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The Conniving Crow: All Additional Characters

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All Additional Characters

Katsumi Yumi (勝美優美)

勝美 = (Katsumi) Victorious beauty
勝 = (Katsu) Wins
美 = (Mi/Bi) The beauty, beautiful

優美 = (Yumi) Grace, superior beauty
優 = (Yu) Excellent, superior
美 = (Mi/Bi) The beauty, beautiful

First year at Karasuno, class 1-4. Grew up traveling a lot due to her father being a professional volleyball player. So, she was homeschooled. She decided that she wanted to start attending Karasuno when she was old enough, after long arguments she was allowed to.

Her mother puts a lot of value in being ‘beautiful’, especially for females. That is why she gave her daughter the name Yumi which also possesses the kanji 美.

Katsumi Tomoya (勝美智矢)

Tomoya 1.png

勝美 = (Katsumi) Victorious beauty
勝 = (Katsu) Wins
美 = (Mi/Bi) The beauty, beautiful

智矢 = (Tomoya) A wise or an intelligent person
智 = (Tomo) Intellect
矢= (Ya) Arrow

Tomoya is very intelligent and can come off as closed off and indifferent. He appears to be very mature for his age (10) but acts more like a child when he is around his older sister. He really loves her and wants to protect her. Although he relies on logic a lot, when it comes to his sister he no longer thinks rationally.
He has next to none memories of his father, he is very indifferent toward Shouzou (unless he and Yumi get into an argument).

He is kind of a Kuudere.
Kuudere characters have a unique personality, that can be considered similar to tsundere. In the beginning, they act as cold, unapproachable and cynical like ice-blocks that are impossible to melt. But though they seem emotionless on the outside, they’re very caring at least when it comes to the ones they love.

Looks like Ryuu from Akagami no Shirayukihime

Kenta (健誰)

Will appear in later chapters.

Kenta 1.png

健誰 = (Kenta) One who has health and is well formed
健 = (Ken) Health, strength
誰 = (Ta) Somebody, someone

This name was chosen as a good fortune.

Looks like Tetsuya 2 from Kuroko no Basket

Katsumi Kyouko (勝美旺冴)

Mom 1 (Kyouko).png

勝美 = (Katsumi) Victorious beauty
勝 = (Katsu) Wins
美 = (Mi/Bi) The beauty, beautiful

旺冴 = (Kyouko)
旺 = (Kyou) Successful, beautiful, vigorous, flourishing
冴 = (Ko) Serene, skillful, clear

She has become very closed off after losing her first husband Ryou, in a way she has lost hope in love after that. She comes from a very wealthy lineage but was allowed to marry Ryou since he had great potential (to become a professional volleyball player). After he passed away, she eventually remarried Shouzou. This was more an arranged marriage, 2 wealthy families joining together. Since she had to suffer due to love, she doesn’t want the same for her children. She wants to protect them from the pain, so she does consider arranged marriages for them.

Looks like Yuuki Kyouko from Sword Art Online

Fukuizumi Shouzou (福泉彰像)

Stepfather 1 (Shouzou).png

福泉 = (Fukuizumi)
福 = (Fuku) Fortune
泉 = (Izumi) Spring, fountain

彰像 = (Shouzou) Successful, award winning, ….
彰 = (Shou) Award
像 = (Zou) Statue

A very strict man. Older than Kyouko. Doesn’t value emotions. Cares more about wealth and having his business flourish. Insists on an arranged marriage for Yumi, they get into a lot of arguments.
He sees his ties with the Katsumi family as beneficial, no love involved whatsoever. He does respect Kyouko and treats her accordingly. He wants to raise Tomoya as a potential successor, since he doesn’t have any children of his own.

Looks like Yuuki Shouzou from Sword Art Online

Ariyoshi Ryou (有吉凌)

有吉 = (Ariyoshi) Fortune exists, luck exists
有 = (Ari) Exist
吉 = (Yoshi) Fortunate, lucky

凌 = (Ryou) Surpassing, survival. To Exceed, survive or excel

Biological father of Yumi and Tomoya. Died due to illness when Yumi was 10 and Tomoya was 5. Went to Karasuno when he was younger, was the ace of the volleyball club during that time. He was a very skilled player, but the team never made it far (since you can’t rely on just one good player). He met Kyouko during those years (she was being homeschooled), they fell in love rather fast. He worked very hard to gain her family’s approval. He married into her family and took over her name.

Looked like an older Makoto Tachibana from Free!

Preston Johnson

Preston Johnson 1.jpg

The one Shouzou wants Yumi to marry. He is from a very wealth British family. The Johnson family has always been in close ties with the Fukuizumi family (business partners). Shouzou wants to fuse the two families together using Yumi.
Preston is a mix of oujidere and kanedere. He also views others as beneath him. Typical arrogant rich boy.

Oujidere can be considered as the male counterpart of Himedere. They are very flirty and act like a prince who needs to be treated with special care and attention from others around them. They are high-minded womanizers, or at least they are convinced that they are.

Kanedere is a material type of character who cares more about your money, power, and possessions, than your personality. They think a fat bank account can solve everything and even emotions can be bought with money like a pair of expensive shoes. They have mixed feelings and contradictory ideas about someone they love.

Looks like Arashi Narukami from The English Ensemble Stars


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