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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Puppy Story (English Translation)

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Ema: (… Hm? Louis-san and Wataru-chan are watching TV with serious look on their face…. Is it an interesting show?)
Ema: What are you two watching?
Wataru: It’s “A Puppy’s Life”! There are all sorts of puppies and they’re so cute!
Louis: “A Puppy’s Life” is one my favorites.
Wataru: Loulou likes it so much that he invited me to watch!
Louis: You’re right…the puppies really are cute.
Wataru: I wanna keep a dog, too…
Louis: I want one, too…
Ema: What’s your favorite dog, Wataru-chan?
Wataru: Mine? It’s a doberman! They’re strong and really cool!
Ema: A doberman…?
Wataru: But when I asked Kyoutan if we could get a doberman, he said no…
Louis: I would feed it…and walk it…
Wataru: So I walk with Julirin instead!
Ema: Eh?! How would you walk Juli…?
Wataru: Oneechan, can I walk him? Can I?
Ema: I don’t know if Juli would like that…
Wataru: I’m gonna put a collar on him so we can walk!
Ema: A collar on Juli?!
Ema: (Juli will get mad if he hears…I shouldn’t tell.)

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