Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 7 (English Translation)
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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 7 (English Translation)

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In the Kitchen

Yui: (I wonder how Papa is doing right now….Is he okay…? I’m so useless.)
Yui: (I miss him so much, I feel sick. I’m useless. The only thing I can do…is live on.)
Yui: – Ah!
Laito: — Why are you holding a knife and sighing…? Heehee, you’re really weird
Yui: …Laito-kun!
Laito: Hehe? What’s wrong? It’s like someone sucked all the joy out of you.
Yui: And whose fault do you think that is….
Laito: Heh. It’s totally me. Oh, my very existence is such a sin!
Laito: I let Bitch-chan have affair with me. And now she stands there and sighs, so lovesick!
Yui: (…why bother fighting back.)
Yui: Yes. That’s exactly it.
Laito: What, you’re just gonna admit it? Sigh…How dull. Oh well. It doesn’t matter.
Yui: (…it’s not like I asked to please him.)
Yui: I was just…thinking about Papa…
Laito: Aaaah. Your Papa. Are you worried about him?
Yui: Of course I am!
Laito: Let me tell you something about your dear Papa. Listen closely n—Agh!
Yui: — What?
Yui: (Did someone just open the front door…?)
Laito: — The smell….it’s him.
Yui: Laito-kun…who…Mrmph!?
Yui: (Ack!? He’s covering my mouth…)
Yui: Mrmph….mrmph….!?
Laito: Shhh—
Laito: Bitch-chan. Quiet now. Okay? Until I say so, don’t make a sound.
Laito: If you open your mouth, I’ll make sure you never see your dear Papa again.
Yui: (….Ack! Who is it? What’s going on?)

Richter: Oh. It’s you.
Laito: — Hoho. Uncle, uncle, it’s been too long.
Yui: (Eh…?! That man is his uncle? But he’s not looking at me…it’s like he didn’t even see me.)
Richter: – Her scent. It’s here.
Laito: …
Yui: (Shouldn’t the stranger have noticed me by now? Unless…more vampire magic? Laito made me invisible!)
Richter: Laito, you worm….
Laito: …Lord Richter, whatever is the matter?
Richter: – Just what do you think you’re trying to hide?
Laito: Ow…! Uncle, uncle, how rude. Just who do you think you’re talking to?
Richter: Just answer the question! What are you doing? What are you hiding from me?
Laito: Who me? I’d never hide anything from you. Dear uncle, are you going senile in your old age? I’m so worried!
Laito: As for what I’m doing, if you look around, you might notice that this is a kitchen. And what do people do in kitchens? Here’s a hint: Look over there.
Yui: (Over there? Ack…!? A dead rat! It wasn’t there before! How did a dead rat get on the kitchen counter?!)
Richter: …A rat?
Laito: Oh, it’s so hard to find fresh food these days!
Laito: Whenever you go back to East Europe, the hunters chase us like crazy! If we don’t drink rats, we’ll starve….oh, Uncle! How could you do this to us?
Richter: You’re so hungry you’ll eat vermin. Heh….If Elder Brother knew…he’d tear you to shreds.
Laito: But it would be a disaster if Father knew some of the things you did…Oh, I remember.
Richter: Hmph. Very well. I won’t rat you out, so to speak. I’ll pretend you were just cooking. I’ll spare you this once.
Richter: …By the way, I heard the Church sent over a lovely Sacrificial Bride.
Laito: Oh, yes. She made such a good toy for my dear brothers. She’s probably dead in the dungeons as we speak.
Richter. Hah. What a pathetic lie. None of you are allowed to kill her. She was hand-picked by the man who rules us all.
Laito: Fufu. But we’ve never taken care of a girl before. We didn’t know how to treat her well.
Richter: Our human “friends” couldn’t have gotten their hands on her. Therefore, this girl – the Vessel – must still be here with you.
Laito: — So what? I don’t know what you’re talking about. This sounds like family politics. I don’t care about family politics. I don’t even consider us a real family.
Richter: …If she could hear you say that, she would cry. Are you saying you’d want to make her cry?
Laito: Don’t try to guilt me! In the end, Ayato was the one who made her scream.
Richter …I see. I will now interrogate the others. Stay there, and enjoy your little rat.
Laito: Dear Uncle, I hope you never come back here again.
Richter: I assure you, I will never come here again, not even if you begged me to save your life. But Laito, the scent of the rat you’re holding…it does smell exactly like her…
Laito: …
Richter: …No, the rat smells like her because it smells like you. You smell like a rat…I think it’s very fitting…hehehehehehehe.
Laito: -That bastard. That bastard and I think too much alike! He was this close to catching us!
Laito: That disgusting, abominable, ugly…The Bride has nothing to do with him! You’re none of his business! We’re none of his business…
Yui: Laito…kun?
Laito: Agh!
Yui: (….How could anyone look so scary when they cry?)
Laito: You! What are you!?
Yui: Kyaa! What are you doing?
Laito: That bastard, that bastard…what does he want with you! Tell me!
Yui: I don’t know….please, it hurts!
Yui: (His fingers…his shoulders…he’s going to bruise my shoulders…)
Laito: It’s meant to hurt. You know I can make it worse. So talk.
Yui: (But I really don’t know anything! I can’t tell him. I can’t stop him!)

