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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Family Ending (English Translation)

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I don’t think you’ll get to see every scene of this, it will depend on your family love and your relationship with all of the brothers (if you’re too close with one of them you’ll get to see their little scene)

Option 1:

This one will be with max family love, the best family ending, so you’ll only get this if your relationship with any of the brothers individually isn’t too high.

Ema: (Come to think of it)
Ema: (It’s almost been a year since I became a member of the Asahina family. A lot really has happened.)
Ema: (At first I was often hesitant, but all the memories I’ve got are happy ones.)
Ema: (The days I’ve spent at “Sunrise Residence” became something special that I’ll never forget.)
Ema: Well, I think I’ll start preparing dinner now…
Juli: What’s for dinner tonight, Chii?
Ema: …Oh? Come to think of it, Ukyo-san usually contacts me first, but I don’t think I’ve heard from him today…?

Ema: …Yes?
Tsubaki: Ema! Let’s play a game ★
Ema: Did you two finish work early today? And how come you suddenly want to play a game?
Azusa: Sorry this was so sudden. We have a day off today.
Azusa: Tsubaki really wants to play this game…
Ema: Oh… This game goes on sale tomorrow, doesn’t it?
Tsubaki: That’s amazing, Ema ★ You never fail to check the release dates of popular things!
Azusa: Natsume sent it to us. But the games console in Tsubaki’s room is broken…
Tsubaki: And so we came to your room because you’ve got a few consoles too!
Ema: In that case…shall I lend you one?
Tsubaki: Huh? Let’s play together!
Ema: But I need to prepare dinner…
Azusa: It’s okay. Ukyo said we’re having takeout tonight anyway.
Ema: Eh, really?
Ema: (I suppose that’s why he didn’t contact me about the plans?)
Azusa: Kyo-nii might just have forgotten for once.
Tsubaki: That’s right. You’re not going to prepare dinner, so you must be free, right?
Ema: Wha… That’s so rude!
Azusa: But you remembered the game’s release date, so weren’t you looking forward to it too? Let’s play together.
Ema: (I can’t deny it when he puts it like that…)
Ema: …Alright then. Come in.

Tsubaki: Amazing… You got to level 3 without any damage on your first playthrough… You really are a high schooler with a divine hand!
Azusa: I think Tsubaki and Natsume are good at games too… But they’re probably no match for you.
Juli: Of course! Don’t compare Chii to you lot!
Ema: Uh…
Tsubaki: What’s the matter? It was a compliment!
Ema: (I’m pretty sure he’s making fun of me though…!)

