Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match
Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match: Main Story Day 2 After Match (English Translation)

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MC: “Pant…… Wheeze…… Pant……”
MC: “I haven’t been skimping on my roadwork training, but I really am breathing hard…… I need to go running more……”
MC: “…… Hah.”
MC: “…… Hm?”
MC: (What’s going on? There are a bunch of girls gathered. Is there a famous person here or something?)
Tooru Oikawa: “Okay, line up quickly~ It’s one autograph per person.”
MC: ” Huh? I feel like I’ve seen that person somewhere before……”
MC: (On TV? TV……)
MC: “Oh! I remember!”
MC: ( He was on the Miyagi Evening deuce during the Inter-High! He had a solo interview. Aoba Jousai’s captain……)
MC: “Oikawa-san.”
Tooru Oikawa: “Hm? Oh, do you want my autograph, too?”
MC: “Huh!? No, I……”
Girl: “Oikawa-kun even has male fans! That’s so like him~♪”
Tooru Oikawa: “I not only draw in girls, but also unfashionable boys. I’m a sinful man~”
MC: “No, I, um, about volleyball…… Oikawa-san, I saw you on TV!”
Tooru Oikawa: “Oh, you saw me on TV and became a fan? I’m so happy!”
Tooru Oikawa: “Everyone~ Sorry, but do you mind if I give him an autograph first?”
High School Girls: “We don’t mind~♪”
MC: “No, an autograph is……”
Tooru Oikawa: “Everyone’s saying it’s fine, so you don’t have to hold back.”
Tooru Oikawa: “Okay okay okay~ What should I do for your name?”
MC: ” Um, besides that, can I ask you a question?”
Tooru Oikawa: “A question? What could it be? The secret to being popular, or something?”
MC: “Oikawa-san, what do you do for your usual training regimen?”
Tooru Oikawa: “Training regimen? …… Could it be that you play volleyball?”
MC: “Yes, with the Momijihara High School Volleyball Club.”
Tooru Oikawa: “Momijihara? Hmm……?”
Tooru Oikawa: “Sorry, I don’t think I’ve heard of it. How were the spring qualifiers?”
MC: “No, they…… To tell the truth, I’m the only club member right now……”
Tooru Oikawa: “The only one, huh? That’s rough. You can’t practice enough that way, right?”
MC: “That’s right. That’s why I’m really indebted to Karasuno High School’s joint practice right now.”
Tooru Oikawa: “Karasuno? Hm……”
MC: (Huh? It feels like the look in his eyes changed……)
MC: ” It’s only over summer break, though.”
Tooru Oikawa: “Humph, I see.”
Tooru Oikawa: “I was thinking it must be rough by yourself so I’d give you some advice, but I changed my mind~”
MC: “Huh!? Why!?”
Tooru Oikawa: “I don’t want my adversaries to increase.”
MC: “I’m your adversary……?”
Tooru Oikawa: “Well, why don’t you just do your best over at Tobio’s place?”
MC: “Tobio?”
MC: (Wait, who’s that?)
MC: “Um, any advice at all……”
Tooru Oikawa: “Okay, once you’ve improved enough to be on TV, then I’ll teach you.”
MC: “Me, on TV!? There’s no way that’ll happen!!”
Tooru Oikawa: “Okay, here’s your autograph. Sorry to keep you waiting! Next in line, please~”
MC: “U- Um……”
Girl: “I’m next! Move!”
MC: “Ah……”
Tooru Oikawa: “Okay, don’t push~ I won’t run away, after all.”
MC: “He really is popular, huh.”
MC: ( Anyway, for someone as popular as Oikawa-san, me being on TV is too high a hurdle.)
MC: “I guess I’ll go home and practice.”

Tooru Oikawa: “Hey, don’t push, don’t push♪”
Hajime Iwaizumi: “Heeeeeeyy! Shittkawa! Stop dawdliiing!”


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