Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match Kageyama Tobio Recruitment (English Translation)

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Koushi Sugawara: “Kageyama, do you have a moment? He wants to talk to you about something.”
MC: “Um…… Rather than talking, it’s more like a request. I was wondering if you could help me out with putting together the mixed team?”
Tobio Kageyama: “…… I refuse.”
Tobio Kageyama: “Sorry, but practicing is my highest priority right now, so I can’t afford to accompany you.”
Koushi Sugawara: “Oi oi, Kageyama~, you don’t have to refuse so abruptly. Wouldn’t it be good to play a match with a different team than usual?”
Tobio Kageyama: “…… I’m sorry, Sugawara-san. Right now, I’d like to concentrate on the Spring Tournament.”
Koushi Sugawara: “Good grief, well, if that’s how it is I guess it can’t be helped. We’ll do it ourselves…… and with Hinata.”
Tobio Kageyama: “Ehgh!? H- Hold on a second, please……”
MC: “That’s right, we’ll practice with the three of us……”
Tobio Kageyama: “T- That dumbass!! We haven’t even gotten our combo coordinated yet at all!”
Koushi Sugawara: “What will you do, Kageyama? Will you join us?”
Tobio Kageyama: “…… I understand. If that’s how it is, I’ll join you, too.”
MC: “Thanks, Kageyama-kun!”
Tobio Kageyama: “Oh right, since you’re here, let’s at least practice some combos.”
MC: “Eh, is that really okay!? I haven’t practiced combos in a while! I’ve just hitting the ball against the wall all the time, so……”


Tobio Kageyama: “Hey! There’s no time to rest! Next is the D-quick! After that we’re going to be doing the broad attack, so keep moving!”
MC: “Ka- Kageyama is suddenly so spartan!!”
Tobio Kageyama: “Hey! Don’t stop there!”
MC: “Su- Sugawara-san…… Help me……”
Koushi Sugawara: “It’s because Kageyama’s stoic…… It’ll probably be tough until he finds a style that suits you.”

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