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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 3 Part 3 (English Translation)

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Haruhi: (While thinking that Léo-san will come, there’s a weight on my legs during my walk to the club room.)
Haruhi: (I don’t like this……)
Haruhi: …..*sigh*
Haruhi: (When entering the club room, the door was unlocked, but neither the hosts nor the guests are here.)
Haruhi: (….Why is that?)
Leo: ….Euh, Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: Léo-san……?
Haruhi: (Léo-san entered the club room after me with a apologetic look on his face.)
Haruhi: (He was standing as usual, but somehow Wan-san was smiling.)
Wan: No no, it seems this is a situation where ‘the birds cry’.
Leo: Wan, how rude. That way of saying it.
Wan: Hahaha… Such a stupid thing.
Gotokuji: …………
Wan: Well, there’s no point in being here. Let’s go, Léo.
Leo: But…..
Wan: Then how do you intend to greet the guests we invited? Everyone will be waiting.
Leo: ….Understood. Sorry, Haruhi-kun. This is it for today.
Haruhi: It’s fine, I don’t mind…….
Haruhi: (When Léo-san’s group left, I was the only one left in the club room.)
Haruhi: (Perhaps, no one will come…..)
Haruhi: (After waiting a while the door opened and Tamaki-senpai came in.)
Haruhi: Where have you been Tamaki-senpai. The door was unlocked.
Tamaki: …..Ah, yeah. That……
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai looks away, as if it’s hard to say.)
Kyoya: …..However, you did a great job.
Haruhi: (While looking over the crowded room, Kyoya-senpai muttered.)
Kyoya: All the costumers were ‘brought’.
Haruhi: (If may not be a bad thing to invite others to a host club, but it seems like overkill in our case.)
Haruhi: ….Huh? Hikaru and Kaoru aren’t here…. Honey-senpai too.
Kyoya: Hikaru, Kaoru and Honey-senpai are ‘skipping’. No need to worry, I’m in touch with them.
Haruhi: (….I don’t think they’re ‘skipping’.)
Tamaki: It can’t be helped, let’s have a day of today. ……Sorry, Mori-senpai.
Takashi: …….It’s fine.
Haruhi: (Muttering as usual, Mori-senpai quietly left the club room.)
Tamaki: Don’t worry Haruhi. Everything will be back to normal tomorrow.
Kyoya: Tamaki….. You’re too optimistic.
Tamaki: But! They’ll want to come back to us!!
Kyoya: ….I’m telling you. Costumers who were invited to Kenran yesterday, will also go today.
Tamaki: ……What….. That’s…….
Haruhi: (While staggering, Tamaki-senpai went to the corner of the room.)
Kyoya: But, as it is now, the survival of the department is in jeopardy.
Haruhi: No way, is it really?
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is silent about it.)
Kyoya: Well, that’s how it is. ……Even so, how can I compensate for this drop in sales.
Haruhi: …..I have nothing to do with it.
Kyoya: Is that so? Since you are a club member, you have an obligation in trying to make this situation better.
Haruhi: (…..Of course I do.)
Kyoya: Then, before the next move, I’ll rebuild this position.
Haruhi: By any chance, are you not yourself?
Kyoya: Who else would I be. Ohh but I’ll accept the burden of the failing sales here.
If you don’t
Haruhi: …..I understand.
Haruhi: (How threatening…. Kyoya-senpai.)
Haruhi: What should I do?
Kyoya: To regain the situation, it would be difficult to do alone. You need someone to cooperate with.
Kyoya: No matter who you ask to cooperation, if you say anything, I never asked for help.
Haruhi: (After saying so, Kyoya-senpai went to Tamaki-senpai who was still depressed in the corner.)
Haruhi: (For now, I have to ask someone for cooperation. Who should I count on…..)

1: Tamaki-senpai, Kyoya-senpai
2: Hikaru, Kaoru
3: Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai

1: Tamaki-senpai, Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai and Kyoya-senpai.)
Haruhi: (I think everything will be okay with my senpais.)

2: Hikaru, Kaoru
Haruhi: (Hikaru and Kaoru…..)
Haruhi: (I feel like they’re also thinking about doing something with the Léo-san situation.)

3: Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai…..)
Haruhi: (They’ll have various thoughts.)

Haruhi: (….Anyway, I have no choice but to do something.)
Haruhi: (Although it may fail, it’s better than to regret doing nothing at all.)
Haruhi: (Let’s do our best this way.)

Team Tamaki and Kyoya
Team Hikaru and Kaoru
Team Mitsukuni and Takashi

Haruhi: Huh…?
Haruhi: (When I was trying to leave the school, I saw a familiar person at the gate.)
Léo: Haruhi-kun!
Haruhi: (Léo-san, who should’ve already left, rushes over to me.)
Léo: Sorry! It’s my fault…..
Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: (Maybe Léo-san is saying that what’s happening to the host club is his doing…..)
Léo: I didn’t mean to annoy Tamaki and you, Haruhi-kun.
Haruhi: (–He said he didn’t know. I noticed that yesterday.)
Haruhi: (But, what does Léo-san not know about…. What on earth could it be?)
Wan: Léo.
Haruhi: (When Léo-san tried to say something, Wan-san appeared.)
Léo: Wan……
Wan: It would be troublesome if you don’t stay quiet. Yoshitsuna will take care of you for a while, Léo.
Gotokuji: My job is security, not ‘babysitting’.
Wan: …..You’re as flexible as ever.
Gotokuji: …………
Haruhi: (Wan-san and Gotokuji-san are intertwined.)
Léo: Stop it, both of you….. Can’t we just return?
Wan: That’s right.
Gotokuji: Do whatever you want.
Léo: …………
Haruhi: (….Wan-san and Gotokuni-san have opinions divided like water and oil. And Léo-san, who’s sandwiched in the middle, has a troubled look on his face.)
Haruhi: Well, I think you should go back.
Léo: Haruhi-kun…. I’m sorry, about this too.
Wan: Well then.
Haruhi: (While being dragged away by Wan-san, Léo-san constantly looks back behind him.)
Haruhi: (Léo-san seems to be troubled as well.)

At home
Haruhi: (I feel tired after today….. Let’s leave the studying for another time and check the PC.)
You’ll see your stats now.
Haruhi: (Well…. I wonder if I’ll be able to repay my debt when things are like this.)
Haruhi: (But, I can’t do that if the host club isn’t open. …..Let’s sleep.)

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