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The Conniving Crow Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Monday the 2nd of April

At the entrance of Karasuno High students started to gather for the first day of this school year. One of those students was Katsumi Yumi, who was just dropped off by one the servants who work at her estate.

School Uniform.png
(Yumi in her school uniform)

‘I can’t believe I’m finally here! This is the place where Dad used to go!’ Yumi though to herself. As she was looking for her classroom, class 1-4, she was fondly thinking of old memories where her dad told her about his time at Karasuno High and how he was the Ace of the boys volleyball club.

During her walk she passed lots of upperclassmen who were trying to get first years to join their club, none of them appeared to be making an approach towards Yumi. She didn’t really mind, since she wasn’t interested in joining just any club, she had her mind set on joining the boys volleyball club (just like her dad). Not as a player, of course, she wasn’t very good at volleyball but her knowledge of the sport was immense.

Her dad always spoke of something called ‘The battle At The Garbage Dump’, it didn’t sound very nice to her but it made her dad happy so she got excited over it. Apparently it was a fated match between the Karasuno volleyball team and the Nekoma team at a national tournament, though it never happened while he was still part of the team.

Finally, an upperclassman did approach Yumi, she didn’t seem to flustered about Yumi’s appearance. (Other people had been ogling her, but where to shy or flustered to approach her. Yumi was completely oblivious to this).

“Hello, my name is Shimizu Kiyoko, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I was wondering if you already signed up for a club?” Said Shimizu to Yumi.

It caught Yumi of guard, since she was completely lost in her own memories.

“Ah, I’m Katsumi Yumi, it’s a pleasure to meet you Shimizu-senpai.” She awnsered “But I’m only interested in joining–”

“How would you like to join the boys volleyball club as a manager?” Shimizu asked after hearing the girl introduce herself. “Oh, I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

After registering what Shimizu had said, Yumi’s eyes started to sparkle and she was quick to answer.

“Yes! I would love to join! Thank you very much!”

Now it was Shimizu’s turn to be caught of guard, she wasn’t expecting such an excited answer after all the refusals she had gotten earlier.

“That’s great to hear! You can come by Gymnasium 2 after classes, I’ll introduce you to the other members!” Shimizu said while Yumi filled in the form to join a club.

“I’m looking forward to it!” Said Yumi whilst handing the form to Shimizu.

After saying their goodbyes, they both went their separate ways. Both completely oblivious to the stares and muttering of the other students. (Seeing 2 beautiful girls talking to each other was apparently something the other students got excited over).

After talking to some more students, Shimizu decided to go back to her fellow club members and hand over the forms she collected.

“Here. These are the new sign-ups we received.” She said while handing them to Daichi.

“Only this many? There used to be a lot more in the past.” Daichi said after recieving the papers. The club seemed to be losing popularity.

“Don’t worry Daichi! I’m sure we’ll get more.” Said Sugawara after hearing the disappointment in the captains voice.

“Kiyoko-san, you look gorgeous as always today!” Said a flustered Tanaka, completely ignoring the conversation of the others.

“I love it when you totally ignore me too!” Tanaka announced after receiving no answer from Shimizu.

“Ah, that’s right, I also have a form for a potential new manager.” Said Shimizu, ignoring Tanaka and his antics.

“A new manager?!” Said the three males in chore with each other. This certainly was a surprise to them, apparently Shimizu was already looking for a successor for her postion.

The boys had many thoughts about the situation, wondering what kind of person Shimizu had found. Secretly hoping she was as cute as Shimizu herself.

There weren’t any real classes today, mostly just introductions. Yumi tried to pay attention to her fellow classmates but her thoughts kept wondering towards the volleyball club. She was looking forward to meeting the other members and becoming a part of the club her dad used to be part of.

Finally the last class ended, it was now time to check out the volleyball club.

Whilst making her way toward the gymnasium, she heard someone shout “I’m going to be Karasuno’s new ace!” ‘This guy sure has a lot of confidence, I wonder what they’re like… Better go join in on the conversation!’

“Excuse me, I’m looking for Shimizu-senpai, she asked me to come here after classes.” Yumi said while entering the gymnasium.

The conversation came to a stop, all the boys were now staring at her.

‘She’s cute!’ was the unanimous thought of the boys standing before her. Pink dusted their cheeks as they looked at the gorgeous green eyes that stared at them.

“Ah, pardon my intrusion, I’m Katsumi Yumi from class 1-4 and –” Yumi stared in hope of releasing some of the tension.

“You must be the girl Shimizu-san told us about, you’re interested in becoming our new manager right?” Asked Sugawara “I’m Sugawara Kouchi, third year and the vice captain of this club, it’s nice to meet you.”

“That’s right and it’s nice to meet you to Sugawara-senpai!” Yumi said smiling brightly at said male.

The next one to introduce himself was Daichi “I’m Sawamura Daichi, also a third year and the captain of this club, it’s fine to just call me Daichi, everyone here does.”

” It’s nice to meet you Daichi-senpai.” replied Yumi.

Tanaka stood shyly behind the two, not sure on how to react. Daichi took the initiative to introduce him. “And this is Tanaka Ryūnosuke, a second year.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Tanaka-senpai” said Yumi whilst smiling at him.
“Se.. Senpai?!” Shouted Tanaka in complete shock. A cute girl just called him senpai!

And down went Tanaka…

Being a bit confused by it, Yumi turned to the other first years. The one with the dark hair was first to say something. Whilst bowing down he shouted his name, Kageyama Tobio. The other wasn’t as intense, he seemed a lot more shy about talking to Yumi, whilst stuttering he stated his name, Hinata Shōyō.

“So… Where you the one who shouted about becoming the new ace?” She playfully asked the orange haired boy.

And so the argument began again…..

During the argument the vice principal made his way inside the gymnasium, but the 2 first years didn’t seem to notice.

‘This wont end well…. Maybe I should take out my phone and film… Just in case…’ Yumi thought to herself while trying to hide the little smirk growing on her face.

A little while later…

Headshot 1.gif

And this happened.

“Huh? That was a toupee?” Asked Kageyama, a little shocked.
“You just noticed? Everyone figured that out during the entrance ceremony.’ replied Hinata casually.
“Aha-hem!! You two… Pfffftt…. You two shut up now…” Said Tanaka, trying to conceal his laughter.
“Takana, you shut up too!” Shouted Sugawara.

Yumi had a hard time containing her laughter, but she sure was glad she was able to film all this. It was gold!

After the whole situation died down, Hinata and Kageyama got ‘banned’ from the club until they learned how to work together.

Afetr some time, Shimizu walked in asking Yumi to follow her towards the girls club room where they could both get changed. While leaving the gymnasium, Yumi smiled toward the 2 boys who were still trying to figure out how to get back in the club.

By the time they got back to the gymnasium, the fated match between the first years was already decided.

Sport 3
(Yumi’s tracksuit)

‘Well, this should be interesting’ thought Yumi ‘this club sure is different from what I imagined it to be. But, that’s not really a bad thing.’ Yumi smilled ‘This was quite a first day, I’m so glad I could come to this school!’

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