Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match Sugawara Koushi Recruitment (English Translation)

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Shouyou Hinata: “Hey, you should try talking to Sugawara-san, too!”
MC: “Sugawara-san? Umm…… Is it okay for someone like me to talk to him……?”
Shouyou Hinata: “Sugawara-san is an amazingly good person, so it’ll be fine! He’ll probably be happy to help you!”
MC: “I- Is that so……”
Koushi Sugawara: “Hm? Hinata, did you call me?”
Shouyou Hinata: “Oh, Sugawara-san! Hey!”
Koushi Sugawara: “So, how is it? Are you doing alright gathering members?”
MC: ” Y- Yes! Thanks to Hinata, I’m doing well!”
Koushi Sugawara: “I see, I see. Well, good luck!”
Shouyou Hinata: “Sugawara-san, you should join our team and play in the match with us! If we all do it together, it’ll definitely be fun!”
Koushi Sugawara: “Huh, me? That does sound fun and I’d like to, but…… It wouldn’t bother you? I might be a nuisance.”
MC: “No, you wouldn’t be a nuisance at all! If you joined, it’d be like a dream come true!”
Koushi Sugawara: “Ohh, if you say it like that, I guess I can lend you a hand!”
MC: ” Th…… Thank you so much! Having you with us is super reassuring!”
Koushi Sugawara: “Even if you flatter me like that, nothing will come of it~ Oh yeah, while we’re at it, let’s do some combo practice now!”
Shouyou Hinata: “Is that okay!? Yes, please!”
Tadashi Yamaguchi: “Um…… Sugawara-san, do you have a moment? I was wondering if you could teach me how to do an overhand……”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Suga-san, can you toss for me later?”
Asahi Azumane: “Oh, Suga, I also have something to ask you later.”
Koushi Sugawara: “Yup! Oh, but is okay if I do it after combo practice? I’ll definitely go later! …… Okay, sorry to keep you waiting!”
MC: (Wow…… One after another……)
MC: (Sugawara-san really has everyone in Karasuno’s confidence, huh…… That’s pretty amazing……)

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