Ema: (Hmm…? Who is it now?)
Ema: Hello?
Wataru: Good evening, big sis!
Ema: What is it, Wataru-chan?
Wataru: Umm… I want you to put this on for a little while.
Ema: …This is an eyemask? What’s going on, Wataru-chan…?
Tsubaki: Come on, be good ♥
Ema: Kyaa!
Ema: T-Tsubaki-san…?!
Azusa: It’s okay, there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Wataru: Preparations are complete! We’re going to take big sis away now!
Ema: T-Take me away?!
Ema: (I could tell that we left my room and got into the elevator. Where on earth are they taking me?)
Tsubaki: Here we are ★
Wataru: Alright, big sis. Take off your blindfold.
Ema: …!! T-This is…?
Ema: (All my brothers were in the lounge and looking at me with smiles on their faces.)
Wataru: Thank you for coming to our home, big sis!
Ema: …Huh?
Masaomi: It’s been almost a year since you came here, Ema-chan. We thought we’d celebrate.
Wataru: We all did our best to prepare!
Ukyo: We’ve been depending on you the whole year. We wanted to thank you as well.
Ema: So that thing with the game earlier… you did that because of this too?
Tsubaki: Pretty much!
Azusa: We just distracted you for a while. We’re sorry we lied, okay?
Ema: (What can I do…? I’m really, really…)
Wataru: Big sis?! W-Why are you crying? Are you okay?
Ema: I’m alright. I’m just…so happy…
Wataru: …Happy?
Ema: Yes. Thank you very much, Wataru-chan.
Ema: (Wataru-chan’s innocence and purity always manages to save me.)
Kaname: A face like that doesn’t suit you, so I’ll be the one to wipe away your tears.
Ema: Kaname-san.
Ema: (He always seems to joke around, but he can be relied upon.)
Masaomi: That’s right, it’s better when you smile.
Ema: Masaomi-san.
Ema: (He looks at everyone carefully and notices a lot… Masaomi-san really is the oldest brother in the family.)
Louis: Smile, Chii-chan.
Ema: Louis-san.
Ema: (I thought he was a mysterious person at first, but at some point, his gentle smile and words made me feel better.)
Fuuto: Never mind what my older brothers are saying, you look pretty cute when you’re crying.
Ema: Fuuto-kun.
Ema: (He is cheeky and has a bad mouth, but I should learn from him working towards his dream.)
Subaru: …A h-handkerchief, a handkerchief…?!
Ema: Subaru-san.
Ema: (I admire Subaru-san’s straightforward passion.)
Iori: I’ve got a handkerchief here.
Iori: Here you go, Ema-chan. Dry your tears.
Ema: Iori-san.
Ema: (He does everything with ease, but I worry he’s doing too much… He might not like it if I said that though.)
Ukyo: If you keep crying, the food that I went to the trouble of making is going to get cold.
Ema: Ukyo-san.
Ema: (Now I understand that he treats others with a strict kindness because he cares about them.)
Yusuke: ……!
Tsubaki: Ah. Yusuke is crying in sympathy!
Yusuke: I…I’m not crying at all…!
Ema: Yusuke-kun.
Ema: (He is often misunderstood because of the way he looks. But I know that he’s kindhearted and gentle.)
Hikaru: Tears are said to be a woman’s weapon, but everyone panics when you shed a single tear. Aren’t men stupid? I am too, of course.
Ema: Hikaru-san.
Ema: (Although his words are bitter, they are moving. They always make my heart beat faster.)
Natsume: Stop crying already, got it…?
Ema: Natsume-san.
Ema: (He’s a little rough, but I think the passion he has within himself is really strong.)
Tsubaki: Haha! You’re crying too much, Ema ♪
Azusa: You’re the star today, aren’t you, Ema?
Ema: Tsubaki-san, Azusa-san.
Ema: (Happy times and painful times… The two of them were always by my side.)
Ema: (And…)
Azusa: So please keep smiling all the time, okay, Ema?
Ema: …Like this?
Tsubaki: Yes, that’s right! Perfect! Super cute ★
Ema: (Everyone showed me many “first experiences” I hadn’t known before…)
Ema: (I’m really glad they all became my family…!)

Option 2:

I think this one is when you don’t have max family love, but aren’t too close with one of the brothers either.

Ema: …I’m home.
Kaname: Ah, little sis ♪ Welcome home!
Ema: Oh? You’re all home early today.
Masaomi: Well, Ukyo was planning to have grilled meat for dinner, right?
Masaomi: So it seems that everyone finished their work and errands early. They’re so simple.
Tsubaki: But you must be simple too if you’re home at this time ★
Masaomi: Haha, you’re right.
Wataru: Maa-kun! We’re having meat for dinner tonight?
Masaomi: That’s right.
Wataru: Yay! I’m going to eat lots ♪
Yusuke: Wataru… Little kids should eat vegetables. Leave the meat to your older brothers, alright?
Wataru: Huh? I don’t wanna.
Yusuke: What?
Wataru: I’m going to grow taller from now on! I need meat to grow taller!
Wataru: You’re not going to get taller, so you don’t need meat, do you?
Yusuke: Wha… What did you say?! I’m one centimetre taller than I was last year…!
Subaru: …You only grew one centimeter? That’s too bad, Yusuke.
Yusuke: Suba-nii! Don’t say that!
Ema: Hehe.
Ukyo: Could you help me chop up these vegetables, Ema-san?
Ema: Okay, I’ll do that now.
Louis: Ah, Chii-chan. Today I’m going to help too.
Ema: Huh? Is that okay?
Louis: Yeah, it’s alright to do it sometimes.
Iori: I guess I’ll carry the plates then.
Ema: You’re going to help too, Iori-san?
Iori: Of course. Thanks for always preparing the food.
Ema: No, I should be thanking you.
Azusa: In that case, I think I’ll clean up after dinner.
Azusa: Let me help when I’m at home. I feel bad that you’re always doing everything.
Ema: That’s not true. I want to do those things, so don’t worry about it. But I’m grateful for the thought.
Fuuto: Hey, is dinner ready yet? Stop talking and get it done. I’ve got plans after this too.
Tsubaki: How about you have raw meat?
Fuuto: Huh?! That’s impossible because I’m not an omnivore, unlike some shallow voice actor!
Ema: Now that I think about it, it’s unusual for you to be here around this time, Fuuto-kun.
Fuuto: Hmm, are you happy about that?
Tsubaki: Not at all.
Fuuto: I wasn’t asking you, you shallow voice actor!
Ema: Ahahaha!
Ema: (Having all the family eating and laughing together like this…)
Ema: (I really do feel like our normal daily life is a happy one.)
Ema: (I’m really glad to have a family.)
Ema: (I hope these days will always continue from now on…!)

