Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match

Haikyuu!! Cross Team Match Screencaps (English Translation)

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When you start up the game

HCTM First Screen

Initialize Saved Data


Please note

The act of distributing and distributing are software over the internet without permission of the right holder, and act of downloading (knowingly) illegal internet distribution are strictly prohibited by law. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Staring Screen

HCTM Starting Screen 1.png

HCTM Starting Screen 2.png


Press a button or touch the screen

HCTM Starting Screen 3.png

1 = Start The Game
(When starting the game, you’ll need to select a save file)
2 = Bonus

Bonus Screen

HTCM Bonus Screen.png

1 = Art Room
2 = Music Room
3 = Library
B = Return

Art Room

HTCM BS Art Room.png

Music Room

HTCM BS Music Room Top Screen.png

The song tittles will be translated seperately once completed.

Top = The 18 songs are listed here
B = Return
A = Play


HTCM BS Library Top Screen.png

HTCM BS Library Bottom Screen.png

1 = Read The QR Code (Opens a QR Code Scanner)
2 = Download Number (Opens a menu to download, internet connection needed)
B = Return

Starting The Game

New Game

HCTM New Game.png

1 = From the beginning
2 = Division Activity Diary
3 = Options
B = Return

Division Activity Diary

Divistion Activity Diary Top Screen.png

Divistion Activity Diary Bottom Screen.png

1 = Main Street
2 = Karasuno High A
3 = Karasuno High B
4 = Aobajōsai High
5 = Nekoma High
6 = Tokonami High
7 = Date Tech High
8 = Fukurōdani High
B = Return
A = Play


Options 1.png

1 = Volume of Back Ground Music
2 = Volume of voices
3 = Volume of Sound Effects
4 = Message Speed
Slow – Usual – Fast – Bulk
5 = Skip Settings
Already read – All – None
6 = Reset All Settings
7 = Save Changes

Options 2.png

1 = Preemptive Set Count
1 set – 2 sets
2 = Setpoint
6 points – 11 points – 25 points
3 = Name

From The Beginning

Setting Name.png

Please name the main character (6 letters)
The name can be changed in the options menu
Some special characters are converted to two

After Choosing Name.png

While Playing

Main Screen.png

L = Log
R = Menu
Y = Auto
X = Skip



1 = Status
2 = Student Set
3 = Item
4 = Save
5 = Options
6 = Help
(All tutorials)
7 = Return to tittle screen (Do you want to save?)
B = Return
A = Select


Status Top Screen.png

Status Bottom Screen.png

B  = Return
X = High school order | In order of Confidence | By Name | In order of Stamina
A = Details
Detail of each Character will be translated separately once completed.

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