Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match Kuroo Tetsurou: First Meeting (English Translation)

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MC: ( When I go to the gym with Tsukishima-kun, Kuroo-san is there.)
Kei Tsukishima: “Oh, hello.”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “What’s up, did you two also come to practice?”
Kei Tsukishima: “No, we just wanted to see if anyone was here. …… How about you introduce yourself?”
MC: ( Tsukishima-kun prompts me.)
MC: “Um, I came from Momijihara High School to participate in practice! It’s nice to meet you!!”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “Hello, hello~ I’m Kuroo, nice to meet you.”
MC: (Kuroo-san reaches his hand out, smiling. I shake it nervously.)
Tetsurou Kuroo: “…… You seem like the straightforward type~ Good, good.”
MC: “Huh? What do you mean?”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “Oh nothing, just talking to myself.”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “But you sure have some guts, marching into a joint training camp all by yourself nowadays.”
MC: ” Oh no, I wouldn’t say I marched in or anything……”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “No, no, it’s really quite impressive! Even though there are some people with absolutely no motivation.”
MC: “No motivation?”
Kei Tsukishima: “…………”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “Why don’t you watch and learn a bit and get motivated too, glasses-kun?”
MC: ( Oh, he was talking about Tsukishima-kun, huh……)
Kei Tsukishima: “…… It’s just a club.”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “That you go with that again~ Haven’t you started to have some fun?”
Kei Tsukishima: “…… Who knows. Anyway, I’ll excuse myself now.”
MC: “Ah, Tsukishima-kun……”
MC: “He left. I wonder what happened all of a sudden?”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “Who knows~, I’m sure he has his own circumstances.”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “Well, that aside, I’m looking forward to working with you for the next two weeks.”
MC: “Yes! I look forward to working with you!! ”

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