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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Brilliant…… (English Translation)

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Ema: (Even Hikaru-san is here for the board game…)
Hikaru: There, first!
Ukyo: It’s my turn, then.
Wataru: Ah!
Ukyo: Oh…I’m second.
Yusuke: Seriously…
Ema: Uh…my turn next…
Subaru: Ah!
Ema: Oh…I’m done, too!
Yusuke: Really…!
Wataru: Wow! Oneechan is so good!!
Yusuke: I’m next…ah!
Wataru: And Yuukun misses two turns!
Yusuke: Again…
Hikaru: Next is Subaru.
Subaru: Let’s do this…ah!
Wataru: Aaaand Subarun goes back ten places!
Subaru: Haaaah…
Wataru: This is our second game, but Yuukun and Subarun are last again!
Hikaru: …You guys are as bad in games as you are in life, huh…
Yusuke: Shut up!!
Subaru: Argh…
Ema: (Ahaha…)

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6 thoughts on “Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: Brilliant…… (English Translation)”

  1. Hello! Just a passerby that found this blog a few days ago and wants to thank you for the hard work, for everything you’ve done until now and for everything you are doing, it’s amazing.
    I was looking for translations for both Brothers Conflict and DiaLovers, and you are making it happen for me and for many other otome fans.
    I’ve told about the blog to my other friends that look forward to your work too.
    Please keep it up! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! It always makes me happy to hear people are appreciating what I do, I’m planning on fully translating those games (and the others in their line) So please be patient with me, I promise I’ll finish them one day ♥


      1. I’m really glad! I know how little appreciation people like you receive and yet how much you work to make this possible! I’m looking forward to every update ❤


      2. Unfortunately, that’s right, that’s why it always makes me so happy when someone does show some appreciation. So thank you! ♥


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