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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Subaru Event 3: Swimming In The Sea (English Translation)

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Ema: (It’s the 3rd day of our trip. The weather’s good, and the sea breeze feels great too!)
Juli: Chii, what are you doing today?
Ema: I was thinking of going swimming today! What are you gonna do, Juli? Are you going to take a nap in the shade?
Juli: That’s right. Going swimming is kinda… I can’t stand having my beautiful fur all messed up!
Juli: Take great care Chii.
Juli: Make sure you pay attention when swimming in the sea. You never know when you’ll be washed away by the waves,and you could end up drowning. The sea won’t even think about you…
Ema: Yup yup~!
Juli: Oi! What’s with that kind of response! You know, I get really concerned about you Chii!? And to think you could ignore that so easily, I won’t forgive you…
Ema: (Juli really nags too much…)
Ema: Oh… Subaru-san’s over there…! Is he about to go swim?

1: Call out to him (hearts)
2: Don’t bother him and just watch

1: Call out to him
Ema: (I’ll call out to him.)
Ema: Subaru-san!
Subaru: Ahh… It’s you.

2: Don’t bother him and just watch
Ema: (It’ll be bad if I bother him, so I guess I’ll just have a look.)
Subaru: Hm, what’s this? Are you just going to sit here and not swim?
Ema: (Ah! Subaru-san called out to me…)

Ema: Subaru-san, were you going to swim?
Subaru: Yeah, I was going to do some long-distance swimming like yesterday.
Ema: It’s amazing you can swim so far.
Subaru: Ah, yeah…
Ema: (Hm…? It seems like Subaru-san keeps staring at me…?)
Ema: …Subaru-san? Is something wrong?
Subaru: No. …I was just thinking that you’re actually wearing that parka today.
Ema: Ah, this… I’m sorry for borrowing it the whole time.
Subaru: It’s fine, just keep it on.
Ema: (Hehe, Subaru-san. His words are really blunt, but he’s actually really kind.)
Subaru: Well I’ll be going to swim again. …What are you gonna do?
Ema: I was also thinking of going swimming now.
Subaru: …Then, want to come with me?
Ema: Eh…Is it okay?
Subaru: I won’t be going that far anymore…
Ema: Thank you!
Subaru: There are places where it suddenly gets deep, so be careful.
Ema: Yep! Then, I’ll take this parka off.
Subaru: Ye-yeah. I’ll go ahead.
Ema: (Subaru-san’s face was red, I wonder why? Did he get a sunburn?)
Ema: Hey, Juli. I’m going swimming together with Subaru-san.
Juli: Hm? …Well, if it’s Subaru, then I’m relieved.
Ema: …Relieved?
Juli: No, it’s nothing. Be careful. Don’t forget what I told you before.
Ema: Okaaay! I’ll be going!
Ema: (Uhm, Subaru-san is…)
Ema: (Waah…! Subaru-san’s amazing. He already swam that far. I have to chase after him!)
Ema: (That’s right, I couldn’t bring a swim ring with me… I wonder if I can swim that far…?)
Ema: (I could probably make it if I do breaststroke, but I haven’t really swam in the ocean before, so I’m a little worried…)
Ema: (…While I was thinking, Subaru-san was slowly getting further and further. I have to hurry or else–…!?)
Ema: Kya…!?
Ema: (Wha, what…!? It suddenly got deep…!)
Ema: (No…! I’m going to drown…!!!? I, I can’t…breathe…)
Subaru: What are you doing!
Ema: Cough…! Cough, cough…!!
Subaru: Are you alright?
Ema: Su, Subaru-san…!?
Subaru: What happened?
Ema: The ocean suddenly got deeper and…cough, and then…
Subaru: Geez…That’s why I told you to be careful.
Ema: So, sorry…
Subaru: You’re…too dangerous. It’ll be impossible to swim together.
Subaru: I have to keep an eye on you…
Ema: …Subaru-san…
Ema: (Uh, uhm…I’m happy he came and saved me but… This position is…kinda embarrassing.)
Ema: …Uhm, Subaru-san?
Subaru: Hm? What is it?
Ema: Uhm, well…Aren’t I heavy…? You can put me down now…
Subaru: …Wa, wah!? So-sorry!!!
Ema: Eh!? Kyaa!!
Ema: Cough…!
Subaru: I’m really sorry… Suddenly letting go of you like that.
Ema: N-no! It’s okay. I should be the one apologizing…! Cough.
Subaru: …Okay.
Ema: …….
Subaru: …..vy.
Ema: Eh?
Subaru: I, I said, you weren’t heavy!!
Ema: (Ah, the thing I said before…!)
Subaru: …You have such a thin body, are you eating your meals properly?
Ema: I, I am! I’m eating properly!!
Ema: …Subaru-san should know that, right…? We always eat together…..
Subaru: We-well, that’s right… But…with that body, I’d probably be able to carry two of you.
Ema: Tha, that’s…that’s because Subaru-san is really strong. Since you’re always training your body…
Subaru: …..
Ema: Anyway, uhm…thanks for saving me before.
Subaru: No, you don’t need to thank me. Don’t worry about it.
Subaru: …I’m going to swim again, so you go over there and rest.
Ema: (Ah, he’s gone…)
Ema: (I really wanted to swim together with Subaru-san but…I can’t bother him any more than this.)
Ema: (I guess I’ll just watch Subaru-san swim from here…)

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