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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Subaru Event 5: On The Day Of The Culture Festival (English Translation)

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Ema: (Huh…I have a message? It’s from Kaname-san.)
Ema: (Uhm… “We’ll be coming to play at the cultural festival now~!” …! Kaname-san is coming today…!?)
Kaname: Ah, Imouto-chan!
Ema: Ah, huh!? Kaname-san, you’re already here!!? I’m sorry, I only saw the message just now…!
Kaname: Nah, that’s okay but… Imouto-chan, you look really cute right now.
Ema: Ah…!
Ema: (That’s right! …I’m still wearing the bunny cosplay…!)
Ema: …Th, this is, the outfit for our cafe…!
Kaname: Really? In this class, it probably suits Imouto-chan the most. It’s really cute.
Ema: (Uuuh… Just wearing it is embarrassing, and I’ll be even more embarrassed if you say stuff like that…!)
Kaname: Right, Suba-chan?
Ema: Eh!? Subaru-san also came…!?
Subaru: Wha…! I, I…I’m fine with…a normal outfit… Ah! No, that outfit is, cu-cu-cute…though…
Ema: Tha, thank you…!
Ema: (Subaru-san said it was cute… I’m a little…No, I’m really happy…I think…)
Ukyo: Good work.
Ema: Ukyo-san too! Thank you for coming here!
Ukyo: It’s okay. Your class cafe looks pretty exciting.
Ema: Ah, yes. Thanks to you.
Kaname: Well, that’s right~. The level of the girls in Imouto-chan’s class is high,especially with that outfit, it’s perfect.
Mahoko: Hey hey, Hina~? About the duties for this afternoon-…
Mahoko: Wah, what, who are these hotties…!
Ema: …Ah, Maho-chan!
Ema: That’s right, I’ll introduce you. These people are my big brothers…
Mahoko: Brothers!?
Ema: Yeah. From the left, is Ukyo-san and…
Ukyo: How do you do, I’m Asahina Ukyo. Thanks for taking care of Ema-san and our little brother Yusuke.
Ema: Kaname-san…
Kaname: I’m Kaname. Is your name Maho-chan? As expected of Imouto-chan’s friends, how cute~!
Ema: …And Subaru-san.
Subaru: …Yo.
Mahoko: I’m Imai Mahoko. Hina’s actually the one who takes care of me at school!
Kaname: Hina?
Mahoko: Yes. Ema-chan’s nickname. “Hina” is short for her previous surname “Hinata”, and that’s what I call her.
Mahoko: It’s a coincidence, that “Hina” is also in “Asahina”, so that’s pretty lucky.
Kaname: Oh that’s right~. By the way, you’re not wearing the bunny outfit?
Mahoko: Ah, I’m the producer. Kind of like the class’s supervisor~.
Kaname: I see. Since you’re so cute, it’s such a waste right?
Mahoko: Ahaha, thank you! Onii-san is also really cool!!
Mahoko: …To think that these are the Asahina brothers, I can’t believe it…
Ema: And? Maho-chan, weren’t you saying something about this afternoon’s duties?
Mahoko: Aah, that’s right!
Mahoko: I’m sorry~, I’ll be borrowing Hina for a while okay. We’ll be back soon, so please wait a little~.
Ukyo: Ah, okay.
Mahoko: So, so? Who’s the one you like Hina!!?
Ema: Eh!? Ma, Maho-chan, what are you saying…!? What about the duties…!?
Mahoko: It’s fine! So hurry and tell me!!
Ema: What are you saying. The one I like…
Mahoko: Okay, fine. Then, I’ll change the question♪ Who do you want to go around the cultural festival with?
Ema: Eh!? That’s…
Ema: Subaru-san, maybe…?
Mahoko: Hmmm, that kind of blunt guy huh. Okay!!
Ema: (Okay…?)
Ema: …Then, Maho-chan. The duties?
Mahoko: It’s all okay.
Ema: …?
Mahoko: Sorry for the wait~!
Ukyo: It’s okay.
Mahoko: By the way everyone, aren’t you interested in Asahina-kun working?
Ukyo: Yusuke?
Mahoko: Yes. He’s actually working as a waiter right now!
Ukyo: That’s…! I’m quite interested in how well Yusuke’s working…
Kaname: Ehh, really? Rather than Yuu-chan, I’m more interested in Imouto-chan in her bunny outfit though.
Mahoko: Well, Hina’s going to be doing some other work, so she has to leave~.
Kaname: Eh, really!?
Mahoko: So, while you’re waiting for Hina, please wait here while watching Asahina work.
Kaname: I guess it can’t be helped.
Mahoko: Then, I’ll show you around right now!
Subaru: You…have to work from now on huh. Then, I’ll go see Yusuke work too…
Ema: Uhm…
Mahoko: Ah! You’re…Subaru-san right? Though I said that earlier, Hina actually has a break right now!
Mahoko: So, if you want, please take Hina out for lunch.
Subaru: Eh…?
Mahoko: Then, Hina! I’ll take responsibility of these brothers and show them around!
Ema: Ma, Maho-chan…!?
Subaru: …Wha, what’s this about?
Ema: I, I wonder?
Ema: (When Maho-chan turned around for a moment… I’m sure she said “Take your time”… Geez, that Maho-chan…)
Subaru: …So, what should I do?
Ema: Then…can you join me for lunch?
Subaru: Yeah, I don’t mind.
Subaru: …While we’re at it, want to go around together?
Ema: (…Eh! Subaru-san’s actually inviting me…)
Ema: Ye, yes! Thank you!
Subaru: Even so, it’s pretty exciting. Your class.
Ema: It seems like this outfit’s pretty popular…
Subaru: …Yeah. I get it…I think.
Ema: Eh…?
Subaru: Ah, no! It’s nothing!!
Ema: By the way, when you were in high school, what did you do for your cultural festival?
Subaru: The cultural festival when I was in high school… that’s right. I’m pretty sure we danced…
Ema: Dance…?
Subaru: Yeah…I remember now. The basketball club members were forced to break dance… That was the worst…
Ema: Heeh… I want to see Subaru-san dance!
Ema: (Subaru-san has good reflexes, so I’m sure he danced really well.)
Subaru: …Gi-give me a break!
Subaru: After the cultural festival, girls made such a fuss, and I was always getting invited into the dance club…
Subaru: It was so embarrassing, anyway it was the worst…!!
Ema: (That’s…probably because you were really good though, that’s why everyone was like that…)
Ema: (I don’t really know but, it’s kind of like Subaru-san, and it’s a little cute.)
Subaru: …Wha, what are you laughing at.
Ema: I was just thinking, I’d like you to show me your dance one day.
Subaru: I won’t dance!! Absolutely not!!
Ema: Okaaay.
Subaru: …Come on, enough about me, let’s go.
Ema: Okay!
Ema: (After that, I had fun with Subaru-san at the cultural festival.)
Ema: (Going around with Subaru-san, it was a really great memory…)

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