Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match Nishinoya Yuu Recruitment (English Translation)

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MC: “Sugawara-san! I would like to talk to you for a bit…..”
MC: “After all, isn’t a libero indispensable for a team?”
Koushi Sugawara: “Yeah, that’s right. Having a high level libero makes a huge difference.”
Koushi Sugawara: ‘Why don’t you try inviting Nishinoya? I think he’ll cooperate with you.”
MC: “That’s it! Please introduce me, Sugawara-san!”
Koushi Sugawara: “I think Nishinoya is doing some self-training in the gym right now, let’s go there together.”


Koushi Sugawara: “Oh, there he is. Oi, Nishinoya!”
Yuu Nishinoya: “Ah, Suga-san! Hello!”
Koushi Sugawara: “I want to introduce you to the guy from Momijihara….”
Yuu Nishinoya: “Oh, I remember you! You’re the first year from Momijihara!?”
MC: “Ah, yes… Right now, I would like to ask a favor from you, Nishinoya-san.”
MC: “Actually, I was asked to make my own mixed team….. Nishinoya-san, would you please work with me!?”
Yuu Nishinoya: “Yeay, let’s do it! I’ll help you out!”
MC: “Eh…. Is that really okay? I haven’t explained the circumstances in detail yet…..”
Yuu Nishinoya: “I don’t care about the circumstances. If you need my power, I will lend them to you!”
MC: “Ah……. Thank you very much!”
Koushi Sugawara: “Nishinoya as usual…..”
Yuu Nishinoya: “Alright, instead of talking, I’ll teach you my new special move!”
MC: “Ne, new special move!?”
Koushi Sugawara: “Hey, Nishinoya….. Stop being so embarrassing…..”
MC: “The necessity of a special move…. I wasn’t aware of it…..”

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