Option 3: Closest with Masaomi

Masaomi: What’s the matter, Ema-chan? Aren’t you going in?
Ema: Did you just get back from work, Masaomi-san?
Masaomi: Yes. Luckily I was able to go home after the day shift. By the way, what were you thinking about?
Ema: Well, I was just thinking that it’s almost been a year since I got here.
Masaomi: I see. One year, huh. Time does fly.
Ema: Yes. Every day was so much fun that it passed by so fast!
Masaomi: Same here. Every day has been fun since you got here.
Ema: (I’m really happy to hear that…!)
Masaomi: It’s odd of me to say this again… But I think of you as my dear little sister. I hope we’ll continue to get on well.
Ema: Yes, I hope so too!

Option 4: Closest with Ukyo

Ukyo: Ema-san? What are you doing standing there?
Ema: Did you just get back from work, Ukyo-san?
Ukyo: Yes. I came straight home from my meeting today. By the way, were you thinking about something?
Ema: Well, I was just thinking that it’s almost been a year since I got here.
Ukyo: Now that you mention it… It has been that long.
Ema: Yes. Every day was so much fun that it passed by so fast!
Ukyo: I’m glad to hear that.
Ukyo: I think every day has been fun since you got here too. Preparing dinner is easier as well.
Ukyo: I’m really thankful.
Ema: (I’m really happy to hear that…!)
Ukyo: I hope we’ll continue to get on well.
Ema: Yes, I hope so too!

Option 5: Closest with Kaname
Kaname: What’s the matter, little sis? Aren’t you going in?
Ema: Did you just get back from…umm…work, Kaname-san?
Kaname: Hey, why’d you hesitate before you said “work”? What on earth do you think of me?
Ema: You’re a priest… Aren’t you?
Ema: (Even though a year has passed, Kaname-san is still full of mystery…)
Kaname: You just hesitated after you said “priest”, didn’t you?
Ema: …I see you noticed.
Kaname: You got here in May last year. It’s almost been a year.
Kaname: We’ve been together for one year. I can understand what you’re thinking.
Ema: (Kaname-san remembered…)
Kaname: Let’s continue to get on well as siblings. Ah, our relationship might change, of course.
Ema: Hehe. I hope we’ll continue to get on well too!

Option 6: Closest with Hikaru
Hikaru: What are you doing, Ema?
Ema: Oh, Hikaru-san. Have you come to hang out today?
Hikaru: Yes. I just finished writing my draft.
Hikaru: I was able to write it with your help this time. I’m really thankful.
Ema: I’m glad to hear that.
Hikaru: I’m completely tired out from the battle I’ve had over the past few days, so I thought I’d cheer myself up with your cooking, Ema.
Ema: You came at just the right time then. Today I’m going to cook meat. I want you to eat a lot!
Hikaru: Thank you. By the way, were you thinking about something, Ema?
Ema: Well, I was just thinking that it’s almost been a year since I got here.
Hikaru: Hmm, is that all? You’ve become such a part of the family, it doesn’t seem true.
Ema: (I guess that means I’m fitting in well?)
Hikaru: I enjoy talking to you.
Ema: (I’m really happy to hear that…!)
Hikaru: I hope we’ll continue to get on well as the beautiful sisters of the Asahina family.
Ema: (I feel like there are a lot of things I want to question though…)
Ema: Yes, I hope so too!

Option 7: Closest with Tsubaki
Tsubaki: Got you ★
Ema: Kyaa! T-Tsubaki-san?! D-Don’t suddenly hug me from behind!
Ema: (T-That scared me!)
Tsubaki: To hug you when you’re standing at the entrance! That’s my ★ theory.
Ema: (That’s an amazing theory…)
Tsubaki: So what were you thinking about?
Ema: Well, I was just thinking that it’s almost been a year since I got here.
Tsubaki: I see! It’s already been a year since our destined encounter?!
Ema: (Destined…???)
Tsubaki: Since meeting you, I haven’t been able to decide between you and Azusa…
Ema: (Hahaha… That’s just like Tsubaki.)
Tsubaki: I was worrying about it,but I’ve decided that I won’t let Azusa have you! Make sure not to forget that ★
Ema: …Huh?!
Tsubaki: Let’s continue to get on well!

