Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match Character Events: Tanaka
Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match Tanaka Ryūnosuke Recruitment (English Translation)

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MC: (When I go with Hinata to the Sakanoshita Shop, Tanaka-san is there.)
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Yo! If it isn’t Hinata!”
Shouyou Hinata: “Tanaka-san, hey!”
MC: (Woah, it’s Tanaka-san……)
MC: (His face is kind of scary.)
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Hm? Oh, the guy from Momijihara’s with you too!”
MC: “Y- Yes! I really appreciate your kindnesh!!”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “… nesh?”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Bwahahahahaha! What are you so nervous about? You sure are a funny guy!”
MC: (Huh, he’s friendlier than expected once I actually talk to him. Maybe he’s actually an okay person?)
Shouyou Hinata: “You haven’t talked with Tanaka-san much yet? In that case, you should call him senpai.”
MC: “Senpai?”
Shouyou Hinata: “If you do, he might listen to your request, too.”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Hm? What’s up?”
MC: (Tanaka-san is peeking over at me with a scary face.)
MC: (My request…… Okay, I’ll give it a try!)
MC: “U- Um…… Tanaka-senpai!! Would you please play volleyball with me!!!”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Huh……?”
MC: (H- Huh, he got all quiet?)
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Hey, what did you say just now? Try saying that one more time.”
MC: “Huh? Huh?”
MC: (I- Is he angry?)
MC: (This might be bad……)
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “I said, try saying that one more time!!”
MC: “Uhya, hyes!! Ta- Tanaka-senpai!!!”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Senpai…… Uwahahahahaha! That really does have a good ring to it~!”
MC: “…… Huh?”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “Alright, leave everything to Tanaka-senpai!! Let’s play volleyball together!!!”
MC: “R- Really? Thank you!! I look forward to playing with you!!”
Ryuunosuke Tanaka: “From now on, as your senpai, I’ll teach you a lot of things! Oh yeah, I’ll buy you ice cream!”
MC: (Wow, the payoff was really big!?)
MC: (…… Anyway, I’m glad it went well~)

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