Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match
Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match: Main Story Day 1 After Match (English Translation)

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Tetsurou Kuroo: “Man~, playing with different members than usual for a different kind of thrill!”
MC: “Same here! It was really fun!”
Morisuke Yaku: “Even changing just one member makes a pretty different team, does not it.”
Tobio Kageyama: “…… That’s true…. If you change one member, the variation of attacks also changes…..”
Kenma Kozume: “That’s kind of …… a pain.”
Taketora Yamamoto: “Now that you say that, Karasuno might have been even tougher than usual today.”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Karasuno vs Nekoma, next time we will not looooooose !!”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “That’s true, it’s like in a real tournament where you won’t know what will jump out at you, so the strange air of tension was actually pretty real.”
Keishin Ukai: “So if you change the members, you can experience a realistic air of tension similar to to tournament, huh.”
Keishin Ukai: “The tournament is waiting for us, so it’ll be a good rehearsal.”
Tobio Kageyama: “It doesn’t matter who, I’ll bring out their best power with my toss.”
MC: “Woah, that’s some confidence ……”
Shouyou Hinata: “I’ll hit any kind of toss!”
Kei Tsukishima: “………… *Sigh*, this is why they’re the freak combo.”
Shinzen Captain: “Ohh, you really are doing it!”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “Oh, he’s here. That’s Shinzen High School’s captain.”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “His name is…… Broccoli.”
MC: “Shinzen’s……”
Broccoli?: “Oh, you’re the one we let in? I heard about you.”
Broccoli?: “Welcome to the Fukuroudani Group. Our group’s managers are really high level~”
MC: “Huh? Huhh……?”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “What are you talking about all of a sudden? At least introduce yourself.”
Broccoli?: “Come on, it’s important, right? I’m Shinzen High School’s captain, Daiki Ogano. Nice to meet you.”
MC: “Broc…… Ogano-san! Nice to meet you!”
Daiki Ogano: “Ohh, you’re spirited. …… So, you’re jumping straight into a match with mixed members?”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “We just finished one match, including this guy from Momijihara.”
Daiki Ogano: “…… But it’s right before the representative playoffs. Isn’t it an important time?”
Daiki Ogano: “With that in mind, is there any merit to playing with mixed teams?”
Keishin Ukai: “I understand what you’re trying to say, but this is something that Shinzen’s coach also accepted.”
Daiki Ogano: “Huh? For real?”
Keishin Ukai: “Shinzen is notable for their combinations, but to make the best of that, each individual member also needs to level up.”
Keishin Ukai: “That’s what Shinzen’s coach said.”
Tetsurou Kuroo: “What he’s saying is, we’re both still lacking in ability~”
Daiki Ogano: “Guh…… Damn it, just you watch. We’re going to level up the most out of everyone in this training camp!”
Koutarou Bokuto: “That’s my line!”
Shouyou Hinata: “Mine too!!”
MC: (Everyone’s really fired up!)
MC: (I can’t lose, either!)


MC: “Ah, I’m tired~!”
MC: (Even so, it’s been a while since I’ve felt like this.)
MC: (I’m worn out, but it feels really great.)
MC: “But I can’t let myself be satisfied just by being able to play volleyball. There’s going to be a match on the last day, too.”
MC: (They even entrusted me with a team.)
MC: (If I’m going to do it, I’m going to try to win in earnest.)
MC: (In order to do that, I do need to level up, but I also need to get to know everyone better.)
MC: “I’m getting eager just thinking about it. Okay! I’m going to run all the way home!”
MC: “Woah!?”
MC: ” Woah, big……”
MC: (No…… eyebrows!?)
Takanobu Aone: *staring*
MC: “Eek!? E- Excuse me! I was just training and thought I’d run home……”
Takanobu Aone: “………”
MC: (H- He’s not talking……)
MC: (He’s watching me……!?)
MC: “E- Excuse meeeeee!!”

Kenji Futakuchi: “Koganegawa, I’m always telling you this, right? Your tosses need to be a bit lower!”
Kanji Koganegawa: “Yes sir!! I’m sorry! Please forgive me with 100 squats!”
Kenji Futakuchi: “Like I saaaid, I’m telling you to do more toss practice before you do that!”
Kenji Futakuchi: “…… Hm? Aone, what are you standing there for? You weren’t fighting with someone again, were you?”
Takanobu Aone: “………”
Kenji Futakuchi: “Well, whatever. Nobody’s there, anyway.”
Kenji Futakuchi: “More importantly, Koganegawa.”
Kanji Koganegawa: “There’s more!?”
Takanobu Aone: “………”


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