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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Musical (English Translation)

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Ema: (Huh? Masaomi-san and Ukyou-san……. it’s strange that the two of them are watching TV together.)
Ema: The two of you, what are you watching?
Ukyou: Ah, Ema-san. What we’re watching right now is my favorite musical DVD.
Masaomi: Ukyou was watching it, so I decided to watch it beside him starting from the middle, but it’s surprisingly interesting.
Ema: Is that so? If it’s alright, may I watch it with you too?
Ukyou: Yes, of course.
Masaomi: Ah, in that case, let’s watch it from the beginning.
Ukyou: You’re right. If you watch it from the middle, it’ll be hard for you to grasp the content.
Ema: Eeh!? That’s, that’s fine! The two of you have watched up to the middle part, so it’s fine to me!
Ukyou: Masaomi-niisan also watched it from somewhere in the middle, so I think it’s best if if we watch it from the beginning together.
Masaomi: Yeah.
Ema: I, I’m sorry…….
Ema: I just occasionally watch musicals, either via TV or DVD, but……. if we watch it unedited like this, there seems to be some kind of appeal to it
Ukyou: If you’re interested, how about we watch them together next time?
Ema: Eh? Really?
Masaomi: That sounds nice. I would like to go as well.
Ukyou: Certainly, because soon there will be a sequel to this performance, if our schedules match, the three of us should go and watch it together.
Ema: Certainly!
Ukyou: Watching musicals in theater with different companions does sound entertaining.
Ema: (Fufuu, I’m looking forward to it……!)

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