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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Hikaru Event 3: Casual Reunion (English Translation)

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Ema: (There’s a lot of people in town since its Christmas Eve.)
Ema: (There are a lot of a couples too. Unfortunately, I have no boyfriend to make plans with…)
Ema: (But there is a family party tomorrow! I should get home quickly to make preparations.)
???: Oh? Ema?
Ema: Huh…?!
Ema: (Who is this person…?)
???: What’s with that look?
Ema: (This person knows me? So where did I meet them before?)
???: So you don’t remember me?
Ema: (I don’t recognize their voice or face…)
Ema: C-Could you be a secret member of the Asahina family…?!
???: ….?! Ahahaha! Well, close enough I suppose!
Ema: Huh? How so?
???: I am one of Asahina siblings! So you at least know that much.
???: I can’t believe you forgot me already! I’m really hurt you know.
Ema: H-Hikaru-san?!
Hikaru: Bingo. You finally remembered.
Ema: B-But you were always so different before…!
Ema: (No matter how you look at him now he’s certainly a man!)
Hikaru: Well, I guess thats true. Sorry I confused you like that.
Ema: So what about the way you looked before?
Hikaru: Huh? This is how I actually look.
Ema: What? R-Really?!
Hikaru: Oh really? You don’t actually think I’m a drag queen do you?
Ema: You’re not…?
Hikaru: Of course I’m not!
Hikaru: I told you didn’t I? The only reason I dress as a woman is to collect info! There’s no other reason!
Ema: So that means you’re collecting info for your novel?
Hikaru: That’s right. I mean what else could I possibly doing?
Ema: (What the heck kind of info is he gathering…?!)
Hikaru: *sigh* Well, whatever. Anyway I have a favor I’d like to ask of you.
Ema: Huh? W-What is it…?
Hikaru: Would you like to go shopping together?
Ema: Go shopping together…?
Hikaru: Yes. I didn’t have much time and left in a hurry eager to acquire data. It’d be difficult to do this with my male appearance.
Hikaru: I regret not disguising as a woman for this.
Hikaru: But after noticing you it seems I may be in luck.
Ema: (I wonder if I should go shopping with him…?)

1: Go with him. (hearts)
2: Don’t go with him.

1: Go with him.
Ema: Then if you’re okay with me…
Hikaru: Thank goodness! Let’s get going then!
Ema: Ah! W-Wait a second, Hikaru-san!
Hikaru: What?
Ema: Well, while looking like that perhaps you should speak a bit more…um…you know…
Hikaru: Ah…That’s right…
Hikaru: How about this then?
Ema: Y-Yes!
Ema: (His normal voice sounds really cool-like. It’s amazing how different he seems when disguising as a woman…)
Hikaru: Anyway, let’s get going.

2: Don’t go with him.
Ema: I’m sorry. Today I was planning on making preparations for the party…
Hikaru: I see. How unfortunate. I suppose I can’t force you then.

Ema: If you can, you should try and come to the party tomorrow.
Hikaru: I’ll think about it.

Ema: You should probably change the way you speak with that appearance, Hikaru-san.
Hikaru: Mind your own business!
Hikaru: Sheesh. See you later.

Ema: (H-He has a very cool voice!)
Ema: I’m looking forward to tomorrow.
Hikaru: I can’t say I’ll be going or not. Well, it all depends on my work situation.

Ema: Okay!
Ema: (I should hurry and get home so I can make preparations for the party!)

Continue for choice 1
Ema: So the place you wanted to go to was a general shop?
Hikaru: That’s right. It’d be a bit strange for a man such as myself to visit such a cute shop.
Hikaru: I was able to buy the necessary item of mine. So feel free to look around all you like.
Hikaru: You really helped me. Thank you.
Ema: Not at all. I’m glad I could help.
Ema: (Hm? What’s that over there? A set-up Christmas corner?)
Hikaru: Hm? Seems like they’re doing the “candle relay” that’s held during Christmas.
Ema: Candle relay?
Hikaru: You never heard of it? Look, you light a candle with your feelings inside.
Ema: Wow…
Ema: So you light a candle for your loved ones. It seems like a really wonderful event.
Hikaru: Hmm.
Hikaru: Would you like to try it out together?
Ema: Huh…?!
Ema: (But it looks like only couples are doing it!)
Hikaru: Come on! Let’s go!
Clerk: Welcome! Please light a fire together on a candle for the relay.
Hikaru: It does seem pretty fun don’t you think?
Ema: (….! Hikaru-san is touching my hand…
Hikaru: Hmm? It’s actually harder than I thought.
Ema: (I feel Hikaru-san’s big hands wrap up mine and I start to realize how much of a man he truly is…)
Ema: (I feel so nervous so I can’t seem to light the candle…)
Hikaru: No, Ema. Go a little to the right.
Ema: Huh? Like this?
Hikaru: Yeah that’s right. Ah, now that’s a bit too much.
Ema: Ugh, I’m sorry…
Hikaru: I’ll guide you to the best of my ability.
Ema: Right…
Ema: (Hikaru-san is speaking in a much more manly way now…)
Hikaru: ….
Ema: …..
Hikaru: Ah…
Ema: We did it!
Hikaru: Wow, it’s really beautiful.
Ema: Yeah, it really is…!
Ema: (It’s such a small but precious flame…)
Ema: (Is it because its a flame that both of us lit…?)
Ema: Thank you so much for today, Hikaru-san. It was a lot of fun!
Hikaru: You took the words right out of my mouth.
Ema: Huh…?
Hikaru: Thank you for going shopping with me. I had a very great time.
Hikaru: Despite it being by chance, I was happy I could spend Christmas Eve with you, Ema. I’m sure if I’m found out I’ll be given a hard time though.
Ema: Hehe, I doubt they’ll make too much of a fuss.
Hikaru: Oh but I’m sure they will. Anyway, we should be close by so be careful on your way back.
Ema: (I unexpectedly spend Christmas Even with Hikaru-san. It truly became a wonderful memory.)
Ema: (I’ll do my best to prepare for the Christmas party tomorrow so everyone can enjoy it!)

If you bought him a Christmas present:
Ema: Ah, that’s right!
Hikaru: What is it? Did you leave something behind?
Ema: I’m sorry this is so unexpected…!
Ema: I actually prepared a Christmas present for you. If it’s okay with you I’d like you to have it.
Hikaru: Oh? Is that okay?
Ema: Of course. I’m not sure I’ll be able to see you tomorrow so I’d be happy to give it to you today.
Hikaru: Thank you, I’ll treasure it.
Ema: Okay! Anyway, I’ll be heading back now. Take care.
Hikaru: I will. Thank you.
Ema: (Hikaru-san seemed really pleased with it.)

If you bought someone else a present:
Ema: Ah….I went through the effort of buying (Name of brother) a present but I didn’t have time to give it to him…
Ema: It’s a bit disappointing but I guess there’s no helping it.

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