Option 8: Closest with Azusa
Azusa: Ema? What are you doing here?
Ema: Welcome home, Azusa-san. You’re back early today.
Azusa: Yes. That’s because the recording went well. It was the recording of a game you might like.
Ema: Huh…? Really?!
Azusa: …Heh.
Ema: …?
Azusa: You always get fired up about games. When you came here one year ago, I never would’ve thought you were a gamer.
Ema: Uh…
Ema: (S-So embarrassing…)
Azusa: I’m sorry. But I’m glad to be performing the role when you’re looking forward to it this much.
Ema: T-That’s good…
Azusa: Ahaha, don’t sulk like that. I hope you’ll continue to support me as my younger sister, okay?
Ema: Alright. I’ll always be a fan of yours!

Option 9: Closest with Natsume
Natsume: …What are you doing standing there?
Ema: Oh, Natsume-san. Are you meeting Tsubaki-san and Azusa-san today?
Natsume: Yeah, but there was something I wanted to give to you too.
Natsume: …Here you go.
Ema: This is…! A new action game! I’m sure that it goes on sale this week…!
Natsume: It’s pretty difficult. But I think you can complete it.
Ema: T-Thank you. I’ll try my best. Leave clearing the game to me!
Natsume: ……
Ema: N-Natsume-san? Umm… What’s the matter?
Ema: (I guess I got too excited…)
Natsume: No, I was just thinking that I’ve got an amazing little sister.
Ema: A-Amazing…
Natsume: Ah, I meant it as a compliment. We’ve only known each other for half a year, but I’m sure of your gaming skills.
Natsume: Tsubaki says you’re “god-tier” and I think he’s right.
Ema: (I don’t feel as if I’m being complimented…)
Natsume: I’ll keep bringing difficult games for my cute little sister. Okay?
Ema: I’ll be looking forward to it!

Option 10: Closest with Louis
Louis: What’s the matter, Chii-chan?
Ema: Did you just get back from work, Louis-san?
Louis: Yes. I was on an early shift today, you see.
Ema: (Louis-san is working in Japan as usual.)
Ema: (It seems that he worried a lot about his decision, but he decided to stay with his family in the end.)
Louis: …Are you thinking about something, Chii-chan?
Ema: Well, I was just thinking that it’s almost been a year since I got here.
Louis: I see… A year goes by so fast.
Ema: Yes. Every day was so much fun that it passed by so fast!
Louis: …Thank you, Chii-chan.
Ema: Huh?
Louis: I enjoy being with you everyday.
Louis: You having fun. You looking happy. You being cheerful.
Louis: When I see you like that, I feel like I’m happy, cheerful and having fun too.
Louis: …So thank you.
Ema: (I’m really happy to hear that…!)
Louis: I hope we’ll continue to get on well, Chii-chan.
Ema: Yes, so do I!

Option 11: Closest with Subaru
Subaru: What’s the matter with you…? Why are you standing there…?
Ema: Did you just get home, Subaru-san?
Subaru: Yeah. I’m going out to run straight after this though… Right, how about you come too?
Ema: Huh…? Me too…?
Subaru: Ah, wait! Only if you’d like to come, I’m not forcing you to run!
Subaru: It’ll just be jogging, so I thought it might help with dieting too…!
Ema: Dieting…? Do I look that fat…?
Subaru: No! I didn’t mean it like that!
Subaru: …I think you’re…c-cute enough as you are…
Ema: T-Thank you…
Subaru: What were you doing spacing out here anyway…? Did something happen?
Ema: Ah, it’s nothing. I was just thinking that it’s almost been a year since I got here.
Subaru: Ah, you’re right. It’s already been a year, huh. Time goes by so fast.
Ema: Yes. Every day was so much fun that it passed by so fast!
Subaru: I…
Ema: Huh?
Subaru: I enjoyed spending this year with you too…
Ema: (I’m really happy to hear that…!)
Subaru: …I hope we’ll continue to get on well.
Ema: Yes, I hope so too!

