Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Dark 5 (English Translation)
Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Subaru Dark 5 (English Translation)

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In the bathroom
Yui: What?!
Subaru: Tch. You’re damn noisy.
Subaru: Don’t yell so loud like that.
Yui: Subaru-kun!
Yui: Even if you say that, anybody would scream if they’re taking a shower, and there’s a broken wall right in the middle of it!
Yui: Fortunately I had finished bathing and I was half-dressed …
Yui: (I-I’m still changing, go somewhere else!!)
Subaru: … Tch, so noisy. Anyway I came here with a purpose.
Subaru: However, you’re telling me to leave, you’re saying some really stupid things!
???: -Oi, where did you go?! Tch … this bastard Subaru is so damned insolent, exactly the habit of a younger brother…
Yui: !
???: The one who did this was Subaru, wasn’t it? And the girl is there too?
Yui: (And-that voice … Ayato-kun?!)
Ayato: Oi, what are you doing running into this magical place? I haven’t finished talking to you!
Yui: ?! But I didn’t finish to get dressed yet! If Ayato-kun comes in…!
Yui: (Oh, no, what should I do?!)
Subaru: ……
Subaru: Don’t come in!
Ayato: Aa?
Yui: … Subaru-Kun?
Ayato: Haa?! Anyway you escaped halfway and ran into the bathroom, coward.
Ayato: Oi, I didn’t set the incident with you. You ate my takoyaki, so confess!
Subaru: … Tch. To have your takoyaki eaten…
Subaru: Who is the coward now?!
Subaru: Just get lost! If you come in, despite this, I’ll seriously break you into pieces!!
Ayato: … .. Haa? What the hell? Is your head getting hot? Are you seriously pissed?
Ayato: Anyway, I’m the victim here! Damn it…!
Ayato: A~ah, boring. I should just go somewhere else!
Yui: (… Thank goodness … it seems Ayato-kun left.)
Subaru: … Tch. He finally left.
Yui: Y-yes.
Yui: ( … Did Subaru-kun save me now, I wonder? …)

Choose: Thank you (Correct choice)
Choose: What are you hiding?

Yui: Uhm, thank you …
Subaru: Haa? Why are you thanking me?
Yui: Well, you saved me now, didn’t you?
Subaru: …… Wrong. I just didn’t want anyone getting in the way of my meal.

Choose: Is he hiding something?
Yui: Um, Subaru-kun? Are you planning something…?
Subaru: ….Aah?
Subaru: Alright, bring it. Are you trying to start something? That sounds like you.
Yui: I-I’m sorry!

Subaru: Anyway, how long are you going to crouch down over there for? Get up.
Yui: Huh?!
Yui: B-but I’m still not dressed——
Subaru: Agh, you’re obnoxious! Just stand up already!
Yui: (A-am I being held?!)
Subaru: If I hold you like this, then you won’t feel so aware of it, right?
Yui: I-if I feel conscious about it or not isn’t the problem!
Subaru: You’re damn noisy, shut up.
Subaru: Anyway, I’m not interested in your body. What I’m interested in is…
Subaru: … Only your blood.
Yui: !!
Subaru: I’m hungry. If you already know, then hurry up and let me drink your blood.
Yui: Ah …
Subaru: *bites* … nn … .nn …….
Yui: Nn ……
Yui: (… It’s not like he has to save me.)
Yui: (I already knew that from the beginning, but somehow…)
Subaru: … ..nn. Ha …. delicious.
Subaru: Your blood is really delicious … I unconsciously eat eagerly.
Subaru: Hm? You’re not going to resist now. Did you finally realize that it’s my food?
Yui: …….
Subaru: …… That’s good. Just hold still and take my fangs.
Subaru: …… At all times.
Yui: (I … why am I shocked…)

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