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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event Brother (English Translation)

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Ukyo: Ema-san, as we’ve finished cleaning up, you may return to your room.
Ema: Understood.
Ukyo: Thank you for helping out today as well.
Ema: It’s nothing!
Miwa: I’m home~.
Ukyo: Mom!? What’s wrong all of sudden?
Miwa: Nah. It’s not like I have any special intention for coming here. I had some business close by so I tried coming over. I thought I would like to see my adorable sons once in awhile~!
Ema: Miwa-san, good evening.
Miwa: Oh my? Ema-chan is here too. Could it be you were helping out with the after-dinner cleaning?
Ema: Ah, yes…
Ukyo: Ema-san helps me out everyday. On the days where I return late due to work, too, she cooperates with me.
Miwa: Dear me!! How admirable~!
Ema: No, this much is just something usual.
Miwa: If you keep this up, you can become a bride anytime you want. Ufufu!
Ema: Eh…!? A bride is…!
Miwa: My, surely you still remember what I said during my wedding ceremony? ‘If you have someone that you’re interested in, we can hold the ceremony anytime’ is what I told you.
Ukyo: …? What is this about?
Ema: Whoa, whoa! Ukyo-san!! It’s nothing, it’s nothing!!
Miwa: Dear me, Ema-chan, there’s nothing to be shy about.
Ema: …Ahaha…
Ema: (Miwa-san’s powerfulness always feel overwhelming…)
Ukyo: ….???
Ema: P-Please don’t think much of it, Ukyo-san! It’s nothing important, so….!
Ema: Rather than that, I’ll make some tea. Miwa-san and Ukyo-san please sit and wait.
Ukyo: I’m sorry for the trouble. Thank you very much.
Miwa: Thank you.
Masaomi: I’m home~.
Ema: Ah, Masaomi-san. Welcome home.
Masaomi: Yeah, I’m back.
Miwa: Maa-kun, welcome back!
Masaomi: Oh? Mom, you came.
Ema: She had just arrived, so I was thinking of serving her tea just now.
Ema: I’ll also warm up Masaomi-san’s meal, so please sit together with them.
Masaomi: Ah, I feel kind of bad. But, thanks.
Ema: It’s alright.
Miwa: Really, Ema-chan is not only adorable but she’s also a pretty capable kid, huh~.
Ema: I, it’s nothing like that at all…!

Ema: Sorry for the long wait. Here, please have some.
Ukyo: Thank you very much.
Miwa: Thank you…. Mm, it’s good!
Masaomi: I also like the tea that Ema-chan makes.
Ema: Thank you very much, Masaomi-san.
Ema: Ah, Ukyo-san. Did I put enough sugar?
Ukyo: Yes, it’s enough.
Miwa: …….
Ema: ……?
Ema: (…I wonder why? Miwa-san keeps staring intently at me…?)
Miwa: You, even until now, you still won’t call me Mama, and toward these children too, you’re still calling them with the suffix ‘-san’?
Ema: Eh…?
Miwa: For awhile, won’t you try calling them Masa-nii and Kyo-nii?
Ema: Eeeh! I-It’s fine like this…!
Miwa: It’s not fine at all~! Hey, just try it a little?
Ema: Ehh….do, do I really have to?
Miwa: Just to try to get the feel…please?
Masaomi: Mom, you’re troubling Ema-chan…
Miwa: Eeh, but I want to hear it.
Ukyo: Ema-san, it’s alright to not force yourself.
Ema: (Uh…it’s a good change, I guess it’s alright to try calling them that way once?)
Ema: I, it’s not like I’m forcing myself… then, I’ll start, okay….?
Masaomi: Eh……?
Ema: Ma-Masa-nii…?
Masaomi: !!! …Whoa…that’s…very, refreshing…!
Ema: And then…
Ukyo: I-I’m fine with not being called….!
Ema: Kyo, Kyo-nii…?
Ukyo: !!!
Ema: (Uuh…as I thought it feels embarrassing…!!)
Miwa: Kyaaa!! I saw some sort of odd sight just now!
Masaomi: I’ve gotten used to having only my brothers calling me in such fashion, but when Ema-chan does it, somehow…it makes my heart beat faster.
Ukyo: A-Agreed.
Miwa: Then this time, won’t you try calling them by adding ‘oniichan’ after their name?
Ema: Eeh!? ….O-Oniichan?
Miwa: Yup. Masaomi-oniichan, Ukyo-oniichan.
Ema: (W, what to do…!?)
Ema: (Just calling them ‘Masa-nii’ and ‘Kyo-nii’ made me feel so embarrassed, if I try calling them ‘Masaomi-oniichan’ and ‘Ukyo-oniichan’, I will feel way too embarrassed……!)
Tsubaki: Uwaah! Just now, I witnessed a very shocking moment!!
Kaname: Tsuba-chan, me too.
Ema: (Tsubaki-san and Kaname-san…? Since when…!!?)
Miwa: Oh my, Tsukkun and Kana-chan are here too.
Kaname: Mom, long time no see.
Tsubaki: Anyway, what was that just now? About Masa-nii and Kyo-nii, you were going to call them ‘oniichan’!?
Ema: Th-That was Miwa-san’s….
Tsubaki: How sly!! You should call me ‘Tsubaki-oniichan’ too!
Kaname: Won’t you call me ‘Kaname-oniichan’ too? ….Please?
Ema: Eh….err….!
Ema: …Ah! But surely, on the first day we met, for Kaname-san and Tsubaki-san, o-oniichan…. you made me call you that, right…?
Kaname: Eeh, did I really? Does Tsuba-chan remember?
Tsubaki: Eeh, I don’t know ★ I don’t remember at all ♥
Ema: (…These two, they absolutely remember…!)
Tsubaki: Hey, hey ★ Come on, call me!
Masaomi: Tsu-Tsubaki……!
Kaname: Come on, Imouto-chan. It’s okay to just say it.
Ukyo: Kaname, behave yourself…!
Miwa: Somehow it turns into something interesting…! Fufuu.
Ema: (E-Enough already…!)
Ema: (…But, because up until now I’ve never called their name as if they’re my real siblings, maybe I feel a bit happy….)
Ema: (‘Oniichan’…. For me, it seems like it willbecome an important word…….)

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