Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Dark 8 (English Translation)
Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Dark 8 (English Translation)

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In an abandoned building

Yui: …Subaru-kun isn’t here either.
Yui: This was the only place left that I hadn’t searched yet.
Yui: Where did he go…
Yui: (Because we haven’t seen Subaru-kun in a long time, Reiji-san told me to go look for him.)
Yui: (Laito-kun told me Subaru-kun might be here, so I came here.)
Yui: Now that I think about it, Laito-kun was laughing at that time…could it be that he lied to me?
Yui: …I’ll go search someplace else.
???: So annoying.
Yui: W-who is it?!
Subaru: …tch.
Yui: Subaru-kun! It was so dark and quiet. I didn’t think there was anyone here.
Yui: What are you doing here?
Subaru: … …
Subaru: I went to the castle earlier, and I came here to sleep.
Yui: You came here to sleep? If it’s like that, it’d be more comfortable in your room.
Subaru: *quieter* …heh. If I did that, you would’ve appeared, so I wouldn’t have had time alone.
Yui: Subaru-kun, did you say something?
Subaru: Tch. I didn’t say anything.
Yui: Oh. I’m sorry that I woke you up, but Reiji-san asked me to find you. Let’s go back together.
Subaru: … …
Yui: (Ah…his mood doesn’t look good right now…)
Yui: Subaru-kun, what happened in the castle?
Subaru: Shut up.
Yui: !?
Yui: It hurts! Why did you suddenly push me down…
Yui: Kyaa!
Subaru: …huh? What was that sound just now?
Yui: My clothes…ripped…
Subaru: The nail sticking out of the floor must have ripped it.
Subaru: Let me see what condition it’s in.
Yui: N-no, I won’t let you look. It’s only a little, and with Subaru-kun on top of me, I can’t move anyway.
Yui: Kyaa!
Yui: (M-my clothes! It ripped even more!)
Subaru: Heh…I can see everything now.
Yui: W-w-why would you do something like this?!
Subaru: You’re not allowed to disobey me.
Yui: !
Subaru: I told you from the very beginning, but still you refuse to understand that you’re my food.
Subaru: Let me tell you again. Your whole body is mine.
Yui: I don’t belong to anyone! I belong to myself!
Subaru: …heh.
Yui: Don’t—what did you do?!
Subaru: …here.
Yui: It hurts! Subaru-kun, don’t…!
Subaru: I only used a little energy and you already feel pain? You really are weak.
Subaru: If I just use a little more power, I can easily grab your heart and shatter it. Humans are really weak.
Subaru: Whether it continues to throb or whether it dies out…that’s all decided by me, got it?
Yui: …yes…
Subaru: Heheh…you finally understand. Your pulse speed has increased…
Subaru: …hm? It’s a very weird sound for a human heart. And it seems different…
Subaru: This is… … … …
Yui: (Why did he suddenly stop talking?)
Subaru: …so that’s how it is. It’s because you’re very excited.
Yui: E-excited?!
Subaru: Yes, I can feel it.
Yui: Ah…
Subaru: It’s very happy that I’m touching you. Heheh…your body is very honest.

Choose: It’s true. (S choice)
Yui: You’re right… It’s true.
Subaru: Haa?
Yui: (…Huh? Wait a second… Did I just say that?!)
Subaru: Pfft… Say that again.
Yui: Kyaa?!
Subaru: Say it clearly so that I can hear you….
Yui: …!

Choose: I’m embarrassed. (M choice)
Yui: Subaru-kun, please let me go. This is very embarrassing.
Subaru: No, I won’t. Besides, even here…
Yui: !
Subaru: Heheh…it also says that it doesn’t want me to stop. It wants me to touch you even more.
Yui: (I can’t take it anymore…!)
Yui: Isn’t it time to…!
Yui: !?
Yui: (…what? Why is he hugging me? Is he going to suck my blood?)
Yui: Subaru-kun?

Subaru: … …
Yui: (…he doesn’t look like he’s going to suck my blood…)
Yui: (And up to earlier, his mood was foul. So why…)
Subaru: … …
Yui: (Why is he showing that kind of expression…?)
Yui: (From what it looks like, it seems like he’s relying on me…)
Yui: … …
Subaru: You…
Yui: Since you plan on sucking my blood afterwards anyways, and if we separate a little, you’ll see me, so…
Yui: If you’re willing to press closer to me, then when you suck my blood later, I won’t resist…
Subaru: *surprised* … …
Subaru: …heh, I’ve got no choice. I’ll listen to you this time.
Subaru: Yui…
Yui: (Just now, he called me by my name for the first time.)
Subaru: … …
Subaru: …then let’s stay like this for awhile.
Subaru: …for a little longer…

As Subaru-kun said this, he hugged me harder.
We were pressed together with no room in between us.
My body slowly lost consciousness.
Just like Subaru-kun’s
His slowly disappeared too
…I’m starting to feel myself sinking.
Ba-thump, ba-thump

The intense pulse of my heart was a sweet pain.
Even though I knew I couldn’t develop any feelings,
But my body stayed hot; its temperature didn’t go down.

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