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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event Racing Game (English Translation)

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Ema: (Wataru-chan and Masaomi-san are racing each other…)
Wataru: Yay!! I won! I won!
Ema: (Wataru-chan is better at it than I thought. As for Masaomi-san…)
Masaomi: Aw, I lost again…
Wataru: Wow, Maakun, you’re last again!
Masaomi: Don’t say it, Wataru…
Ema: Haha…
Wataru: Tsukkun said we were all gonna have a tournament!
Masaomi: A tournament?
Wataru: Yeah, he even gave it a name!
Wataru: He calls it “Ey-Wan Granpri”.
Ema: (Does he mean the A-1 Grand Prix…)
Wataru: So if you keep playing like that, Maakun, you’ll lose at the “Ey-Wan Granpri”!
Wataru: So I’m gonna train you hard!
Masaomi: Train…?!
Wataru: Yeah! And I’ll be suuuper strict, too!
Wataru: First, we’ll start with this button! Practice by pressing it ten thousand times!!
Masaomi: Eeeh?! Ten thousand?!
Ema: (Wow, Wataru-chan’s really excited.)
Ema: (It’s all sudden, but now it’s Masaomi-san who’s being taught by him…)
Wataru: Maakun, press faster!
Masaomi: Not so much, Wataru…!
Ema: (Work hard, Masaomi-san!)

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