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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 6 (English Translation)

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In the Classroom

Yui: (…? I hear the sound of a piano flowing out of the music room…But who’s the player?)
Yui: (…It’s so moving, so sad…)
Yui: – Agh, it’s happening again…!
Yui: (My heart palpitations…are slowly getting worse…)
Sensei: Student Komori, what’s the matter?
Yui: Oh…Sensei…I’m sorry, but I have chest pain…May I please go to the nurse?
Yui: – Huff, huff…It’s a bit better now…but I still feel sick.
Yui: (Maybe I have some kind of heart disease. Or maybe it’s from the vampire constantly sucking my blood?)
Yui: (No, I had this problem even before he began drinking my blood…So it must be some kind of disease…)
Yui: But those guys who never let me go to a hospital. If I really am sick, what should I do…?
Yui: — The piano sound, it’s here again…
Yui: (The music, it’s so heart-breaking…I don’t know whether to crawl to it, or to flee from it in terror.)
Yui: (I feel like the music is drawing my heart along a thread…Pulling me like a wave…Dazzling me with its light…Capturing me…)
Laito: Bitch-chan?
Yui: Kya! Huh? Wha…?
Yui: (No, I was going to the nurse’s office….so why did I walk in here!)
Laito: Fufu. What’s wrong? If your jaw drops any lower, it’ll hit the floor.
Yui: But…no…just now…I swear I was going somewhere else…
Laito: Heehee. I was calling for you…using this piano.
Yui: Eh? The piano…so all this time, the pianist was –
Laito: Me. I wanted to see whether or not you would come.
Yui: So it’s…a magic instrument?!
Laito: Nope. The piano is definitely just a piano. But this song…is very special to me.
Yui: What are you talking about?
Laito: …it means exactly what I say it means. No more, no less.
Yui: (He’s speaking in riddles again…maybe the song has something to do with “Her.” The woman he’s always talking about.)
Yui: And what if I didn’t come? What then?
Laito: What do you mean ‘if you didn’t come’? You totally came. End of story.
Yui: Yes, but…you knew I was going to come. You weren’t testing at all, were you?
Laito: Fufu. Maybe. Do you even have to ask? If I want something to happen, it will almost always happen.
Laito: …So. You’ve sated my curiosity. Now what am I to do?
Yui: (What is planning now…? What is he doing…? He’s scaring me…!)
Yui: …Laito-kun, are you done playing piano today?
Laito: …Why? Do you want me to keep playing?
Yui: Er…yes! Yes, I would love to hear you play some more!
Laito: – Heehee. Looks like you’ve lost yourself within my music.
Yui: Eh?
Laito: But I thought that would happen. I once knew another person, bewitched by my music too.
Laito: Well then. Your private piano show is over. And look at that, the food’s arrived! It smells so good. Lunchtime!
Yui: Kya…!?
Yui: (Ack…my throat, he just…grabbed my throat…)
Laito: Perfect! There are just a few more tests I’d like to run. Now, sit down.
Yui: (Wha? What is he doing?)

Choose: Why now?
Yui: Why…now? Why so…sudden?
Laito: Fufu. What d’ya mean ‘why now’? The lusts of flesh and heart…will rear their heads whenever they want.
Laito: They grow in the flesh and fester. So you see, they’re not ‘sudden’ either.
Yui: (…Ask a stupid question…Get a stupid answer…)

Choose: What kind of ‘tests’? (Correct choice)
Yui: What kinds of ‘tests’?
Laito: Let’s see, I wanna test….Well, I wanna test these kinds of tests!
Yui: (That’s not an answer at all!)

Laito: Anyhow. Bitch-chan doesn’t need to know. Come on, sit down.
Yui: Ack…w-wait!
Laito: It’s so hard – to create a world, with just the two of us. So now that we’re alone together, how about we do something good?
Yui: Kya!
Laito: What’s wrong? You pretty much prepared me to violate you today. Why else would Bitch-chan be wearing such adorable clothes…
Yui: But I’m wearing the school uniform! All the girls here have to wear it…Stop!
Laito: Ah…Behave yourself, please. You don’t have to pretend any longer.
Yui: I’m not pretending anything! You have a problem. Stop!
Laito: Tch…you leave me with no choice.
Yui: Ack! What are you doing?
Laito: – Can’t ya tell? I’m tying your hands together with the ribbon of your own school uniform.
Yui: No…!
Laito: – Heehee. It’s fun to play around every once in a while….
Yui: Stop…eek!
Laito: Bitch-chan, say something new. I’m sick and tired of hearing the same protests over and over again.
Laito: Besides, it’s useless to fight back. Sometimes, ya just gotta go with the flow. Now, display yourself to me. Hehe.
Yui: I’ll never do that, never…!
Laito: Eh? Your lips say no, so why does your body feel hot? You have such a pretty, bright-red flush in the places I’ve touched you~
Yui: Ah…!? Wha…!
Laito: You have a very honest body~
Yui: Oh…!
Laito: Fufu. Now, where would you like me to squeeze you next?
Yui: Stop…talking!
Laito: Hehe. We’ve got a stubborn one. But that’s alright today. If you’re going to be so hypocritical about your own desires, then fine. I won’t touch you.
Laito: Like I said, I am very hungry today.
Laito: Itadakimasu~ (Thank you for the meal)
Yui: Eek…!?
Yui: (Oh…he…thigh…biting down…)
Laito: Mmmm….ohhhhh….
Yui: Agh…ow…oh!
Laito: Mmm… Oh, it’s so rare to make a love-bite here…If I tried, do you think it’ll taste any different?
Laito: And this soft, lithe flesh… If I ate it, I bet it’d taste delicious.
Yui: Eek…!
Laito: Fufu. Just kidding~
Yui: (Oh…his lips…are stained with my blood…)
Laito: But…why does the blood inside you…taste so much like h-
Yui: Eh…?
Laito: Hah…I must be mistaken. No, no…Blood’s dripping down your leg.
Laito: Oh, it’s flowing down your ankle….What a waste… Mmmmm…..ah…..
Yui: Ah…
Laito: Hehe. Looks like Bitch-chan loves to be licked….Mmmm…
Laito: Alright. I’ll lick you until you’re dripping wet.
Yui: No…!
Laito: Ah, you taste so sweet. Your flavor is divine…
Laito: – Now, I’m going to lick you more. So open up,okay?

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