actually came before 3:00, but……”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Huhh!? Making excuses this late in the game? You’ve got some nerve, huh~”
MC: “I really did come~ But I was harvesting tomatoes and lettuce……”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “I don’t know anything about tomatoes or lettuce, but losers get a penalty!”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Ten laps of flying falls!”
MC: “Whaaaaaaaaat, no waay…… I’ve been squatting the whole morning, my hips are shaking.”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Arguing is pointless! Come on, hurry uuupp!!”
MC: “O- Okaaay~~~~~!!”
MC: (But I really was the first one heeere~~!!)

For the exploration parts I’ll only write down with who and where you can trigger a special event (otherwise these posts will get way too long and complex). The person who you’ll need to take along with you will be stated as well, once you’ve chosen and you’ve triggered an event, you can’t change the character you travel with anymore. When you go to talk to a character without a special event, you’ll see what event it’ll be (can be more than one). For the translations of those, you’ll need to go to the characters page. (You’ll be able to compare the Japanese text next to the English tittle, and the first line of conversation as well). You can find all the translations for the explanations of the destinations here.

If you haven’t triggered certain events in previous days, you can get another chance to trigger them.

Karasuno High School Area
Karsuno Gymnasium 1 -> Special event for Kuroo with Tsukishima (First Meeting)
Karasuno Classroom -> Special event for Kenma with Hinata (First Meeting)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Tsukishima with Hinata (Mini Event 1)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Sugawara with Hinata (Mini Event 2)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Hinata with Kageyama (Mini Event)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Sugawara with Tanaka (Mini Event)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Bokuto with Tsukishima (First Meeting)
Karasuno Gymnasium 2 -> Special event for Hinata with Tsukishima (Mini Event 1)
Karasuno Hallway -> Special event for Shimizu with Nishinoya (First Meeting)
Karasuno Outdoor Pathway -> Special event for Akaashi with Tsukishima (First Meeting)

Karasuno Area
Sakanoshita Shop -> Special event for Ennoshita with Daichi (First Meeting)

General Area

What they say after exploring:
Hinata: “Let’s also do our best tomorrow!”
Tsukishima: “….It’s already this late, I’ll be going back, well then, see you tomorrow.”

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