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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: On The Way Home (English Translation)

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Wataru: The food from the restaurant was really good, Maakun!
Masaomi: It’s good that we eat out once in a while.
Wataru: Yeah!!
Masaomi: Wataru, it’s cold today, so hold my hand on the way home.
Wataru: Okay! Ehehe!
Ema: (Those two are close as always…)
Iori: The cold’s been bitter lately. It might be the same tonight. Have you felt sick lately?
Ema: Oh no, I feel as good as ever! As for Wataru-chan, his hand looks warm enough.
Iori: …And what about yours?
Ema: Eh?
Iori: Your hands look frozen. And you don’t have any mittens…
Ema: Oh, um…
Ema: (I didn’t think I’d need them today…what a mistake.)
Iori: Hand.
Ema: Huh…?
Ema: (Iori-san is holding out his hand…)
Iori: It’s okay. Give me your hand.
Ema: (I’m a little nervous…but it’s only for now, right…?)
Ema: Um…alright.
Iori: There.
Ema: Th-thank you very much…
Ema: (Iori-san is really kind…any sister would love to be held like this…)
Wataru: Iorin’s holding Oneechan’s hand! I wanna do it too!
Ema: Wataru-chan…!
Wataru: I wanna hold Oneechan’s hand too! Can’t I!
Ema: …You can hold my hand and Masaomi-san’s, then.
Wataru: Really?
Ema: I wanted to hold Wataru-chan’s hand, too, so yes!
Wataru: Yaaay!!
Masaomi: You don’t mind, Ema-chan?
Ema: Not at all! I don’t mind it….
Iori: It’s a little over the top…
Wataru: Ehehe! Maakun, me, Oneechan, and Iorin are holding hands in a row!
Ema: (Holding hands like this…though it’s a little embarrassing, it’s fun too!)

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