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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Where’s the Match? (English Translation)

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Yusuke: Hey, you…… are you free right now? How about…… we play Shougi for a bit?
Ema: Shougi? …… that’s fine with me, but getting an invitation to play from Yusuke-kun seems a bit odd?
Yusuke: Wh, whaa!? It’s, it’s nothing particular…… it just happens, okay!!
Yusuke: It, it just happens that you look like you have nothing to do so I thought of inviting you, it’s not that I’ve been wanting to ask you since earlier…….
Ema: Since earlier……?
Yusuke: Gah――!! Ne, never mind! It’s fine, let’s just do it right away! Yeah!
Ema: Y, yeah…….
Iori: Huh? …… the two of you are going to play Shougi?
Yusuke: Geh, Iori…….
Ema: (…… “Geh”?)
Ema: Yes. Yusuke-kun invited me to play.
Iori: Hmm…….
Ema: Speaking of which, have Iori-san and Yusuke-kun ever played Shougi together?
Yusuke: Wha-……!!
Iori: Just occasionally. Every time, Yusuke would suddenly come to my room, and then he will ask me, “Iori, let’s have a match!”.
Yusuke: Y, you’re wrong! It’s not like that, it’s not like I did it every time!!
Iori: Is that so? Though I never recalled ever becoming the one to ask you to play……?
Yusuke: Th, that’s…… true, but…….
Ema: By the way, which one of you is stronger?
Yusuke: D, do you have to ask so casually like that!?
Ema: Eh, but Iori-san and Yusuke-kun’s age gap is pretty close, so I think it seems like a good match.
Iori: Certainly…… the outcome so far, out of 17 matches I’ve scored 17 wins……
Yusuke: Gah――!! It, it has nothing to do with the past, right!? What’s more important is, right now, who’s the stronger one between us!!
Iori: Is that so? Though I think that the track record up until now is important……. well, there’s some truth in what Yusuke says, so while we have the chance…… how about we have a match now?
Yusuke: Eeh!!?
Iori: Ah, but right now Yusuke is about to have a match with you. It’ll be bad if I become a nuisance to you two’s match, so for now I’ll…….
Ema: No! I don’t mind, right now I really want Iori-san and Yusuke-kun to have a match!
Yusuke: Haaaaa!!?
Ema: I would like to see the two of you playing Shougi, and also Yusuke-kun, rather than having a match with me would prefer to get back at Iori-san…….
Yusuke: Wha-…… you, what are you deciding on your own……!
Iori: I’m fine with both options. What would you like to do, Yusuke?
Yusuke: Guh………… I get it! It’s alright if I do it, right!? Today, I’ll definitely win!!
Iori: Fufuu.
Ema: (Iori-san and Yusuke-kun’s Shougi showdown…… I’m looking forward to it!)

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