Option 12: Closest with Iori
Iori: Oh? What’s the matter, Ema-chan? Aren’t you going in?
Ema: Did you just get home, Iori-san?
Iori: Yes.
Ema: (That day several months ago… I was surprised when he suddenly collapsed…)
Ema: (He hasn’t been acting differently since then. Now he smiles like he always used to.)
Ema: (He’s okay now, right…?)
Iori: Anyway, are you okay, Ema-chan? Are you worried about something? I can talk about it with you if you like…?
Ema: No, I’m fine. I was just thinking that it’s almost been a year since I got here…
Iori: I see, it’s been a year already. Time goes by so fast.
Ema: Yes. Every day was so much fun that it passed by so fast!
Iori: I think so too. Everyday has been fun since you got here. In particular, I feel as if your smile has saved me many times and given me courage.
Ema: (I’m really happy to hear that…!)
Iori: You can always count on me if you’re ever feeling troubled. I’ll support you as your older brother.
Ema: Ah, thank you very much.
Iori: I hope we’ll continue to get on well.
Ema: I hope so too!

Option 13: Closest with Yusuke
Yusuke: Hey, you! What are you doing there?
Ema: Yusuke-kun! Did you just get home?
Yusuke: Yeah. I just stopped by the arcade for a little while. By the way… Were you thinking about something?
Ema: Well, I was just thinking that it’s almost been a year since I got here.
Yusuke: I-Is that so?
Ema: Yes. …I’m sure that when I first saw you here one year ago, you were really surprised and said “I’m definitely not gonna accept this!”.
Ema: I was pretty shocked then!
Yusuke: Wha… Dummy… It’s not like that! I didn’t say that! No, that’s not what I meant…! I might have said that!
Yusuke: Well…! Ah… I’m sorry about what happened then…
Ema: …Hehe.
Yusuke: W-What are you laughing for?! I apologized properly! …One year late though…
Ema: No, that’s not it.
Ema: Until I started living here, I didn’t talk to you at school that often…
Ema: But now I’m happy we’re close enough to talk to each other at home and at school.
Yusuke: Wha… I-It’s not like I planned on getting close to you…!
Ema: Huh? You’re so mean! Could it be that you still…
Yusuke: N-No! I… I really do think of you as family…!
Ema: (I’m really happy to hear that…!)
Ema: Hehe. Thank you, Yusuke-kun.
Yusuke: Well… I hope we’ll keep getting on well.
Ema: I hope so too.

Option 14: Closest with Fuuto
Fuuto: Hey. You’re being a nuisance standing over there.
Ema: Oh? Haven’t you got work today, Fuuto-kun?
Fuuto: Huh? My work has nothing to do with you. Or were you going to do something for me if I did have work?
Ema: I… I wasn’t!
Fuuto: Oh, that’s too bad. I thought I could get you to do a bunch of stuff for me because you don’t seem so busy.
Ema: I… I don’t seem busy…?! I was just thinking about something though…
Fuuto: Ah, shall I try and guess what it was?
Ema: Huh…?
Fuuto: I suppose you were thinking “It’s almost been a year since I got here…”. You’re too simple.
Ema: (Jeez! Fuuto-kun really does say too much sometimes!)
Ema: (Oh…? But…)
Ema: Fuuto-kun… You noticed that it’s been a year since I got here…
Fuuto: Well, I guess I had a pretty fun year with you.
Ema: (Pretty fun…?)
Ema: (But… I’m still really happy to hear that…!)
Fuuto: Hope we’ll keep getting on well, big sis.
Ema: Yeah, me too…!

Option 15: Closest with Wataru
Wataru: Big sis ♪ What are you doing standing here? Are you playing “Daruma-san fell down”?
Ema: Ah, Wataru-chan! Umm… I wasn’t playing that game…
Ema: (Was I really standing still for that long?!)
Wataru: Oh, I see. Ah, I raced my friends here on my bike ♪ I came first! Amazing, right?
Ema: Wow, Wataru-chan!
Ema: Come to think of it, you were riding your bike when I first met you too! It’s already been a year since then…
Wataru: Oh? Just one year?
Ema: Huh?
Wataru: I feel as if you’ve been my big sis forever.
Ema: (I’m really happy to hear that…!)
Ema: Thank you, Wataru-chan!
Wataru: I’m really happy that you came here! I hope we’ll keep getting on well!
Ema: I hope so too!

Ema: Whoooo….zzz…
???: …………
???: You have a lot of brothers now.
???: And a lot of admirers, too.
???: I’m at ease knowing that these people will be by your side now. But…
???: I don’t understand. I want this for you, but at the same time, I don’t.
???: I don’t want anyone to just hold you…
Ema: Mmm…
???: ―I wonder.
???: I mean, it’s only a matter of circumstance that I could say this to you.
???: Sleep well. And, show me your face tomorrow.
???: Show me the face that I love.

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