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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Eating Out (English Translation)

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Iori: Today’s shop, their food was delicious. Also, the atmosphere is calming and peaceful there.
Ema: That’s right. Though the interior was very stylish, it made me a bit nervous…….
Fuuto: …… but of course, it’s a store that I recommended after all.
Ema: Fuuto-kun……. y, you’re right.
Fuuto: You, you acted completely strange earlier. Why was it that for the enire time we were eating you seemed like you were at your wits end? You embarrassed us who were with you back there.
Fuuto: But…… your nervous appearance, was quite amusing to watch, you know.
Iori: Fuuto.
Ema: (Fuuto-kun is  always like this…….)
Fuuto: But, even if I did eat outside, I couldn’t eat leisurely, I don’t like it too much.
Ema: Eh? Is that so?
Fuuto: I stand out quite a bit after all quite. Eating while getting stares from other people ruins my mood.
Fuuto: That’s why, I don’t dislike eating at home. Because I can feel at ease while doing so.
Ema: (A popular idol like him, needs to take a lot into consideration about his surroundings too, huh…….  sounds troublesome…….)
Iori: …… In truth, you just can’t say that you like her handmade dinner.
Fuuto: Huh!? Can you explain it to me in an easy to understand kind of way?
Iori: Isn’t it? That’s what I heard though.
Fuuto: Where and how, did such happy tale occur?
Fuuto: Iori. I thought that you’re a good guy, but if you keep hanging out with that stupid girl over there, don’t you think you’ll be infected by her stupidity?
Ema: Ahaha…….
Ema: (…… If it’s true that Fuuto-kun does indeed feel pleased with my handmade dinner, I’d be very happy but…. There’s no way, maybe……)

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