Choose: Fight back (S choice)
Yui: You’re insane! I don’t know anything! Listen to me for once.
Laito: Gasp…
Yui: (Wow…! I didn’t know my voice could be so loud…)
Laito: I don’t mind it when Bitch-chan’s like this. Hehe.
Yui: Kya!?
Laito: Fufufu. I won’t let you fight me off again. Now, the night is still young…

Choose: Submit (M choice)
Yui: I don’t…I really don’t … I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.
Laito: Heh…playing dumb won’t save you. But…the night is still young…..

Laito: So I’ll interrogate you – in my bedroom.
Yui: (No, I’ve never seen Laito this out of control…! What does he want from me, what does he want me to say?)
Yui: (Half the time I didn’t even know what he and the other man was saying…)

In Laito’s Bathroom
Laito: – Now. Strip.
Yui: Please, don’t…
Laito: By now, you should’ve learned how to read a man’s mood. – Look at me. What do you think will happen if you disobey me now?
Laito: If you want me to be nice to you, you have to be nice to me. Now. Strip.
Yui: (…Scary….help….no….this can’t be happening…)
Yui: Ah…!
Laito: Yes. That’s right. Come on now, hurry up…
Yui: Oh…
Yui: (…Can’t get away…the only thing left….is my top…)
Laito: Not bad, not bad at all …
Laito: When I look at you like this …… I see exactly why Ayato calls you Breastless.
Yui: …!
Laito: – Who said you could cover up? — That’s better. So, what should we do now?
Yui: Oh…!
Yui: (Laito-kun’s fingers…moving down my shoulders…petting me….)
Laito: Say it, Bitch-chan…what do you want me to do to you? Should I lick you like I did before?
Laito: Tell me how to humiliate you. Or else I’ll – hmm ……I know. I’ll bite off your earlobe.
Yui: What?!
Laito: To tell you the truth, I was going to save you for later. The longer I wait to take you, the greater your flavor would taste.
Laito: But that man shattered the last of my self-control. If I don’t do it now, I’ll fall apart…Oh….
Yui: Ack…!
Yui: (He’s…kissing me…)
Laito: Now, let’s start biting from a different place today…Where do you want it? Pick a spot.
Yui: I don’t want…any spot…ow…!
Laito: It doesn’t matter how much you resist me…Tonight, I’ll make sure you do anything I want. Now, let me think….
Laito: Normally, you feel so good when I bite you. The usual places aren’t punishment enough…Aha!
Laito: I did say I’d bite off your ear…
Yui: Ack…!
Laito: …But that would be so pathetic. You’d look so pathetic…Aha! I got it! I’ll bite the back of your ear!
Yui: ….Back of the ear?
Laito: That’s right. There’s a hollow in the back of the human ear, isn’t there? Right down the line to the temples, very close to the skull.
Laito: There’s no flesh in the area, and such a tiny flap of skin – If a man bit you there, the pain would be excruciating…
Yui: …no!
Laito: Such thin, thin skin – and so close to your head. It’ll be the finest of pleasures, mixed with the fiercest of pain – all waiting just for you.
Laito: And it’s not like there’s a brain inside that little head of yours to injure. Now let the sound of my fangs ring through your skull!

In Laito’s Bedroom
Yui: NO…!
Yui: It hurts, it hurts…please stop! Stop!!
Laito: Shh —If you don’t be quiet, I might really bite off your ear. Oh…mm…..
Yui: ….oh….….no…
Laito: Ah….yes….mmm…
Yui: No…no….!!
Yui: (Hurts….hurts so much….paralyzed…skull…can’t see…everything…spinning…)
Yui: (I feel sick….oh god…I want to throw up…)
Laito: Ah… Ah, you feel so hot. Bitch-chan, are you enjoying this?
Laito: The pleasure will come once the pain fades away….Bitch-chan, how are you so talented?
Yui: Oh…
Laito: Tell me, can you feel me pressed against you? Can you feel my presence even more than you normally do?
Yui: Enough…let go…ah….
Laito: …. No~. When that man came for you, he was going to ruin everything.
Laito: You should fear his attempts to find the Bride. He tried to take you away from me. He’ll come to take you away again.
Laito: What does he want to do to us? Why does he keep doing this to us?
Laito: Why does the Awakening of the Bride mean anything to him at all?
Yui: You’re still talking in riddles…Oh!
Laito: Am I? But only for the moment. You and I aren’t here to talk.
Laito: There are so many little things that man wants to do to you – I can’t stand it. So you must receive me in full.
Laito: Forget about him. Ignore him. I’m the only one who can make you complete…right?
Yui: Oh…!
Laito: Oh, you can still hear the sound of my voice? You’re trembling so much…my poor little lamb…
Yui: Oh…!
Laito: Fufufu….that’s it. This should be enough…It’s time.
Laito: I’m ready now, too. We’ll do wonderful things together…okay?
Yui: Let…me…go…
Laito: ….And now, we begin.

After his supposed Uncle entered these walls,
Laito-kun became so distraught, I thought he would fall to pieces.
The night after was a blur. I barely registered what was happening until it was too late.
But now I know: I am handpicked by a powerful man, sent by the Church as a Sacrifice.
– That is what he had said.
And my blood has the same scent as the rat’s, as hers, a woman who is dear to their hearts.
I do not understand it all,
But now I know the reason I am here.
I was sacrificed to these brothers
By…the very Church I had believed in.
That is how I became a Sacrifice…
And so, my heart and body were swallowed whole.

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