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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Masaomi Event 6: Truth (English Translation)

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Masaomi: Ema-chan! Thank goodness you’re okay!
Ema: …Masaomi-san?
Masaomi: I was so worried…
Ema: …Why are you here?
Masaomi: I’ve been looking for you. Rintarou-san told us that you’d left, and I couldn’t stop thinking the worst.
Ema: ……
Masaomi: Also, you and your father…
Ema: …Me and my father?
Masaomi: Let’s take you home.
Masaomi: You’re father’s waiting for you, too. He wants to have a talk.
Ema: …I don’t want to see him.
Masaomi: Why?
Ema: …That’s…
Masaomi: ……
Ema: …I’m sorry, I just…
Masaomi: No, it’s okay. Don’t force yourself to say anything. Don’t say anything if it hurts.
Masaomi: You don’t have to stay strong in front of family. You can show us your vulnerabilities, too.
Ema: Masaomi-san…
Masaomi: Sure, there are things that, no matter how sad or painful, you’ll still keep it to yourself.
Masaomi: But if it stays that way, it’ll get even worse.
Ema: ……
Masaomi: And when that happens, the only way to lighten the load is to talk to somebody else.
Masaomi: And all those people are “family”.
Ema: Family…
Masaomi: Yeah, so whenever you need to say something, come to us.
Masaomi: Your family will be there.
Ema: ……
Ema: (So…I can talk to them when I’m in trouble…)
Masaomi: Okay?
Ema: …I…
Masaomi: Yeah?
Ema: I’m scared…I’m scared to hear the truth from Papa…
Masaomi: …Yeah.
Ema: I feel like when he tells me everything, it’ll just prove that I’ve always been alone…
Masaomi: …How is that true?
Ema: What…?
Masaomi: That can’t be true. I’m sure of it.
Ema: …Why do you say that?
Masaomi: Your family will always be at your side. I’ll always be at your side.
Ema: Masaomi-san…?
Masaomi: Whatever happens, I’ll always be with you, Ema-chan.
Ema: (He…looks so serious…)
Masaomi: And if you’re still not happy with what Rintarou-san tells you, you can come to me. I’ll always be there.
Masaomi: Okay? So, can you come home with me?
Ema: …Yes. Thank you so much.
Ema: (He gave me his hand, as well as the courage to look forward.)
Ema: (I should go, and listen to what Papa would say.)

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