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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event The Taste Of Sake (English Translation)

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Ema: (I could drink something warm before going to bed…)
Ema: (The light’s on…I didn’t think anybody would be in here…)
Ema: Ukyo-san and…Kaname-san?
Ukyo: Ema-san? What are you doing at this hour?
Ema: I just came to get something to drink…and…is that alcohol?
Ema: (I don’t see them together often enough…and this is the first time I’ve seen Ukyo-san drink…!)
Ukyo: Why, yes. Kaname received wine from a sponsor, so we’re sharing a drink together.
Kaname: It’s very expensive wine, and Tsuba-chan would drink it all if he found this.
Ukyo: Would you keep this a secret to the others?
Ema: Hm, I see…although…does it taste good?
Kaname: You want to know, Imouto-chan? I can give you a drink…mouth to mouth.
Ema: …Never mind.
Kaname: A fast reply! Aah, cold as always…
Ukyo: I think it’s a splendid response. I’d rather you maintain that mindset, Ema-san.
Kaname: It’s a joke, alright? Well, you’re almost of age, and we can drink then.
Ukyo: That would be in three years, correct? I’ll gladly wait until then.
Ema: (I want to drink with them once I turn 20, too…)

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