Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Maniac 2 (English Translation)
Diabolik Lovers, Haunted Dark Bridal, Otome Games

Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Maniac 2 (English Translation)

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Yui: Shuu-san, this way.
Shuu: Ow. Let go.
Yui: No. When I let go earlier, you almost got lost.
Shuu: You’re the one who got lost. I just stood there.
Yui: Maybe Shuu-san is just standing there, but you’re being pushed around by the crowd, so we almost got separated.
Shuu: Besides, this place is too noisy. It’s disgusting.
Shuu: …why do I have to accompany you to buy things?
Shuu: …just earlier, I was sleeping comfortably in my room.
Yui: But you have to go outside once in awhile. I’ve already stopped waking you up during the day.
Yui: (Bringing him here was my idea.)
Yui: (Though, Reiji-san said that he had to clean, so he told me to drag Shuu-san out of the house.)
Yui: (Though, now that I’m outside, I might as well enjoy it.)
Yui: (Is there anything that might interest Shuu-san…ah!)
Yui: Shuu-san, let’s go to the bookstore together. There are some books that I want.
Shuu: …no.
Yui: …you’re always listening to your music. Why don’t you try reading books once in a while?
Shuu: What’s the use of reading a human book?
Yui: But isn’t Shuu-san listening to human music anyway?
Shuu: Music is different. Don’t lump it together with a pile of words.
Shuu: *sigh* …what a pointless conversation. I’m thirsty.
Yui: Ah, then let’s go find a coffee shop.
Shuu: I despise places with a lot of people.
Yui: Ah…okay. Then let’s go to the convenient store to buy something.
Shuu: You go buy it.
Yui: That’s okay, but…
Yui: (It should be okay. If I leave him here by himself, he won’t run away, right?)
Yui: Then, please stay here. I’ll be back in five minutes!
Shuu: …so annoying. Hurry up and go.
Yui: Okay. I’m leaving!

Yui: Shuu-san! I bought drinks!
Yui: Shuu-…he’s not here. Seriously, where could he have gone?
Yui: (There’s no way that he would come back here by himself. I have to hurry and look for him…!)
Yui: Shuu-san?
Yui: (He’s not here either…where did he run off to?)
Shuu: …shut up. Don’t yell someone’s name that loudly.
Yui: Wha…Shuu-san!
Yui: What happened to you?! These wounds…!
Shuu: …a man bumped into me when I was standing there.
Yui: Eh…?
Shuu: Afterwards, that man called a group of people over. He said something, but I don’t remember what it was.
Yui: They didn’t just say something to you! These wounds…look deep…
Shuu: I don’t really understand what happened, but afterwards, they brought me here and hit me.
Yui: Who would do such a thing…
Shuu: Who knows. Because they were making a lot of noise, I didn’t say anything at all.
Yui: (To be hit and not even say anything…)
Yui: Why didn’t you try to fight back? Since you’re a vampire, aren’t you supposed to be more powerful?
Shuu: Hm? I’m supposed to be more powerful?
Yui: Eh…?
Shuu: Nothing….I could’ve, but I didn’t see the need to. I could’ve overpowered them, and I could’ve killed them, right?
Yui: Y-you can’t! You absolutely cannot kill someone!
Yui: But you have to try to fight back a little. You got away with a couple of injuries this time, but if something bad were to happen to Shuu-san…
Shuu: …who cares.
Yui: How could you say that…
Yui: (Why…doesn’t he care about his well-being at all…?)
Yui: (I think that even if he was almost dead, he wouldn’t try to protect himself…)
Yui: (I shouldn’t have left Shuu-san alone…)
Yui: …I’m sorry, Shuu-san.
Shuu: …why are you apologizing?
Yui: Because…you got hurt because I brought you here…
Shuu: …ow.
Yui: S-sorry! Are you alright? Do you want to call the car to pick us up?
Shuu: …no need.
Yui: But…we have to hurry up and disinfect your wounds…
Shuu: …then, why don’t you lick them?
Yui: Ah…

Choose: To ask me to lick it… (Correct choice)
Choose: I hate it when you say something like that.

Yui: I’m…not a vampire…how can I lick blood?
Shuu: Does it matter?
Yui: What do you mean, ‘does it matter?’ …
Shuu: Compared to your useless apologies, this will actually help my injuries.
Yui: (…he’s right. I was the one who forcibly dragged him here.)
Yui: I…I understand…
Yui: (His smooth skin is as white as snow…)
Yui: Ah…
Yui: (Ah…the blood…so a vampire’s blood also has this iron taste to it…)
Yui: (Shuu-san…even though his skin is very cold, his blood is hot…)
Yui: (Ah…this injury…the skin is all gone…it looks like it really hurts…)
Shuu: …ngh!
Yui: (Ah…that expression of pain…is so good…)
Shuu: You…what are you doing?
Yui: …ah.
Yui: (I…what…what did I just do?!)
Shuu: Licking my injuries…were you that excited by it?
Yui: Ah…it’s not like that…
Shuu: But you were tasting them and biting at it…I thought you were some kind of wild beast.
Yui: I…I’m so sorry! Does it hurt a lot?
Shuu: What use is it to say that now? No matter how you try to cover it up, you can’t change the fact that you tried to eat me.
Yui: E-eat you…why would I…
Yui: (I didn’t have that intentions, but…the scent of Shuu-san’s blood is still lingering on my tongue…)
Yui: (What a delicious taste…)
Yui: (And the feeling of his pale skin…)
Yui: (I want to…lick it again…)
Yui: (Why am I like this…but my heart keeps hurting abnormally…)
Yui: (It can’t be that when I was unaware…a vampire stole my soul…?)

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